Smelling my lilacs again, which I kept on my desk, I reflect on how there is something primordial about giving a woman flowers. You give them to her because you think she’s beautiful. There isn’t much of that in the modern world. You get to give wilted flowers to ugly souls.

Why did Jesus return from the dead? I think many people today could learn from that.

If you want to be the kind of person where I look you in the eye and push a bouquet of flowers into your chest in admiration of you then you cannot have all the standard beliefs.

Beauty deserves beauty one could say. Certain women deserve a bouquet.

Not many of them. I smell my lilacs and remember.

“They’re all too dead to be flowers!”

They weren’t beautiful in the first place then.

“We need to keep you out of public debate because you reveal the fact that most women don’t deserve a bouquet” is their foundational belief.

Looking more into the scholarship on these, to figure out which of the 33 we don’t have in the modern world

The self is fragmented. I often argue that the “Zeus” part of the self is kept out of public discourse entirely. (Or Hera if you prefer.)

Remember some of these?

This is the only way most people know them, from that Disney movie. It was pretty creative though for what it was, now that I rewatch some clips on youtube. 8 is Dionysus by the way, arguably the main enemy of our current political order. “Coincidences”. “You don’t have to think about him, kids.” A few other of the Greek gods are actually not allowed to exist today also. Hera herself isn’t able to. Then if you remember Zeus he’s portrayed as this goofball, okay. Ares, the god of courage and war. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, good luck finding her anywhere. Aphrodite is the one they allow to exist in our world, that’s about it. She has her place in the pantheon, just not without the others. She isn’t Hera. When you let Hermes play the role of Zeus it leads to pure chaos. No one cares, they were born in the Age of the Jew, that’s all they know. I for one still believe in Zeus. And the Fate above even him. They’re all going to pay the price for removing dimensions of the self (gods) from the pantheon. They already are, probably. They’ve simply embraced the role of Hades. They live in hell and they’ve accepted it. What, they didn’t teach you this in the Disney movie?

Carlyle on Odinists

the men whose blood still runs in our veins, whom doubtless we still resemble in so many ways.

I see this in an 1835 study (heh heh heh). You need to be a Loki to figure out how to understand Loki. Dionysus, Prometheus, Mercury, Satan, all similar to Loki.

This study was written by one of the Brothers Grimm, someone who knows his folklore.

This is in line with the theme of “half of the spirit of Europe being suffocated”. Learning how to breathe during the reign of the Ost-Juden. Oh how I’d love to cut one down the middle from the top of the head with a battle-ax.

I like this Grimm

his indignation at any poaching Celt or Slav who has spirited away a mythic being that was German born and bred

Say it with me- some mythic beings you’re not allowed to emulate in modern times. Sure, I can understand you want to take away the ax-murderer ones. Mythic beings which involve knowledge, those are the ones that more interest me. We need a Winckelmann to remind us of some of the old times of Europe.

The title of this is Deutsche Mythologie and in Grimm’s time is was usual to think of the English and Dutch as being German.

for the English are simply a branch of the Low German race which happened to cross the sea.

Did you think it was odd that Carlyle the Scot said what he did above?

One big happy family. It probably isn’t healthy if there are mythic beings who you identify with most that you aren’t allowed to see as Ideal. That’s called state-enforced self-loathing. I feel like I’m hated by my own family for liking some of these mythic beings. White people are weird. So prim and proper, give me a break. “Heathen!” I like the mythic beings that would hold a Jew up to a wall by the neck, you don’t?

Five hundred years after Christ, but few nations of Europe believed in him; after a thousand years the majority did, and those the most important, yet not all

Notice how I’m always lamenting about how women, being slaves of the state, will avoid you if you don’t subscribe to the mythic beings of the state? They try to get rid of you that way, they try to get rid of those mythic beings that way. It’s been pretty effective, if you notice the tumbleweeds of the west. No alarms and no surprises. Some kowtow to the status quo just for the pussy and never really change who they are except in appearance. That’s how “atavisms” survive to the present day.

Some people out there are starved, because no media is made that expresses the nature of some of these mythic beings. That’s what old books are for.

This was prior to the 1200s

kings and princes traced their lineage back to individual gods

Some from Finland and Lithuania didn’t convert to Christianity until the 1600s.

