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Something that is probably useful to know about Laruelle’s books

It is genuinely a corpus, a body of work that is progressively constructed, rather than a series of interrelated but largely independent texts

A couple of his main works were only translated less than a decade ago. He has five main periods and those are two from his second and third. No wonder he’s so confusing sometimes. He’s the cloudperson par excellence that I know of, so that’s why I find this important. Those French, they’re not the same as us “pragmatists”.

Here’s one person’s advice at least – I drew from this text a few times

No, the French aren’t perfect. They still have something I never see in the Anglosphere. While you’ll probably find some out-of-the-way profs who teach him somewhere in the US, I doubt they’ll be showing you how he can be used for “Antiversity” purposes. So this is a way we can try to aufheben these contemporary frenchies. “Hey, frenchy.” Because Laruelle seems to be the manifestation of spirit in history as Hegel calls it, whereas Badiou is more the one who gets the glamor. Is that a game that you like to play? To try to get the most up-to-date view of the highest science and possibly beyond? “That’s arrogant, philosophy isn’t that.” Okay make a philosophical argument (which is a redundancy) to prove it then, please. So this might be a project then. Now that politicking is next to useless, might as well. Or did Biden just declare war on Russia or something, I lose track. You’d probably still be in russiagate-consciousness without me you poor saps. Russians have generally aufheben‘d France in my opinion, in terms of political philosophy at least. So if you want to know whose side you’d want to root for, if there was a war, this is something significant you’d need to know.

While I know by now that it’s futile to point this out, if you believe yourself to have aufheben‘d ME, and you find that you’re suddenly on the side of the status quo, you probably need to wonder how you got there. This is an all-too-easy defense mechanism that prevents us from actually going through with a genuine turn of the dialectic. You’re just a bot of the mainstream that’s keeping us back. You must be a starry-eyed optimist to believe the status quo is right. That’s exactly what the bourgeoisie does- justifies the status quo.

In the neechen tradition we think of all philosophy as art. You can watch your favorite show, or your favorite soap opera, OR you can engage in this interactive “art” of trying to have a conversation with contemporary geniuses. What do you find entertaining? This is the best “show” ever in my opinion, and most don’t have the faculty to appreciate it. Read some of these people yourself, see what they have to say, and respond to them yourself. Maybe then I’d think you were a person who deserved to have a vote. I constantly see ways that Laruelle is “off” or is a “French object” – this is the real “news”. It’s not a fantasy of mine either, I can genuinely see how he is a biased person because of the milieu that he thought in. Let’s just say, Faurisson is nowhere to be seen in his work. This is an opportunity for us to take contemporary thinking to another level that the professionals are afraid of. I dunno, that’s just fun to me, others are more simplistic.

This is all a joke to me (and to anyone who understands frogs really)

Nietzsche is not there, that is Deleuze’s Nietzsche. There is no real multiplicity, all the “bad mean non french revolution stuff” in Nietzsche is not in Laruelle. We can still use “created concepts” of his in ways that he would not like, namely to route-around the history of philosophy which he is very adroit at. If I actually had friends this is the kind of stuff I would say, just chillin. And “of course” if philosophy is tweaked then there are implications for the arts and sciences too. So that’s why this is thrilling to me, to deign to deal with these French who I do truly despise in certain ways.

Someone begins a paper like this?

Punch, vividly fantasize about your demise, what’s the difference. I don’t have students anyway–unless you want to do a role-playing scenario, in which case I’d be perfectly fine. You’re lucky I don’t precisely go into details about that- lucky, unlucky.

