شما این نوع از چیزی که در سایت یک انگلیسی را نمی بینم

Okay I won’t be annoying and keep talking in Farsi. The above is from a site that is more or less for their version of “mainstream news”. It focuses on economics

Why use the latin script “B”?

If I were them I wouldn’t trust any allusion to the Anglosphere at all – “₿”.

Isn’t that interesting though, seeing an article like that on an econ news site. It’s like the other day seeing the concept of rewriting history on that gold and silver forum. People usually aren’t cynical enough to think it’s possible for capital to control historiography.

Who knows what is taught in Iraq now – do you even know what kids are taught in the US?

An example between India and Pakistan

This is obvious to us and we never apply the same logic to the west

This period is controversial in Chinese history, which led the government to remove details about the Cultural Revolution from its 2018 history books.

People in Taiwan and South Korea protested in the streets recently over the editing of history textbooks. You’d never see something like that here, we’re too complacent about it all.

Something about the Farsinet though that makes it stand out is the writings you find there on Hollywood. If you want to know the truth about that then that’s the place to look. They tend to explicitly look at it as a political institution.

Of course, it should be noted that this immigration of Jews was organized and behind the scenes of some Jewish capitalists. They provided immigration facilities to take over the cinema, this money-making and, of course, influential industry.

The “mafia” has been influencing you since you were very young. You thought they were just “movies”.

Imagine how “fascists” might watch American cinema if they were around today, you kind of get that vibe from the Iranians.

This article claims Hollywood plants Kabbalism into the subconscious. And why don’t you see any articles like this from the primary viewers of these movies, the Americans? Well they’re controlled zombies, that’s why.

They movies are politically-neutral, don’t worry about it

In other words, it isn’t just textbooks where this happens.

I’d love to sit and watch a movie with one of these turbaned cynics. We would probably have to pause it every minute to discuss the subliminal messaging.

Outside of the distortion of western history, this book is frequently cited regarding Israeli historiography.

Just hopping around google about this subject, here is this theme again we saw on that gold and silver forum

Do I have to do a sustained post on that? I probably do.

They simply have more resources against the enemy in their tradition

China is vulnerable to them in a way that Islamic countries are not.

On the subject of rewriting history though you might appreciate rereading this post of mine.

اگر واقعا به تاریخ اعتقاد داریم و اگر معتقدیم که تاریخ هویت ساز است و تحریف تاریخ ملتها باعث امکان ایجاد سلطه می شود،پس بیاییم محققانه عمل کنیم و این فضای خفقان آور(این عبارت از من است) را تعدیل کنیم. چون متاسفانه در فضای تاریخ نگاری باستانی فضایی ایجاد کرده اند که کسی امکان تشکیک و سوال و درخواست مستندات نداشته باشد. باید این امکان فراهم شود که از مورخانی که در این زمینه کتاب نوشته اند سوال شود که شما بر اساس چه مستنداتی اینگونه تاریخ را روایت کرده اید؟

Decades after their revolution Israeli sneaks have still managed to keep their history distorted. And we’re living after the opposite of such a revolution, so imagine where we are.

Here is a Pokemon. Ghazālī is like the Aquinas of the middle east. Similar to what I said about fitting into Chinese culture by reading the west into Chuangtzu, you can do the same with Ghazālī and a few others over there. No matter where you go in the world there will be a line you cannot cross. Every people has a demos and every demos believes in an illusion. If you get the demos thinking asocially then their government and/or spiritual feds will “take care of you”. Given that seems to be the human condition that illusion is believed everywhere one might think to settle for the relatively noble lies of the world. If the religion of Iran is impervious to Habiru imperialism then it follows that IS a relatively noble lie. So if it’s illusions everywhere in the world there are at least more appealing ones than others.

Dugin made a post in honor of World Day Against Slavery today

Why Shia Islam is more of the “true religion” than Russian Orthodoxy? Dugin is constrained to frame these liberal elites as Saxons. That constraint does not exist in Iran. That slavery does not exist there, in other words.

