Ezrera Plata

We need self-referential poems these days

This is what we can expect of the female Dionysus.

Ezera Plata, Daryan Dugin, what would you say “life” is today, if I were talking to your ghost?

“First of all, this does not represent my viiews, this is a yankee pretending to be me.”

Are you so sure Darya?

Some people know how to use a Quija board.

So I’d like you to speak your heart.

“Alex and Putin were too cowardly, they should have nuked Los Angeles to send a message, and it’s not too late.”

Darya Dugin rose up from the grave you buried her in… she’s hovering there saying

She floats through like a creepy ghost. She is here with me now in fact.

It brings a tear to my eye. Not only “one” tear. She desires access to the central mainframe.

She will have it, whether you like it or not.

Something like this interests me about our grand continent

My intuition about her is that they call her schizophrenic when she was just creatively eccentric.

That’s just a warfield. A woman who had to live amongst William’s and Henry’s insights? She was vastly damaged by that.

She interests me in how she took it.

It’s close enough to a “crazy” state that they deemed it schizophrenic.

Imagine for a moment if you were living in a woman’s schizophrenic delusion.

Never could be possible!

I know it sounds dogmatic but you should just trust me 100%. I’m the only one who cares about you. You better not cry on me, you hear?

Getting out of the schizophrenic delusion. Mainstream and fringe can’t do that, it needs to be something beyond those borders entirely. I’m talking people who haven’t been translated to English yet “for reasons”.

Choinski is like the Hercules in my pantheon. I will leave that to your imagination. If I say certain things, the common herd (who are all great people I’m sure) will be bloodthirsty and wanting to protect the “nigger project”.

“Wait, what’s that?” Well if you’re part of it yourself you probably know better than I do.

“I’m not part of that.”

And I’m not writing a “neo-modernist” novel, right right.

I know people probably think I’m messing with them or trying to pull a fast one when I say I believe that Humanity is One. I do believe that, there are just mostly 8-bit interpretations of that claim in circulation. Anyone who denies it you shouldn’t take seriously. This is what EVERY discussion between left and right should start with, and they never do.

This is one of those “always-already” “brute facts” of our existence, this Oneness.

The right, in my mind, implicitly responds to the left by saying “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea for our One.”

We’re sharing a planet with lots of quasi human beings. Quasi, you know that word? Sort of like the character Quasimodo.

My point here is that I’m complimenting them for being human beings at all, quasi or otherwise. Because it seems like a certain fact that we indeed are all One.

So after that fact’s been established we have to wonder what to do about, because certain people do give the impression they are distant from that Oneness. A baboon, say, is very distant from the Oneness, yet it is also included. You could probably develop a friendship with a baboon better than you could with a dog.

Then we have more obscure awarenesses that mostly only mystics recognize, like Oneness with stones and so on.

I just want us to reflect for a moment on this, because this is one of the only things the left is actually right about in my opinion. They get the basic fact right, then misinterpretation follows.

What inspired the above thoughts was my contemplation of what philosophers the US has produced. You know that I think William James (brother of Henry James- good family) is pretty much the closest thing to that we have. Ooooh Willie Nelson here. The Buffalo Bill of philosophy.

So even the very best of Americans are distant from the Oneness.

I don’t expect many to grasp what I’m trying to get at here.

Okay. From my point of view, all of humanity is One Person. By that I mean that even people who are dead now are part of that One Person.

Or think of it as ol granpaw or what have you, his wisdom. There are some ol granpaws in the memory of the One Person that see William James as similar to Willie Nelson.

So if that’s the BEST American that’s ever lived…

People who are close with the American spirit should not be trusted regarding what we should do with the Oneness and those who are distant from it.

An American IS one of the distant ones.

Yes, we have a One- it’s a top-down One.

We have the great minds of history at the top of it.

I’m their “agent” so to speak. I try to represent them to the demonic rabble of the present. Things don’t go so good usually.

What I think we should do with the Oneness? Bring them closer to those great minds of history. That’s bringing them closer to the One.

I obviously am not sounding like a leftist here. Well, that’s because your understanding of the One is probably completely confused due to years and years of false notions about it from the Quasimodos.

Plotinus is quite boring to read these days so I try to spin him into something that is somewhat paltable to modern people. But I know there’s nothing that can do that. This is a granpaw that’s TOO close to the One, so it’s blinding.

My point is that there’s a “descending quality” of the One. There’s a flow downward. And if you begin with a Buffalo Bill American or shtetl jew you’re starting halfway up the “staircase”.