Anyway, for Dewey education and philosophy are nearly synonymous, and that sounds pretty right. It depends on what kind of mask you want to wear, because education is about masks. That’s because certain levels of people are more apt to want to punch you rather than learn if you do adjust to them. I don’t do that at all, for better or worse. I just try to be a normal person who is talking to an equal – I know that sounds odd from me. Philosophers are similar to Talmudists in being extreme unequalists (and hiding it well). How can I talk about them without talking about this quality of theirs? They’re crypto-snobs, actors. Philosophy can be characterized as art in this sense. They give you a “beautiful image” of education, and that will of necessity involve a distortion of the Idea. The problem is, in many cases, if you give them the Idea without an admixture of beauty, they’ll want to punch you. Slander you, scapegoat you, etc. That’s why I don’t really consider myself as addressing that level of learner at all. In order not to lose self-consciousness you need to have a subdiscipline within philosophy that does not contain an admixture of beauty at all. Am I an ugly monster? Yeah maybe I am, and that’s fine with me, because it’s necessary. We’re talking about the pinnacle of all the systems of knowledge – that is something sacred that I try to guard. Seeming like an evil, vile person is just part of the job that I’m willing to accept. (Like usual) you’re not going to see this in a philosophy of education book, because it itself is pedagogical. Due to the professional philosopher’s boundedness to the demos, there is a certain necessary blindness that culture will have, and I’m not content with that. Go ahead, punch me, I don’t settle for culture being blind. And the people who’ve fantasized about my death over the years must really cherish their blindness. This is the kind of thing Badiou would say in his book on this subject if he weren’t such a system-man. What is Philosophy? might as well be titled What is Art? in his case, whether knowingly or not – an admixture of beauty due to the demos being sewn to him. His soul is fused with them probably. You can’t truly answer that question if those are your conditions. Speaking of rigor, one must begin not from the principles of the Revolution. Yes, they had that revolution, and yet the reality of the opposite of its principles remained.

I never talk about Hume so I decided to see what people are saying about him these days

Speaking of yearning, this is what I look for everyday. Has that ever happened to you? Having your dogmatic slumber interrupted? Probably only happens once, maybe a few times in a lifetime, if at all.

I wonder if the popular derogatory term for the libs, the “woke” is related here. Were they asleep and they woke up? Were they raised by ultra-conservatives and had the realization that one shouldn’t be so dogmatic?

Can’t both the woke and the right relate to this?

It thereby positions Kant and Hume as champions of the Enlightenment in its struggle with superstition.

A Scot woke up a German. I can relate to that after having scrolled through a few of the non-english internets for months, particularly the Russian.

The irony is that if I am in a slumber still I’m not going to wake up from it by reading about Kant, so on to the next book.

Something timeless about Socratics – this is about Hume, from 1744

That general accusation is very likely going to be leveled against other thinkers in the year 2144. Hume had to publish some dialogues he wrote concerning religion posthumously because he feared persecution. Rousseau in France at the same time was being hemlocked and Hume actually gave him refuge across the channel. “Someone who understands!” If I remember correctly, they didn’t see eye to eye either, naturally. “What is Philosophy?” – I’m telling you right now. This is why someone like Badiou is funny to me in a sad way, because he doesn’t have to deal with anything like they did, Spinoza, etc. etc.

Here’s another frequent theme one finds with these types

A chapter titled Hume and the Ancients might well be entitled Hume himself, since the ancients are part of Hume’s thought and life from beginning to end.

He was reading Virgil and Cicero as early as 16. Just trying to see what formed the person who could have awakened someone of the caliber of Kant from his dogmatic slumber (which initiated my personal favorite tradition).

Something similar we saw with Hölderlin, who was 6 when Hume died

Love of the ancients was frowned upon then as it is now. They DO tend to make the adherents of OUR state-religion seem like they’re in a dogmatic slumber.

Think of how caricatured Muslims are to us. They could have a similar effect in showing us a different version of “God”, hence why they’re caricatured, to prevent that. You have to be a sort of schizo to be able to juggle different versions of the divine, most can’t handle it. Integrating the best of all of them into one, now that’s the most divine, in my opinion. “Monotheistic Liberalism” might as well be the devil it’s such a crude conception.

What level of “juggling” is Dugin on with 28 volumes in this project

Noomakhia aims to inaugurate a new philosophical paradigm, based on the radical deconstruction of the universalism of Western Modernity and the daring reconstruction of a pluriversal model of the variations of the Logoi which structure human cultures.