Non-Russians could do this also

Modern Russia has nothing to impose on Middle East peoples on the ideological level. It is enough to regard Russia as an ally and to resist the pressure of the unipolar globalist West.

The paternalism here is funny though. Why isn’t it the Middle East that’s helping Russia instead? If a Middle Easterner went over there and tried to help them resist certain “globalists” they’d be escorted out of the country. I can imagine a turbaned version of the Peace Corps where Iranians travel to European countries and help the primitive peoples there with their kike problem. “WE are the civilized ones, how could we allows THAT?”

من حتی نمی هدف از صحبت به زبان انگلیسی دیگر نمی بینم. تقریباً همه کسانی که آن را به عنوان زبان اول می خوانند بدون امید هستند.

در واقع وقتی می بینید شخصی انگلیسی صحبت می کند باید بلافاصله او را به عنوان یک جذامی که سالهاست به آن شرطی شده است درک کنید و دیگر توانایی عقلانیت ندارند.

Will orcs ever embrace their identity as orcs or continue to hate anyone who calls them that and pretend they aren’t orcs? Niggerbrains will keep telling themselves they aren’t orcs.

Your tits your tits your tits, I constantly post about your tits because you are defined by your tits. I love to talk about non-intellectual matters like your tits, because that’s all I care about. We need to systematically ban people who talk about breasts constantly. Did you hear about those large breasts? You’ll see me writing about that constantly because I see breasts as more important than personality. I talk about breasts here constantly because that’s all that really matters to me. BOOOOBS!!! Show me your tit and I’ll show you your soul. I judge everyone by their boob, and if they use bots to convince me they’re smart then I will like those boobs even more. All I care about in life is boobs! Do you respect me when I believe that?

Getting into marinading lately. It’s rewarding, you should look into it.

I think one of the best ways to describe most people is they’re living in a “rat race”. Any knowledge that doesn’t help them in that will not be seen as knowledge. Only what furthers their place in the rat race is real knowledge. Is there nothing else in life to you besides that? I already know the answer, you don’t have to say. I’m not doing it, I’m not playing that game. You’re imprisoned to the history of materialism when you do that. I very well might die under a bridge one day, and I don’t care, I’m not playing that game. I have consciousness that is able to separate from all that and look down upon it. And anyone can do this probably. They’d probably just burn my cabin down in the winter if I went out to be a hunter somewhere on the Canadian border. “You go right back to the Ice Age now.” What do you need to survive out there, a flint? Thinking about this takes me back to the beginning of civilization. A flint? You need a “new state” out there. Lots of people starting fires. They’d probably find a way to infiltrate that. I just want to decisively get away from their brainwash. The “rat race” is a delusion. Even billionaires have to pay strict lip service, what does that tell you? Even if you get to the top you’re still a servant. This is why I can see eye-to-eye with the left on their “eat the rich” policy, because any of these loaded ones could easily take the option where they risk suicide to start a new society somewhere. It wouldn’t be easy, that’s why they wouldn’t do it. Okay, pay lip service then. That’s beneath ME. What do people do it for? They want to be remembered as someone who submitted to the delusional rat race? I’d rather be the guy who froze to death after leaving society altogether. The next couple decades I really don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m sure I’m at the top of certain people’s lists. Change my name, get plastic surgery, return to the academy, try to take it easy and be moderate and sneaky, and they’ll find a way for you to be living under a bridge. I don’t care, I hate these people, there’s more dignity in challenging them than letting them get away with it without saying anything against them. That couldn’t be YOU! could it? Gettin my flint, gettin my raccoon hat. Do they have solar-powered clothing that heats you? It’s probably easier to live far away from them than it was before. Then they’d probably do something sinister like crop-dust my farm with a drone with gene-edits so that the consumption of my vegetables accentuates the feeling of loneliness. Real sick, I’d bet they’d do that kind of thing, looking at their contemporary tactics. Why do you think no one talks to me? It’s not because I’m a toxic person they don’t relate to, it’s because they know there is a totalitarian order that will do this to them also. Challenge the real ruling-caste in 2021 and see what happens. Might as well be 1021. You are gradually adopting the culture of a people from 60,000 years ago now so it’s easier to control you, and most in the rat race are perfectly fine with that, because accepting their miserable lot is part of being placed high in the rat race. No thanks, I’ll take the Greeks and Germans who might as well have been living in the year 3021. People just really don’t care about anything. Maybe you’re like me and you’re stubborn and want to continue living in a country you believe in. I don’t know about that anymore, the China-Iran alliance is probably something to get involved with instead of returning to Ice Age conditions. You don’t want to be one of these “grifters” in the “rat race”. They allow their soul to be fused with the decline. It isn’t necessary, there are other options. Imagine giving up all hope only to find an expat like you overseas, your true other half. It can happen. That sounds like a paradise instead of accepting this process and being part of it. What do grifters actually get out of their life? I’d say nothing. Just emptiness in a culture that is inexorably charted toward doom. All we need is one anon in Syria and one in Iran, who create a path for other expats. Because from what I can tell it isn’t easy to get over there and use your intelligence to its maximum capabilities. Both sides would find an advantage I believe.

