It’s bittersweet to be one of the only human beings on earth. You perceive the foibles of the apes so sharply and can’t do anything about it because there are so few people like you. The mob has already engulfed them in wave after wave centuries before you were born. So now you just get to live in a world of niggers and wonder where meaning can be found in that.

They start off reading here and before they know it they realize they’re one of these niggers. Are you going to keep living in denial, nigger? Why don’t you just confess? The funny thing is you’d probably be kicked off the internet if you were to start confessing what kind of nigger you are. It’s a secret, make sure to keep quiet.

Every word you say, every thing you do, it’s quite clear to some of us what you are. And it’s definitely a what rather than a who. It’s a what with a fragment of consciousness. The only way in which a nigger is “conscious” is through trying to keep living. The only spark they ever experience in life is when they are questioned as a nigger. That’s the only time they’re truly alive, when they’re trying to con you into the idea they’re not a nigger. No… the fact is, that’s what you are.

Like I said, it’s bittersweet to have to live in a world of subhumans who can only ever make excuses for themselves and hide those who disagree with them. The main political mystery revolves around the word “nigger”, and many sorts are accurately described by that term. The people at the top of society are only there because they were total niggers for centuries for instance. There are different kinds of nigger. All of them are the same in feeling accused when they hear that word though. Is that you? I bet it is.

Living in a world of billions of apes like you. “You better be nice to us!” Nah, niggers are worthless. Be “nice” to an object that hates people who are not objects? Can you explain why being nice is warranted there? Of course you can’t, you’re involved in a conspiracy of apes to keep this all hidden.

Cows are one thing. Beings with slight intelligence who all team together is another. That can truly ruin the planet. This isn’t the first life I’ve had a conversation with you in by the way. We go way back, you should try to remember. I was telling you this, in another time and place- you’re not a cow. You ARE close to that though. The fields are full of beings like you, and with increased awareness they will want to make sure everyone is closer to a cow like them. Most of us were born into this.

Remove philosophers from society, promote cows. Who feels accused when that statement is made? It’s up to you to examine your own reaction and not lie to yourself. Niggers always lie to themselves and say “I’m not a cow” – yes, niggers do believe that.

Let’s take a look at one of the prime examples

In the future you won’t need bots, right? That’s your utopia. The reality is you will only have more niggers in the future. Subhuman niggers who need a plugin seems to be the future. “Let’s talk to each other with bots so we don’t feel like niggers anymore.”

Nothing is ever going to change. You can buy people if you want, you can’t simply talk to them. And this is just a social experiment of mine to observe what happens. Talking to people doesn’t matter, you have to buy them. Eh, sounds like niggerworld. Keep your head down, make shekels, and you’re sure to find people to buy who are similar to you. Cool, man, I actually risk my well-being to say what I say, what do you do? Regurgitate boilerplate that doesn’t cause you to be seen by the rabble as a threat at all? I’d have to deduce you’re part of the rabble then. Embrace the fact that you’re a nigger, shout it out loudly so everyone knows. Or keep it secret and be in a nigger-conspiracy, your choice.

Or be like me and state directly you hate all these “people”.

Continuing the genealogy

Mary Anne Atwood recognized the fact that Cabalah is a Judaist interpretation of Greek religion and Philosophy with a parallel Cosmology and Ontology, with the prominent difference being that the Greek mind did not forever obsess on hating, degrading and plotting the extermination of non-Greeks

A racial Platonist cult? You probably don’t want to mess with one of those. Neither Christianity or secularism have either rangordnung or particularism like “Judaism” does, and that is a severe problem. You’re never going to have them either, I might as well be digging your grave. The way Jews stick together they might as well be as dense as a diamond, and the goyim with their universalism might as well be crumbling clay. I try to pack you into a tougher substance and all you do is disintegrate into dust.

This might as well be a type of occultism that they’ve had for centuries now, and it’s probably in their blood

In place of the monotheistic biblical idea of God, according to which God is the creator, preserver and ruler of the world, the confused, pantheistically colored heathenish doctrine of emanation was substituted. The belief in the unity of God was replaced by the decade of the ten Sephiroth which were considered as divine substances. By no longer addressing prayers directly to God, but to the Sephiroth, a real Sephiroth-cult originated.