Note, if you are a prog I still consider you as being a Christian convert. “I hate the church!” It doesn’t matter, you’re a Christian. The lame kind too that doesn’t take a whip to the money-changers. Progs are the easiest elements of Christianity manifest one could say. No real sacrifice, let alone martyrdom. Nonetheless, you might have a mixture of deities within you. Some Christ, some Dionysus, some Hestia, some Prometheus, that you have to suppress in order to wear your “person costume” which consists of a type of Hermes superego controlling a vulgarized Christ.

Of course I can’t find the article cited here on google

Maybe I’ll “find myself” in Norse mythology more than from the Olympians. Wisdom and independence are a couple of their highest virtues. Welp, I’m a genetic robot myself.

Viking time-traveling paranormal werewolf romances I’m finding, obviously.

Aha, one that was destroyed by the Allies after the war. Only translated into English a few years ago.

He distinguishes this ethos from Judea and Rome from the outset.

Note that the same people who dismiss “Odinism” as larping are the same people who are happy being the slaves of Jews.

If you think of the concept of “bards” we can never really know how far back Homeric and Norse mythology really go. It could be 12,000 years, and we could have only been Christian for 2000. Or in the case of Scandinavians, only Christian for around 1000 years. So essentially it could be a foreign belief-system that doesn’t truly fit with the people. “Don’t bother us, we’re just chillin in the cold away from YOU!”

I wonder if they’d allow you to live in society if you grasped the true essence of all this

Obviously I don’t trust books on this that were written after 1945.

This was what Wagner’s dramas were based on, and guess whose favorite he was?

Tolkien called Gandalf an “Odinic Wanderer” – if you’re one of those people who’s crazy about The Lord of the Rings then this old religion might strongly resonate with you. They don’t allow real Gandalfs in our culture. Odin is the god of magic and of poetry- the sort of magic of my previous post pertaining to √¶theric planes. Do you like how someone is saying this to you just dead serious? People really think “muggles” aren’t a thing. Yes, they are, and The Plan is for everyone to be one, aren’t you excited? Please outwardly celebrate that in public you prostitute.

Anyway, just slowly doing “detective work” and trying to find clues about “the perfect book” on this subject, which I’m sure they’ve buried.

Odin corresponds to Varuna of the Hindus, the god of the brahmin caste.

He’s the keeper of sacred knowledge and secret lore.

They really try to stigmatize him in our culture. Probably why I’ve always drifted toward Zeus, because the mob lives in my mind too.

Everyone knows Thor. He corresponds to the Hindu kshatriya, or warrior, caste. He’s like Achilles or Ajax.

Blue-eyed brahmin Odinists are the devil to them. Enemy number one, sincerely.

Meh, Dumezil’s study (1959) is pretty good, I’m still looking for one from Atlantean times though.

You don’t find something like this in many forms of media

It is strongly recommended that the serious student undergo a course of some kind of psychotherapeutic treatment before proceeding too far with these practices.

This is Regardie’s favorite book he wrote on the Golden Dawn and Crowley. He claims there is a precise science one can learn to travel on the astral plane. This lucid realm of the spiritual world corresponds to the ninth Sephirah, Yesod. I began reading a Scholem book on Kabbalah and got bored and turned to this one. Occultism itself might seem like woo until you visit one of these higher planes of being yourself and realize they’re real. Regardie describes this plane as a fourth-dimensional electro-magnetic √¶ther which contains the builder’s plan.

A clue as to why you might end up in an insane asylum

it will be perceived to extend far beyond Yesod to include Tipharas, the house of the Soul, even to the edge of the Abyss.

In Leary’s language, Yesod is only second-circuit

Materialists who eat alpo with their face will never travel to these planes.

Many such cases

more and more contaminated, its filth hanging over mankind like a toxic death-dealing shroud. In the books of the Qabalah the constituents of this poisonous pall are likened to the Qliphos or the excremental shells of the lowest grades of existence.

They taint the psychic field. You’re not even supposed to talk about Kabbalah to these types of bestial creatures. Secularists who don’t grasp normal religion won’t understand the meaning of any of these concepts.