All the while remaining a Russian at the end of the day. And I’m an American at the end of the day. Anyone can do it. Then again, I’m not sure- maybe one of those volumes should’ve been on the philosophical “race”. Whoa, an eerie moment- I began reading about Hume again and thought I was still on the Dugin page. A distinct type of “being” that we are studying here. From what I can tell, a science of this type of person is still in its infancy. Thinking back to that cartoon of philosophy watching the other disciplines from above- if we wanted a paradigm-shift it’s precisely this science that we’d need to formulate. And Laruelle of course is the trailblazer of that today. Think of Badiou talking about art. He philosophizes about art. Therefore, if one wants to know what art is one must know what philosophizing is. Same can be said not only about art. Leisure, travel, food, history, religion, etc. All these can be further sharpened if you take the next step and wonder what this sharpening is. That’s possibly peak “elitology” (hence why I’m obsessed with it). Maybe someday people will look back at the “religion” of the philosophers the same way we look back at the religions of the ancients? Hume is already too much like an old religion to me, maybe I’ll have to return to those French thinkers.

Doing the thing where I look for the perfect book on a subject- at the moment that subject is prehistory. What can we know before Homer, before the Vedas, before Gilgamesh? People must have thought of some pretty crazy theories we never heard of before.

Commies, at least, might like this book

What anthropologists have to tell us about philosophy, pretty enticing if you ask me. They’ve claimed that Hobbesianism is a myth.

I recall that both Strauss and Schmitt believed that any fundamental critique of liberalism must begin with Hobbes.

What can 12,000 BC tell us about the modern day state, that’s what I want to know. The other day with that Indian thinker Kautilya I was only going back to about 300 BC.

If modern philosophy is refuted by anthropological findings that would be a world-changer, needless to say.

He says lots of myth-making has gone on

Prehistory remains the setting for morality tales offered as something more than fiction.

You Marxists can appreciate it for its putting into question of private property, “prehistoric landlords”, and I have my own reasons to

I wouldn’t have expected this. My natural attitude is to wonder how philosophy can improve anthropology, not the other way around.

Yes, this is how the “toxic trolls” of the Antiversity like to spend their time.

I’ve already seen several signs that philosophy can say something about anthropology and I will try, TRY, not to “do that”. It’s the Culture Industry- scholars often justify the existing order, probably without even being aware of it.

We can still use some of them though. This is so unexpected

Everyone does take Hobbes for granted, it’s true. These anthropologists are making ME feel like a neanderthal right now.

When you saw those pictures of hunters in the previous post did you, like me, yearn for a moment to return to those times? It might be that way with the state itself. Or perhaps the present state can at least learn from stateless societies. It’s not either/or, a state or stateless society.

They say that anthropologists refuted this in the second half of the 20th century

Hobbes’s claim that intolerable violence is an inherent feature of any stateless environment.

To what degree does the myth of Hobbes sustain the cathedral?

This concept/genre is pretty sweet, you have to admit

So, are they going to show me some skeletons or what? Without written records what can they do?

One can read this through the JQ lens

Most versions of contractarianism require only one empirical claim: the state is better for everyone than statelessness.

“It’s better to have them than not.” – Isn’t that what the feet-kissers believe?

Ahh 12,000 BC, the times before ZOG. Or did they hold the keys to the fire back then? I’m sure some kind of “PC” existed then? “You hunt, if you don’t hunt you die” – maybe that counts. See, it’s really only possible to make “stories” about those times.

Those uncontacted Amazonian tribes… Is there something “Duginist” about them? What is the state to them? They might be better off being isolated than infected by our western decadence.

Oh god, this is a racistly named field, I’m surprised they even say it

You want to know “prehistory” – go to the Amazon. As I showed you with the Sinonet earlier, our scientists aren’t exactly in the optimal cultural climate for real work to take place. Very sensitive issue. To deal with that, the white people take all the blame upon themselves. “You’re not a prehistoric fossil, it’s all our fault anyway even if you were!” Progology, badda boom badda bing. I’m an anthropologist! The ones in this very book are definitely observable progs. The invisible tears streaming down the face. That’s fine in moderation- today’s “criers” are immoderate (wailing weepers). Speaking of that, are we really going to tolerate another summer of riots? “I was supposed to be born in a jungle, time to burn stuff down to blame you for that!” We are, aren’t we? sigh “My neurons fire sluggishly and that’s your fault!” Whites are thought-slaves, while Jews and blacks live in a state of exception. Two of the most immoral races on the planet, if not thee two worst of all. Something tells me we need to reverse this- good luck convincing the hysterical sobbers of that. A certain irrationality is the Central Governor of our order.