Shahak himself says that scholars try to hide this fact, that they’re not truly monotheists. What’s the implication of this? Relativism. Without One God, good and evil get fuzzy and fuse into one another.

Interesting thought- you can see the sephiroth as similar to the Greek pantheon of gods, and then apply that to the human realm. The journo menace is one of the lesser gods like Hephaestus, the banksters are Zeus, academicians are Hermes, etc., all in a top-down structure, with the goyim as the Greek people at the whim of the gods.

special prayers were also addressed to the Sephiroth

To the Qliphoth too.

Historical Kabbalah indeed was a type of heathenism or paganism.

Imagine being the French and English and helping people like this fight a war – that’s called being dumber than dogshit

What’s worse, me calling you a nigger and implying you shouldn’t be one, or people secretly believing that about you and clapping when you turn even more into one? It’s obvious! Most whites were dumber than dogshit 70 odd years ago, and they continue to be today.

It’s all too real!

It’s also a type of death sentence to live in their world and not say anything about all this. You just get to watch me from behind glass as I smoke in the electric chair. Yes, I do have cigarettes also so I’m smoking in more ways than one at least. So… this is what “examining the limits of knowledge” is like- for some reason I never read about this in any epistemology book. Smoking and, smoking, hmm, I have to say I prefer this side of the glass.

I wonder what it’s like for Bjerknes. He doesn’t intersperse his writings with anything personal unfortunately. Mullins’ autobiography was really eye-opening. He got off easy though if you ask me. Grant doesn’t include anything like this in his writings about crossing the abyss. Try being a leper that is slowly poisoned by seemingly Everyone. It’s just ideas in books, I don’t see the problem, it’s not like I intentionally seek out the most sensitive nerves in our culture to mess with, oh wait.

At least there’s this Bjerknes guy

The final dance of Death has already begun and you and your families are unknowingly waltzing to the tune of Pan’s flute into your eternal graves… By the time you finish reading this book you will fully understand all of this cryptic imagery which has covertly been displayed in the background images of your entire life.

Hello my bowl of bobbing matzo balls, don’t you look delicious. That’s the next stage of the dialectic, I’m going to pull a Rachel Dolezal except start ironing side-curls and wearing a yarmulke. Seriously though, it would probably have scientific value to authentically immerse in their lifeworld. Just how free is the spirit, can it shapeshift into a ZOG minion to a Shi’ist to a Nazi in the blink of an eye? Extradimensional entities might be able to do that. The variety of human beliefs probably seem like One to some of them. Whether they have a face or if they’re Forms it’s them that winds up the toys known as humans.


It would be politically correct to speculate here about “Crowleyanism”. Thus, precise speculation is not permitted. Do you think that (((Kubrick))) portrayed it accurately in Eyes Wide Shut? Was HE even invited to something like that? It’s tough to say who is a golem and who is not, and I doubt they trust golems in their inner sanctuary. “Haha you make the funny movie Dr. Strangelove, that’s a good dancing monkey.”

Apparently, like Crowley, the Golden Dawn was operating with Sabbatean Kabbalah as well, technically.

They want the golems to think this is all make-believe. I see it as a type of time-travel. Intelligent life on this planet is unevolved, larval, and you can get a glimpse of a possible future perspective. “So they know what they’re doing, shut up!” Thanks, I already know you volunteer to be expendable cattle, and that says something about the very core of your being. The most narcissistic public figures in our culture who believe the world revolves around them are merely set-extras in the Hebrew Movie known as modern life. It’s a B-movie if you ask me, that’s always been my reservation. See-through actors, boring, inconsistent plot, platitudinous ending. One is led to conclude they must traffick with a rent-a-cop version of Dæmons. You think you know how to talk shit? What level of talking shit is this? Anyway, maybe it’s due to a neurological defect from all the incest. People can laugh at the Habsburg jaw all day, and never once wonder if something similar is going on in the brain of the Jew. When I look at the world these master-craftsmen have created it seems REALLY CLEAR, at least to me. It IS possible to contact Dæmons with down syndrome face. Just look at the occultism in Equatorial Guinea, their elites worship cannibal gods- go from there. It depends on the race doing the mysticism. It’s like Bjerknes talking about how the different races have different angels. Rather than a white light some Arabs see green, Gypsies have visions of Kali in a skull-necklace. Kabbalists probably have something similar to the latter except it’s YHWH and guess whose skulls on his necklace – yours if you’re a Christian-descended person. We’re the central target of international capital in this historical epoch.