“You’ll never recover from that last post you nut!” If you don’t understand you don’t understand. It’s all real, and this dimension we’re in is nothing.

Let’s go back to earth though, since sufferings here are real, for what they are

Why do I choose to read the most depressing things possible? Anyway, you’ve probably never heard the names of those who designed and ran the old gulags. These are Aaron Solts, Naftaly Frenkel, Yakov Rappaport, Matvei Berman, Lazar Kogan and Genrikh Yagoda. Some reactionaries have heard of Yagoda at least.

Implement Marxism and what do you get

the many millions of faceless slaves who toiled for their Soviet masters.

Gulags? That sounds almost worse than… serfdom!

Mullins is writing here in the early days when we first discovered this. Solzhenitsyn’s infamous book was translated into English in 1974.

Like I’ve said before, this site feels like something of a gulag to me, and I really don’t feel like being here. When you feel surrounded by people who want you dead, suddenly “the glorious digital revolution” isn’t so freeing as it once was. More freedom can be found when on a walk. And this is what you can expect if you’re an articulate person who isn’t fond of the “US gulag” regime.

This was already set in stone before I was born, it’s not my problem

America in 1976 has well organized revolutionary groups infiltrating every part of society, and especially into the religious, educational, and governmental institutions.

Just because there’s so much “woo” that surrounds this stuff doesn’t mean it’s a pure fabrication

I’m not even going to bother downloading one of these books. I’ve experienced it myself many times so I know it’s real. I just hate when new-age people talk about it.

To me, it’s a natural thought-connection to jump from CRISPR to this kind of subject. The “Akashic field of information” or however you want to term it is a type of superintelligence that one can access. Some describe it as a record that’s been kept since the beginning of time. My suggestion is that even if we re-engineered the human, these new superpeople would still be limited in the face of the Akashic record. You could say “What if we continued re-engineering people for a thousand years?” and I’d respond that I don’t know how far advanced people could be at that point. It seems though that at least at the early stages of posthumanism looking at the Akashic record would be like looking up at a mountain. So this seems more or less equally important as genetics.

There’s a very simple way to access the Akashic field, and there’s a stigma that surrounds it so I won’t even say what it is directly. I’m going to skip those new-age books and look for one that presupposes this method I speak of, because I know for certain that it is reliable. Even better for an actual scientist to write such a book who presupposes the reliability of this method.

it grants entry to a miraculously complex hyperdimensional realm — hyperspace — lying orthogonal to ours and to an audience with the multitudinous alien intelligences that reside therein.

A neurobiologist says this

There was nothing within the pages of the modern neuroscience literature that could have prepared me

Ultimately, genetic alteration will be about “catching up” with the Akashic record.

A sentiment you don’t see everyday

Why do you think I constantly call people monkeys? I’m only a partial citizen of this dimension here. “Dual-citizenship”. No no no no no no no, none of this is real, this is a post of fiction.