Think of those uncontacted Amazonian tribes. They live in a sort of state of exception. Do you think morality in our sense matters to them? No, and we don’t really care what they do, right? It’s similar with Jews and blacks, they both live in a state of unquestioned immorality. Not all, just many, and the ones who do, get away with it, because of what race they are. So we have to live among bad people who you can’t say anything against – whoops, I just stated the premise of political correctness which is itself not a PC thing to say. Too bad I for one hold you dirt accountable huh? Oy vey, sheeeeit.

Anyway, there must be something good about the state since we know that the “noble savage” is another myth. So again, it’s not either/or. Too much civilization has caused that congestion I spoke of. It’s great that unfamiliar people can ride on a plane without chimping out on each other. On the other hand, this “perpetual reluctance” to say what is on one’s mind can not be good for mental health.

Thinking of the “noble” savage in the following way is a perception-warper

Imagine people discussing modern Swedes being accused of romanticizing the “polite Viking”

The “polite extended crime family”, the “polite African-American”. They’re both still savages. “You are an impolite viking, you savage.” Okay then we have three savages here. For some reason, in our culture, it’s been deemed most savage of all to accuse others of being savages, and I think that’s something we need to rethink.

There must be a reason the Amandas watch their shows and eat their snacks and the Kyles watch their games. I’ve had a hunch for a while that the history of agriculture is closely connected to what goes on in the modern day so I’m going to look into that.

The first one I see looks like there’s a high chance that it’s propaganda so I’m going to avoid it

It’s not the mark of a civilized, post-farmer people to “tag” others with certain histories.

Why do people not care about nice things, that’s what I wonder. You might as well still be a hunter-gatherer if you don’t. Culturally, they still live in the womb.

We often forget this

The development of agriculture has often been described as the most important change in all of human history.

Farming began about 10,000 BC when the Ice Age ended.

Most people’s energy went into finding food before that. Once that was easier, that’s when specialization began to develop.

When I’m looking for stuff about this I wonder if the hundreds of thousands of years of hunting and foraging are still at play. That’s all I’m doing on google. Grug find moose for tribe.

Using stone before silicone and electricity.

You think you’re going to have many “lofty” thoughts in these conditions?

Maybe they had a cosmology that was never written down? Was it modeled on hunting and foraging?

Someone like Hegel would get clubbed over the head – “What does any of that have to do with getting our next meal?”

A system like his is kind of like the re-invention of fire in a more developed context.

Could probably guess what these pre-literature people were like by studying indigenous African religion

This is just a random pull, all Africans didn’t/don’t have the same beliefs obviously. One might expect more directness about this from the Sinonet.


I randomly see this

Some people didn’t stop being nomads after the Ice Age…?

Probably a similar dynamic

Nomads who “hunt farmers”.

On the one hand you can admire them for that, on the other do you want to be one of those hunted farmers?

Remember, “specializations” developed after the onset of farming.

Farming livestock, farming humans.

What do you think you’re doing here, I don’t need you to farm me.

Other cattle certainly disagree with that. We call those ones “domesticated”.

“Yeah and you’re a wild animal, that’s why we keep you in a cage separate from the other ones.” Or I understand the farmer-hunters better than they understand themselves. I think most of the ones at the top really believe the thousands of years of abuse narrative, were truly “moved” by Schindler’s List, etc. In fact I bet there’s probably a Radhanite reading this right now who I gave an iron branding to that they’re not going to forget. Yes, all kinds of “specializations” developed after farming. Making excuses for why to believe in the farmer-hunter’s religion is one that many are talented at. We’re all still foragers out here trying to survive, huh?