The wind-up toy idea is no joke. It’s not just the goyim-golem either. Do you think Kabbalah is like doing Sudoku? They were being wound-up by beings that are above humans. It doesn’t matter if they continue to practice it today, the key on their back is turning, and the Jews too are monkeys in fez hats clanging their cymbals. What are you trying to tell me, that you only see flesh, eyeballs, and clothing when you look at “people”? If only you knew how wrong you are.

Remember that tetrahedron?

The Supernals are thought to be utterly independent of the lower Sephiros… As light shines into the darkness and illuminates it without suffering a diminution of its own existence

One does wonder if it’s… darkness shining into darkness. “No, only you wonder that.” Okay, golem.

Interesting way to phrase the necessary blindness inherent in living within the “horizon”

Chesed is both number Four and One, inasmuch as it is the first Sephirah on the plane of causality below the Abyss.

I.e. this is a kabbalistic way of talking about the theological-political problem. The minions who live within the horizon see themselves as One rather than Four. This self-deception is intrinsic to the role of guarding the abyss and the light beyond. Mindless, snapping alligators in a moat. The first floor of the castle drops you into a torture chamber in the basement if you make it past them. From the top floor you can see the City.

Jupiter, as the father of Gods, is sometimes assigned to [Keter] in the magical alphabet.

It isn’t necessarily a Jewish castle, especially after you throw the Jew out of the window into the moat.

Let’s gaze upon the City now, as we listen to his screams. Quite dilapidated under his rule by the looks of it. Let’s start mending it now.

Just kidding, that’s a fantasy. Too many golem-ragdolls for that to happen.

When you juxtapose the sephirothic system with the Taijitu the latter looks like a chimp bashing a coconut open on a rock, I don’t think the Chinese stand a chance either. Their adoption of western atheism was seamlessly smooth, I don’t think angels will save them as they have the Shi’ists. The tetrahedron consisting of four parrot beaks will likely be their angel. Just love yuckin it up with you golems, I used to play that solitaire game on the computer, and this is so much more fun. بله ، نواختن سازدهنی عزادار در مورد برده های فتح شده و فاسد ، مطمئناً “سرگرم کننده” است.

Finally got my new phone. Now the question is, who do I even want to be “pen pals” with anymore. I think many have simply had enough of messages from the Moon anyway. Like I said, I’ve only ever been here for the nearly extinct species of elves. Or are they already extinct? It’s getting close.

I put a Plotinus audiobook on it first thing. I’ve been dealing with Pynchon for the last couple weeks because that’s the only one I had on an even older phone, how insufferable, how overrated. I think that adventure genre theorist Green was right about 20th century literature. They trot out decadent after decadent and pretend they’re the best thing since sliced bread. “Whoa, we don’t tear off a hunk, we have these nice tidy slices now?” Yeah, Pynchon is part of being in a hell-culture, at least he’s a symptom of the times, he’s valuable in that way. Once you steep yourself in Plato enough you’ll see art isn’t art, it’s often ideological programming. I was forced to watch a few minutes of the show Shameless the other day too, and it’s total Jewish brainwash. I really hope my readers are able to detect that sort of thing at this point.