I just wanted to briefly remind the purer lightbeings out there about these planes, because they’re easy to forget

In the megalomaniacal mood of wanting the most beautiful thing in the world. It has to be a synthesis of forms. If Badiou is right that theatre is the art that expresses the most truth, and if Finnegans Wake is the most difficult of all novels, then I want to try to better understand that novel so I can imagine how it can be most optimally adapted for the stage. We need CRISPR Beethoven for this project of course also. I like to dream, yes, yes Right between the sound machine On a cloud of sound I drift in the night. Interacting with an audience that is on post-Shulgin psychedelics. In a clear dome on the moon with the earth in view behind the stage. With all the right people.

Everyone knows the movie A Clockwork Orange. The novel is so much different, it’s packed with jargon, a slang called Nadsat that was invented, consisting of “Russian, Rommany and rhyming”. The author of that novel also wrote books on Joyce. In the way I trust the playwright Badiou to tell me about theatre, I trust a novelist to help me understand a novel.

He began this book on Joyce in January the year after A Clockwork Orange was published.

He says the average reader resents the cunning of the labyrinth-maker. That’s probably the main obstacle, and I’ve been guilty of that myself. I want the most beautiful thing in the world, so I’ve gotten over it.

It’s a matter of folk-wisdom that “the book is better than the movie”. So much beauty is lost in the mutation. This is peak-rangordnung thinking here. The novel is the best version of “the story”. The stage is the best version of the experience of “the story”. So how to cross those two perfectly is the question.

All the political implications that follow from this sort of thinking! Hamilton, the banker’s boy, a “rap musical” written by a Puerto Rican, and using browns as actors for the founders. What trash! And a vision of the future it is. One is not allowed to make this distinction between types of art, and the souls they shape. Our actual founders had to have been plebs to have led to this. Imagine being one of the Jebediahs who’s teary-eyed in his admiration for the founders. Hamilton is the level most of the musty media is on in the typical unventilated hamster ball people roll around in, that’s the level of art people are used to breathing, and they’re happy with that zog-smog. The hamsters themselves begin to exude it from their pores and stink up the hamster ball globe.

Hopefully your windows are sealed tight

The sense of taste of an Eminem wigger is the future for whites, might as well go out and buy a do-rag early, FOO.

in the deeper dream of Finnegans Wake the unity of human history depends on the simultaneous existence of all its periods. But, in the interests of economy, one man and one woman must play many parts.

I’ll leave the ghetto synthesis part for you coons to play.

Ah I’m smelling freshly picked lilacs right now. Modern people do NOT smell like this. I symbolically offer them to Penelope as a reminder.

Dear Chinese person reading this,

There are certain similarities between Socrates and Confucius. Differences as well.

I just want people to have genuine happiness.

There are various totalitarianisms to choose from and I can’t detect much happiness from any of them.

Only about 11 million Greeks alive today. It would be crazy if one was reading this. What do you think about all this?

Meds are funny to me. They’re “different” in good ways and bad. They tend to be very proud people next to NW Euros. I see those who hail from the eastern deserts as Meds too. Just something funny about all of them, that’s all. Meds suffer from a coarseness, NW Euros suffer from an over-refinement. In a word, Meds don’t know manners. On the other hand, NW Euros are too prim and proper. Make sure to use the right fork when you eat you neurotic freak, and then apply that attitude to politics. People hate racism because it makes others feel like robots who follow a set programming. Uhh.. they do. The petty temper of an Irishman, no, that’s not a real thing. “I’m red in the face!” I’ve made Jews a special pet project of mine. A robot that follows a set programming? Yes, one can see that there. Any newspaper I have the misfortune to glance at you can see it. None of the Meds are coarse, don’t worry about it. The Jews could do with some refinement. They’re the proudest people of all so why would they? Through their manipulative ways they’ve enshrined their coarseness as the ideal the rest of the west should follow. No, you’re a Med, I laugh at you like I laugh at Greeks and Italians. There’s just something funny there. I put you specifically on the spot because it is your ideal that is enshrined. Perfect beings of pure light, how radiant you are. In a just world, people would be able to laugh at the overlord egregore the same way they laugh at Italians. Instead of mentioning capicola they’d probably bring up something pertaining to HUMAN SLAVERY to mock. The fact that they can’t only proves the thesis of what I suggest should be mocked. Dude let’s have some baked ziti, mama mia, instead of saying anything about the ones who have you enslaved. You are a nigger. All of Europe and the US I light on fire. You can’t say anything against your servitude so tell me what is there that’s worth saving?