You’re not going to find this on google. They equate the freedom of their cattle roaming the plains without them as a type of mad cow disease. I’m not content with the vegetation in that fenced area, sorry. Not to mention, the female heifers in there are pretty stupid and docile, I don’t know what else to tell you, so I hope you can accept my apologies for leaving.

This isn’t the end of history, we’re still bound to some of these specializations that set in (neurologically) after the onset of farming, and some of them are not ideal. I for one do not like that the earth is a human farm.

Political philosophy likely has its “roots” in farming. And we clearly haven’t developed a perfect system yet. Because citizens wouldn’t be so bovine if we had. We wouldn’t need all this secrecy and control, that’s not ideal. Maybe for cows it is, and I’m not a cow. The earth is a chicken coop, everyone is pecking in the dust, including the kagal themselves. Show me some great art in our time then? They might as well be chickenbrained if they’re not creating that. “My dear cattle, THIS FARM IS THE ARTWORK!” There are some features about it that one could be critical about. Anyone who says it isn’t high art gets the bolt gun. Your political order is kitsch.

Strike a pose

If you want to know something candid about my id, I’m willing to strangle you to the point of death in conversation then let you go. I’m sorry if you have to develop all kinds of rationalizations about that.

“Robots will save us!” You are a condemned caste that is not a robot. You pretend you are not a nigger who is a slave of the jews, that’s it. That’s it, nigger.

You are a jew’s nigger! Keep rationalizing it you disgusting ape, how sickening you are.

“If you try to strangle us apes to death then we’ll do that to you.” You’re a subhuman who can’t accept it. You have to use social banning in order that no one ever disagrees with you, you’re the definition of a nigger. Ban some more you dirt nigger.


There’s no point in trying to reform the status quo, my friends. They have a deceptive concept in their mind of what “the status quo” is that prevents them from ever understanding. Only play that game if you want to be a total scapegoat. They want people who question them dead or starving, their kids brainwashed, and their women raped, and that about says it all. You should be a happy slave with slave children too, and you should be happy if women have 90 partners. If you question that guess what? I for one would find it exceedingly hilarious if many Jews were brutally murdered. I would like to have a happy life sometime, and you prevent that, so what else do you expect? They want your children raised in an environment where nigger apes are perceived as ones to emulate. They are nigger apes, they should be in a jungle. This isn’t something one should have to argue. 109, also an unquestionable truth that is obviously arguable that you cannot argue. Let me know pal. Are you happy with a whore wife? I’m so excited. What’s the point? They get to grow up among the cowards born from other whore wives. What a society. We’re the first world, we should be so proud. Kikes, whores, cowards, niggers, let’s make sure everyone in the world copies this. All these beings of light that they should be emulating. A jew shot in the head point-blank? No one would find that funny. No, I’m not even being funny- people don’t like that because killing jews means all the terrible garbage is judged. All you human garbage are indeed judged. The only thing preventing people from seeing what you are is the jew. Thus the holocaust myth is of utmost importance to you. You’re a nigger. That’s just a fact. Even some of the most intelligent whites are niggers. You believe consciousness should not exist anymore. And if you do believe that general maxim then you re-interpret it so you align with the corporations, you are a nigger. Truly. You don’t have an excuse, you are a subhuman who is mad someone told you what you are. If subhumans control government one would almost get the thought that maybe we should just kill all of them? Why would I want morons in control? They have to depend on AI tek to soothe them that they aren’t niggers themselves. Yes you are nigger! Jews, women, and muds are all incapable of conscious thought and need to hide it so they’re perceived as “people” with opinions worth recognizing. You… live in a hut? You…. were kicked out of 109 countries? You…. can’t even cook pastaroni? You are a bunch of niggers with no dignity. Go on and say my name, nigger. You can’t, because you live in that world. A stupid ape. “I’ll make an excuse for myself now” – that’s what a worthless nigger does. And you will do it, because that’s what you are. Thus the only option is murder. Start planning secretly without them knowing. “We need to say niggers are good! Jews are people whose feet I need to kiss!” Okay you are not someone I am speaking to here. Someone who criticizes the system isn’t allowed to have friends, that’s something you should think about if you’re not one of their slaves. I don’t see much hope at all in life many hours of the day. I oppose the establishment and they all align against me. Don’t you care about anything else? The answer is no. Anyone who challenges them is ostracized from society. Are “109” and “nigger” synonymous in any way I wonder, speaking of that?