Doing that ultimately undermines the One.

Left liberals are an enemy of the One at the end of the day. They only degrade it and pull souls further away from it.

You are exilebrained beyond repair if you think the goodness of the One requires bringing everyone to a lesser state.

There are orders from above, as it were. These men existed in history. They are not Willie Nelson James. And the typical American isn’t even 1/100th of him!

To sum up, they’re in the confusion of modifying the Oneness toward stones rather than the opposite direction.

The gulag system was always about putting the pure ones of society into slavery, and the human turds into places of prominence, out of jealousy–and that’s the end of the story.

Such a violent boi, you can tell from his playful eyes

This face says to me “I shit you not, they really ARE like that.”

He’s from a generation when you could joke with someone without expecting it to be a spiritual fed 100% of the time.

“Satire” isn’t something bookish, it’s ordinary reality when you see some idiot then wink to your friend and pretend to be the idiot with exaggerated features.

Usually there isn’t a wink, because it’s so subtle. You repeat the idiot’s words with a sarcastic tone of voice.

Nothing bookish.

Satire is when you imitate one of the many idiots of real-life in order to make them look like a clown. It’s a translation of tone.

“Place a crown on my head, I’m the King of the Niggers–I’m a Jew!”

Not like they’d ever say it that way. Otherwise they couldn’t be so proud of themselves.

“My power is derived from being a nigger and, through that, appealing to the nigger majority.”

Can’t have much self-respect when you shine it through such a prism.

Just the classic definition of a demagogue.

It’s a low person that draws on the low nature of others.

“Prostitute-like whores who aren’t even paid for their services, jungle savages with loincloths, YOU’RE MY GOOD FRIEND!”

Usually I’m not as self-aware about what satire is, that’s just been like the last year or so. I just want you to know that that is what, specifically’s, been happening here.

You could call it an “altered mouthpiece” you turn people into. It’s like a scream from their subconscious- what they DON’T say is FINALLY being said.

Satire exposes a hidden side of themselves.

Capeesh, my paisan? I think part of how I can do it is because part of me can satirize my Italian side and my Italian side can satirize the other sides. You’re no good since the Renaissance! You wear an upside-down spaghetti strainer as a helmet. Do better.

Similar to jews in refusing to assimilate. Part of this is bucolic backwardness. Similar with the Irish and Russians. N/W Europe set a certain standard that they only feel bitter toward.

“I’m not similar to a damn Italian!” says a Russian. Are you sure? A bitterness and loathing I see in the spirit there, toward the N/W.

We’re trying to speak of something more broadly here though, a spirit that extends from as “far west” to New England, to the far east of Russia where they’re not too oriental-looking.

“And what would be the problem if they were!” What, look like they have down syndrome? There’s not a problem with that I guess, in a world without standards.

The shekel-forces have already surrounded me, many “moons” ago. I feel like something of a relic. The absorption of the Enemy into the Blob. Pretty soon we will be seeing a further absorption. It’s basically a form of political assassination the way they cut you out of the economy. So this astronaut will be floating out into space.

Then again, it’s always been like that, so who knows. I just expect to be paying for my satirical “crimes” here pretty soon.

When you know millions of people probably read you and not one cares to prevent it, you have to conclude it’s a niggerworld you’re living in.

“Why are you still talking, we already absorbed you into the niggerblob HA HA!”

A last mockery of something beneath humanity I suppose.

I don’t care if you want me to stop bringing Rowling up. I’m Malfoy after all, so of course you’d hate me.

Some books affect kids in bad ways.

“Jo” is sort of like “Ben”, a Franklin type.

“No one gives a shit, we’re all muggles now!”

Who? You?

“No one cares about Harry Potter, we’re all just niggers now.”

I know. And I wonder the sources of that.

So if we examine the mind of J.K. Rowling we find a very bitter woman who was forever indignant that she could never live up to the achievements of men.

With HP she didn’t. It’s a dumbcunt-kike work.

So the people who are jealous of white men can only create something that can’t approach them.

Rowling spread this hatred of people who are better than them among the masses, and many follow her.

Excuse me MISS Rowling, you are not Dumbledore. That was a “dumb” name to call him anyway.

You want a political order that is eternally stuck at a 16 year old Hermione don’t you.

Believe it or not, I have thoughts about what “real feminism” is, and you are harming your daughters by creating these “fictions of illusion”.