This is too cool

A book on the views of the moon in antiquity. They didn’t know if it was made of ice or cloud.

They saw it this way too?

a platform from which to contemplate the Earth and, at that point, a sensory impression of our world was constructed from the Moon.

The first poet of the moon was a woman, no surprise, for many of them today it seems to have an occult significance. Then men look at it in a more scientific way.

I wonder if they thought of it as fate, since the Olympians lived in the clouds, and they were beholden to fate, and the moon was beyond the clouds.

The moon was on Achilles’ shield, with the sun and stars. I feel like a viking when I think, What did your god-man have, the cross he was nailed on? Odysseus was arguably Achilles’ “return from the dead” so Homer had that too. Christians are weaklings, that’s why the west is the way it is. Cope, slave. “Copeslave” haha. All too real. Jebediah juss wance tuh be good tuh people, tendin his digidal faaarm, minin his own bizniss, aint consarned wid no politiyiks.

The protagonist of Lucian’s Icaromenippus

learns a magical method for enhancing his eyesight and looks back down on the Earth.

He creates wings like Icarus and flies to the moon, where Zeus shows him around. Lucian’s the first European to write something like this. Menippus said it was almost too much for his eye to take in. Zeus tells him up there he wants to get rid of all philosophers. Too much for the eye to take in, hence the coping. I have a moonsickness from watching the ants too closely. They build their hills out of lies and vice.

Looking for some others I might find kinship with who loved the Greeks

He dedicates this book, The Tyranny of Greece over Germany, to the goddess Athena. He spends the preface doing a dance to convince the reader there is no connection between the revival of the Greeks and Nazism – okay, buddy. Published in 1933. He probably is trying to save his own hide.

Remember, bringing back the ancients was one of the main factors that led Germany to having a Renaissance similar to the Italian one, and in our postwar setting people can’t think very clearly about this. Luther and Ficino were near-contemporaries- difference is, Luther despised “the pagans”. So it took a while for them to percolate into Germany.

Intrissting, he says that taking away Catholicism is what led to them being interested in the Greeks

In a word he destroyed the mythological element of Christianity, that poetical combination of beauty and truth for which they have ever since been seeking

People don’t know about this, this could help Americans too

the nature of the inspiration emanating from Winckelmann’s miraculous discovery of an absolute standard of beauty for his countrymen, the so-called Greek perfection which has haunted the dreams of German poets from that day to this.

It’s no surprise I find a study with this title either

Wut, wut’s this, I’m going to have to do a post on this

Shakespeare’s hatred of Homer’s heroes, so defiantly manifested in Troilus and Cressida

I’ve always focused on the quarrel between philosophy and poetry, and not enough on the quarrel between poetry and poetry. Anyway, it wasn’t that the Germans were exclusively “pious” toward the Greeks, they were influenced by them arguably more than any country in Europe, and they also rebelled against them more fiercely than anyone else.

Heh, I was right that he wrote that preface to save his hide. It’s so clear the Nazis inherited the Greek spirit from his words.

This is about mid 18th century

Banished for over a century from Europe, Greek literature was seeking admittance again. It was next to impossible to procure the texts

Winckelmann was reading them in the original during this time. Learning about those different “elementals” from earlier, the heroes, histories, and the Ideas. This was a time when not being Christian meant you were a pariah in society. How it began in Germany though was the love he had for the beauty he found in sculpture. Ideas, or eidos, translates to that which is seen, form, shape, figure, so that seems natural. It was from there that the German spirit dialectically ascended to “seeing” the forms. The Asians and Muslims don’t have anything like the Greeks. They’re what made the West special. Also they’re what gave us our present collective schizophrenia. Let me put it this way- there wasn’t a vastly more advanced system of thinking that preceded Confucianism or Islam. With our Christianity, that IS the case. That’s why I always talk about Athens and Jerusalem, we still have not synthesized them! In the same way the Greeks were banished in Winckelmann’s time, they are simply misinterpreted today to mesh with modern ideas. Plato is more thoughtful than the cathedral can handle, just as he was for christendom. People are content living on pulp because they still cannot “see”. Their sight is like their taste. America forces itself to forget what the Germans learned from Greece. Old Germany is like its own statue. Most can’t even appreciate that, and the Ideas found there are so far beyond it.