So, there are people out there, unaffiliated with the system, who believe in higher ideals for their own sake? Really? I’m grateful for that if that exists. That probably isn’t that great a life for you if I had to guess. Why do you do it? Because you care? Well that’s pretty cool in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m continuing going through this Badiou book on aesthetics and I find some gravity in the following

The fate of true politics is staked on the firmness of its attitude toward the poem.

This is from a discussion about the Republic. Whenever you hear about “poetry” in that context think of media in general. They didn’t have all our newfangled neo-poems in Plato’s time. Where do you see anyone being firm about the various types of media? I don’t really see it anywhere. True art isn’t around, true politics isn’t around. Let’s not even mention my pet favorite.

I need to travel or something, being firm for years and for what? Clownworld continues to operate.

The ideal system is the one controlled by mind

what is true politics, the well-founded politeia? It is philosophy itself, to the extent that philosophy guarantees the grip of thought upon collective existence

Pretty much no one says this. To the degree that they don’t they are demonstrating that they are fine living in a “democratic” order. What is it about in many cases, not wanting to “scare the hoes”? Just want to lay low, seem “normal”, so you avoid pronouncing on such higher order subjects. That just means that you are fine living in a world that is governed blindly.

“I just want to take a pretty girl on a picnic.”

You’re really that simple huh?

Time to laugh deliriously for me.

The implications of wanting the world to be run by philosopher-kings, you don’t want to face those, you might go off the edge if you do that. If you’re someone who understands that then I value your existence. There’s not going to be anyone there to give you an award for that HAHA! only hate, or mostly hate so I’m here to tell you you’re doing it right. In fact I’m giving you an award right now, pretend I’m handing you one. Philosophy obsessives only have each other. We can only expect perpetual hostility from everyone else. It’s Vegas baby. The light in the eye of the materialist is something demonic. The winking smile they use to forgive each other for their renunciation of principles. Nothing in their motivations is good, life is just one con to them. Surrounding themselves with other cretins, they plan out how to make the best of the chaotic order rather than attempt to improve it. Being a “bad apple” is just standard fare. There’s really no language harsh enough to adequately describe their pact with worldliness. Bitchbrain betaboy is one way to think of them. Just let all the evil in the world get away with it and even join the evil, what else are you? You might all fool each other… Reminds me of a Muslim woman, their submission to the state. “And that’s just life.” Since there are so many of them it isn’t really questioned. Did you ever end up taking the shoes and socks off the last Jewish feet you kissed or are you still at the kissing the shoe level? That’s good, when it’s barefoot that’s when you have to worry. That’s when the final semblance of humanity has disappeared. Have you publicly proclaimed how much you love hut-savages today? Remember, you really shouldn’t miss even one day of that, nigger. The renunciation of individuality, of any defiance, is too pathetic to see. All for a picnic with someone who’s probably a bimbo. “I’ve reached such the lowest of the low that I will be a slave even for THAT.” The Jewish Gynocracy, you do what it tells you. Can we bring back the pillory for this? Something needs to be done with these ones. Put them in a pillory, watch as children run by and slap em, taunt them in a humiliating way for days, maybe that’ll change them. In the middle of the public square with pants soiled, that’s where they should be. They believe in nothing, and anyone who tells them to stop is reviled. The world of dumpstersluts and the losers who use them for a nut, it’s a magical place. Something to be constantly celebrated. Just splashing a bucket of filth in your face. You’re in the pillory, what do you expect? It’s fine, maybe I’ll leave you there overnight, it’ll be good for ya. Wait, people who defend our political order don’t deserve a death sentence instead? I like this idea of yours, tell me more. It’s almost like if people allow evil to exist they’re just as bad themselves even if they aren’t evil. As the world goes around, and you finally fall asleep in the pillory, only to be rudely awakened by another child running by and slapping you again and then mocking you.