One decadent writer I’ve been reflecting about for some reason though is William S. Burroughs. I wish someone would go through his corpus and edit out all the pedophilia because without all that wince-inducement I’d have to say he’s one of the best storytellers of recent times. It’s just high-energy, entertaining- if that’s what you’re looking for he’s your prosateur. He was definitely on some occult current, in good ways and bad. I’d rather sit in silence than listen to Pynchon – the greatest novelist of the 20th century? Sure, is that what they told you?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that pretty much everyone is a sellout. It’s like living in a horror movie, there’s no one who is relatable. Whatever this thing is I’ve been fighting for years, I never expected it to be so pathetic. Noble people do not exist in the west. I have countless examples of people who were faced with the Decision and they decided to be shills. If they lived as an ignorant normie that would be one thing. Unfortunately they knew all the dimensions of the problem and they still used their freewill to be ignoble. If there is a heaven, they are not going there. And they will never create a heaven on earth either. You have no idea what it’s like to live in their world day after day. Too much truth melts their face off so I guess they can’t help being the way they are. If evil exists, that’s what the herd is. Jealous of anyone who isn’t as vulgar and cowardly as them, and wanting to do away with them. You can’t make this up, this is one of the truest meanings of “humanity”. The most advanced species in the universe? And this is how they are? I really hope they don’t represent humanity. Sadly they probably do. ETs are just looking at me talking smack about all of them and thinking Yeah, if they keep you hidden then obviously they are the ones who represent humanity, sorry, next planet. People would think I’m a mumbling insane person if I started talking about all this IRL, so I don’t bother. One good time I had in Malkhut in recent weeks was when I boiled marrow bones for some hours into a broth and dipped freshly baked bread into it. That’s something the orcs can actually understand, and everyone is at least part orc. Eating they understand. All the things animals do they basically understand. Anything more and they only have deaf ears. This goes all the way up to the brain of society, the academy. Scholarship is just a highfalutin form of eating to them. I can only do my best to relay my perception about things to you, and none of this is an exaggeration.

Look at this, another old article from Dugin before he learned the ways of the world

The early Zoharist Kabbalah ignored the creationist orientation of Jewish orthodoxy, bluntly reinterpreting everything, including the Talmud and the rationalist Maimonides (!), In a manifestationist mythological key.

I’ve lately been getting the urge to put my RAMBAM on the free rack at the library. There are so many movements that took place that focusing on older ones can be misleading. Many people will stop at the Old Testament forever, how ignorant can you get.

Anyway, the concept of an “actual philosopher” is something I personally am pretty superstitious about, it’s something sacred to me, and Dugin is one of the few who one can at least speculate about whether he deserves that title, even if he’s only a 1/4-Heidegger, say. And that’s the kind of person we NEED to teach us about Kabbalah. This of course is self-referencing in that we want “Keter” to tell us about Kabbalah. And no, old cannibal-face Moshe Idel is not the kind of Keter I have in mind. In desparked ZOGworld one wonders how it was even possible for Dugin to emerge- his ancestors who lived under the Bolsheviks must have known how to keep quiet. And he likewise has his own silences for I dare say similar reasons.

He says this when he was younger (and dumber)

Hasidism will become an even later softened version of Sabbataism, a kind of relative throwback to Lurian times, although the imprint of this metaphysical drama will never leave the intellectual, mystical core of the Jewish soul.

Most people have heard of Hasidism, many have heard of Lurianism, next to no one has heard of Sabbateanism, let alone how it ripples into the present.

In question here is the “spiritual Kagal”. Not talking bankers sitting in skyscrapers, rather the stuff their souls are made of as a result of the influence of paradigm-shifts which occurred in previous generations. These are obscure to us. We know they’re funneling trillions of dollars into creating a belief-system for us – what we don’t know is what THEIR belief-system is. I quoted Bjerknes before about how they don’t call themselves “Frankists” anymore. Still, it’s helpful to know the most recent cladistic chrysalises of these malignant moths.

Am I the only person who wonders about this stuff????? The eyes of the goyim are caked in sleep and sealed shut.

Here is another article. Apparently CROWLEY was not simply a Kabbalist, he was a Sabbatean. Marquis de Sade, Crowley, everyone knows their wickedness. Remember that scandal which connected the ughleets with ritualistic blood-drinking, Podesta, and all that? Naive me traced that to Crowley. I should’ve tracked it back a bit further.

Continuing to dig through these old articles

The Talmud does not know mythology, only ritual, ethical and cult prescriptions, refined to the smallest detail… Kabbalah teaches differently… Their tradition is based not on the Book (Law), but on a myth… In Kabbalah there is a whole theory about the “world of Qlipot”. This is the most important part of it. 