For a few years now I’ve lived with the awareness that people would be happy if I died, preferably a brutal death. That’s what you get when you treat this dimension with levity. “It’s Everything to us!”

This is arguably the best-kept secret out there. And you know that someone like me doesn’t mean that lightly. They WANT you to see those new-age books and roll your eyes. This reality we’re in is nothing.

Why would a neurobiologist be talking about this?

some users can learn to direct their Journey towards specific areas of hyperspace and into meetings with certain types of intelligent entity.

Even if you’re CRISPR’d I doubt you’re going to be on some of their levels.

Only someone who has dual-citizenship would even be talking in this way. I just forget sometimes because it’s so normal. The humans hate me, that’s just how it is. Maybe if I posted pics of breasts in bikinis they’d relate to me more?

Real multiculturalism has never been tried

hyperspace is not a luminal realm populated entirely by beneficent gods of light, but an extremely complex, varied and vast hyperdimensional ecology populated by creatures that vary as much in their character and intent as their outward form.

If only I could bring one of these back to show you

presented with objects that defy the geometrical constraints of our Universe

I am attempting to do that now- ATTEMPTING.

Last I checked, this does seem to be in line with contemporary science, I’m just talking about it in a strange way

even the most conservative of physicists would struggle to rule out the possible existence of parallel worlds

It’s more or less an open secret that you can leave this dimension. The bonobos just want to chill and not think about how this one we’re in now is a lower reality, and so there’s a stigma around how easily these parallel worlds can be accessed.

If you went there you’d probably get the sense of deja vu that you’ve been there before. The beings celebrate that you have returned. It’s the real reality- you’re forgetting that when you’re in this one. They celebrate that you’re not stuck in the human realm.

This is another task that will be left to the Chinese

This neurobiologist suggests it is possible to permanently fuse with the hyperdimensional realm and stably establish oneself as a “citizen” there. I.e. that you will be the one celebrating when lesser beings finally make their way there.

You think it’s possible for me to read this and not NEED to know more?

They had a tradition of arranging marriages between the smartest young rabbis and the daughters of the richest merchants – smart! That is only one of their “strategies”.

Here’s a clue from a 2009 article. Obviously it’s not from a 2019 article, if you catch my drift. (Their sensitivity about race increased drastically during the last decade or so.)

If you inherit the sickle cell gene from both parents you will have sickle cell disease, while if you only inherit it from one parent you will be immune to malaria. Similarly if two Jews are high in sphingolipids their child will have one of the above diseases. If only one of them is then they will be exceptionally smart. This is how the Sinonet is helping me understand it anyway. Sphingolipids promote the growth of nerve cell dendrites.

“Kill the goyim kill the goyim kill the goyim”

“Make the idea of their destruction seem appealing to them”

Are there many politically incorrect neuroscientists out there that could explain the finer details to us?

You can probably already guess what I’m thinking about right now

How sphingolipid synthesis is regulated to fulfill these physiological requirements is not known. To identify genes that positively regulate membrane sphingolipid levels, here we employed a genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 loss-of-function screen

The Übermensch seems like it would have that axonal growth without the… jewiness.

The Chinese are crispring mice

Even they though, like the euro scientists, focus only on how to prevent those diseases rather than how to increase intelligence.


Sounds like something you’d hear on House

the IQ of patients with glucocerebrosidosis is higher than that of other Jews

Could it really be about the storage of fat in nerve cells? Is that what’s dooming civilization?

Should I even bother looking on google for what axons and dendrites are like for brown people?

Being a non-specialist I’m just trying to piece this all together

the way these diseases affect sphingolipid storage has the secondary effect of reducing inhibitions to neural growth of axons and dendrites

We could give bioleninists the gift of a soul with this possibly. “That’s RUDE!” Or is it ruder to not want to help them?


The old prog “fuddy-duddies” who hear the knock of the grim reaper aren’t interested in this general line of thought?

People are going to be using crispr on the fat storage in their thighs many years before they’ll be using it on fat storage in their brain.