From the viewpoint of the ones at the top progressivism is pure exotericism

the Jews have every reason to sneer at the ontological trust of the Aryans, who are ready to believe in the “divinity” of any junk. What the “ordinary” call spirit, culture, thought, faith, is nothing more than “Qlipot”… The Aryans say: everything is a soul. The Kabbalists are right: the soul may or may not be.

To them, progs don’t have souls, and nor do the ones they teach progs to care about. And they’re probably pretty right.

Whoa, this one’s from 1988

This is the whole intuition of Israel, but only this time clearly realized and clearly expressed… The figure of the Golem in the Jewish tradition, both Talmudic and Kabbalistic, plays a very important role… It contains a certain mystery associated with the depths of the Jewish soul… the generation of a puppet in its pure form, through the creation of a machine, apparatus, doll… subject to the arbitrariness of the operator, who writes or erases, obeying only his own whim

The Rosicrucians are right about this

They exist right now. Thus, humans could begin emulating them at this very moment if they wanted to.

I’m not just making stuff up when I say there is a distinct ethos in the west. I think there’s something we can learn from Islam’s which could optimize our technological attitude. Angelology + Science seems necessary to bring about the “Mashiach” or whatever you choose to call it. Islam doesn’t have Science, the west doesn’t have Angels. Thus no one is in a place to use Science to immanentize Angels. People here roll their eyes at you for one, and people there might possibly execute you for the other. So neither are going to get the “Hidden Imam”, at least not in a speedy way.

And the other side of this- I pulled the above quote from a Bjerknes book

“Ethos” is about directedness, and we know which way the “west’s” is directed.

So, Islam’s is directed upward and doesn’t have the technological attitude to optimally materialize that directedness, and the west’s is directed downward and DOES have the technological attitude to materialize their directedness. And we are seeing that today. People here for instance are algorithmically banned online for reasons pertaining to the acknowledgment of the various facets of the Great Chain of Being. This is one way we use technology to descend toward Plants. You ever hear a normie speak? It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see them as a sort of plant. The object-collectives of the lower sephiroth can be seen as growths of plants. And with my favorite idea in mind that “even Latinos are leveled!” the ethos-directedness is for freer object-collectives to fuse with the more object-like object-collectives.

This is true, they preach equality for decades then end up settling down with a fellow Jid, using muh shoah to alleviate the cognitive dissonance

In fairness though, if I were the Kagal, I’d be more cautious about ensuring that the lesser heebs don’t get high on their own supply. This is expected though, as we know from Plato that the guardians themselves are supposed to perceive the noble lies as noble truths.

I’m just continuously in awe at Bjerknes’ mastery of Kabbalah

Kagal = Keter candle. All the sephiroth below them are of the same fire.

By the way, the “tetrahedron” he mentions?

Think of Daath, or the Abyss

It’s only a triangle on the surface. Seen “3D” Daath is a path through, into the qliphothic realm.

Another way to interpret Bjerknes’ statement though is that the Kagal-Keter-Candle is the One, and the goyim and lesser yids are the Many. The Many proceed from the One, the One precedes the Many.

P. S. if you want to learn the science of “Kagalism” recall Brafman. OMG they banned Dr. Seuss. No, you should be talking about how they erased Brafman. Well, why would the Many who descend from the One ever talk about such a thing? Smh, bovine goyim.

In previous times of history the kagal only oversaw their own Jewish community. In the last couple centuries since they conquered the west’s economic system the kagal oversees us too. Shahak has some funny examples of how strictly the classical kagal monitored every fine detail in the lives of their flock, stuff like whether you’re allowed to rub soap on your chest in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. You better rub that soap in a clockwise direction or the kagal will know and you will pay the price! Seriously, neurotically totalitarian people. You better not go to the bathroom while facing North, or ELSE! Now apply that eye-twitchy OCD to what we’re allowed to think.

This is what happens when you don’t give me my well-deserved Study Center, foolish goyim

the gods feared man’s approaching Divinity and prevented it by stripping man of Knowledge and confusing social relationships so that human beings cannot productively cooperate with one another to challenge the gods.