That one who wrote the paper on cold climate has other interesting ideas as well

genetic pacification due to the state monopoly on violence

I have a feeling that if we ever do redesign the human we will have to start from the ground up. The primitive governments that have gotten us to the current year are part of who we are. While I believe it’s possible to reprogram oneself manually without any invasive methods, that’s probably only available to a genetic minority. I don’t think you’re going to be pacifying me, I think I want to kill you. Just a desire of mine. I already killed you in myself actually. There’s only me in my head now.

This seems really crucial

I would have to say that the anthropologist I referenced initially would be one of the foundational social scientists. All the social sciences can do is aspire toward the Order of mathematics and physics, and this gentleman seems to be very close to that as far as recent anthropology goes.

Anthropologists in the 50s and 60s used to be front and center public intellectuals and they’ve fallen out of favor in recent times for reasons you can expect.

Did you know that many people base their whole career on hating me? Yeah, that’s a thing. And for reasons you can expect. Only a total loser would have to do that.

Philo-sophia, the love of wisdom. When that is synthesized with the internet that is a natural result.

I’ll never forget when I first started digging into Xenosystems. A primal fear washed over me. I believed all human souls were Equal until then. It took Land’s unique eloquence to push me over the edge. Do you have a similar kind of experience? For me at least it was a fear I had as my innocence was disappearing before my eyes. I felt like a murderer or something. That’s how radically new knowledge can be “felt”. It’s almost like you turn into an animal. The laws of society dissipate into the ether. While I’m not sure I’ll have an experience like that again since I’m already on the other side, I’ve had a more moderate, yet still profound, shift the last year or so learning about the Talmud and the history of its readers. Maybe you’re just so used to it by now that you forgot what it was like to be an innocent prog. Remember that group that called themselves Unconditional Accelerationists? They were mostly people of exceptional intelligence. If they couldn’t cross the line I don’t expect more casual dabblers in philosophy to be able to. Before Land I had a similar experience with Bataille, who was a sort of “evil” thinker, not to mention a quasi-fascist in certain respects, it’s like you turn into a werewolf when you’re first reading him. I feel like this 109 business is beyond all of that, and most people get to the ledge and step back rather than taking the leap. They say No I’m not going to do that, society is real, okay maybe it isn’t real, still! it’s real, I don’t care if it’s not real. You can’t be an “evil” person when society is real (even if it isn’t real). Or we might go back another generation and I’d be saying I thought you were PUNK, man! What happened, I thought you were punk. People just want to live a nice orderly quiet life.

Never did I expect a neo-soviet ruling-caste, and never did I expect their minions to hide them using black penises. It’s quite the interesting phenomenon. I’m an anthropologist of sorts myself, and it’s important to note that this is the method they use. When their forcefield’s mythological padlock is dynamited off that’s a certain kind of erotic distraction they use to keep people’s heads in the fog. As I’ve said many times now people tend to be damned in that they learn about non-prog ideas when they’re already decades into their life. So they have a career and/or family that’s at stake, and those are more than enough incentive for keeping their heads in the fog. People don’t like to admit their mistakes even if they didn’t really have much control. If they spent years representing the Decline in their work then they’re going to be hostile to accepting many of the ideas that are spoken of here. Evil doesn’t like to admit that it’s evil. Yes, if you lead to people being miserable in society I would characterize that as “evil”. And that’s many prog beliefs lead to. When savage values are enshrined as sacred you think people are going to be happy? The civilized ones taught to hate themselves? That leads to misery. The point of a woman’s life is to find love, and teaching them to be whores is going to prevent that from happening for them. That’s misery. If you cause misery you are an evil person. Especially if you can’t admit it.

I bet they often had a debatable definition of “wicked”

began to dissolve in the 11th century with a consensus by Church and State that the wicked should be punished so that the good may live in peace. Courts imposed the death penalty more and more often and, by the late Middle Ages, were condemning to death between 0.5 and 1.0% of all men of each generation

This is why almost everyone has no identity outside of what the state demands from them. They were weeded out of the population over centuries. And now, when the state is questionable, there’s no one to challenge it.