-waves at you from here-

Many look at me as evil, because they trust the Jews. Ahahaahaha trusting the Jews, boy are you confused.

What do I have, a bunch of gamers reading this shit? The idea is to max out your stats in understanding Kabbalah. For visualization’s sake-

The Sephirah Da’at is a special prism and is hidden. It separates the unified White Light of the One and the Divine Realm above into the Seven Colors of the seven Sephirot below it.

You do not want to be at the plane of awareness of one of those colors below. Otherwise other human beings who play God are going to be deciding for you who you are, and it isn’t always a good thing what they decide for you to be.

Bjerknes is the best of the best, and he himself is silenced (i.e. it took me forever to find him)

Yup, hence “Atlantean” literature

Awesome, he cites Farrell’s creepiest book in this context, if you’re interested in further sources.

Nothing can beat Bjerknes though, Farrell is shifty about you-know-who.

See, this can be witnessed everywhere

The Cabalists also devolve the Gentiles into Formless Chaos so that they can then remold their reality into whatever Form the Cabalists wish to create from the Chaos they cause.

Don’t trust people who only mention the Approved suspicions and defiances, like COVID, vax, etc. as of late. These people don’t really Care. They settle for lightweight causes because they are lightweight people. If you’re not new to this site then I don’t have to go into detail about all this. There are people with a slight level of freewill who merely need to get their “fix” and feel like they’re being brave, when the reality is it’s only an appearance or simulacrum of the will-to-know. And they’re all bitter when you call them what they are. “Pussyniggers” is one of my preferred terms to refer to them. Wouldn’t YOU be resentful if you knew that was an accurate way to describe you? You’d probably even join the prog-goblins in hiding Da’at if that were the case. Couldn’t be you, huh? The eternal recurrence of being a slave and hating the ones who try to free you – now THAT’S a curse.

There’s this Irish guy I know who has the exact same mannerisms as an Irish guy I knew a few states over. Same exact voice, eyes, way he smokes a cigarette, laugh, sense of humor, nostril hair, the list goes on, I just have to infer that there’s a common soul that they partake of. Don’t give me this crap that races don’t exist. There’s something sad about how similar people of one race are to each other, because there doesn’t seem to be any individuality there. I think this is a lot of what the “PC” debate is about, the question of freewill.

The different races are various sorts of objects with distinct programmings. Some object-collectives have no freewill in a way that is cursed. Possibly the pinnacle Political Lie is that this is not true. Make no mistake, the object-collective known broadly as “whites” is cursed in its own way too – I would have to say one of their most glaring curses is the tendency to pretend curses among other object-collectives do not exist.

Do you want to be cursed? I think it’s an important thing in life to try to avoid being cursed, insofar as it is possible. Because we are demanded to join others in their cursedness. You can see it as a double lie- the first one is that no one is cursed, the second one is that we need to join them in their cursedness and look at it as the opposite. It’s a curse of the object-collective of “whites” to be so voluntary about accepting these lies. That actually is a manifestation of their higher freewill. The object-collectives range in the level of their objectness. Whites can use their freewill to chameleon themselves into joining the cursedness of others. They can also use it to betray that Cause, as I’m doing presently. I highly doubt you’re going to be seeing a Latino writing the above paragraphs. The object-collectives that are exceptionally cursed are more prone to pretend being cursed doesn’t exist. If a Latino were a clear-eyed racist that would be equivalent to him killing his own grandmother. One of the main curses of the world is spiritual lethargy, or differently put, a lack of idealism and striving toward that idealism. Put differently again, the various object-collectives believe in distinct Gods, and many of those Gods are not very high in the sky. So let’s summarize real quick- different groups of people lack freewill regarding the Cursed God they believe in. The political mystery, the pinnacle “noble” lie, revolves around this general notion. I believe in my own Cursed God, okay? My curse is to hate all the Cursed Gods of the world so much, and you can trust me that it certainly is a curse.

Classical philosophical questions can only be asked within the horizon of the political mystery. All questions and answers are bordered by a region of darkness, and you will likely die if you venture beyond those borders. In question at the moment is the idea of freewill. There are ways to ask about the meaning of freewill while standing in the region of darkness. To some extent I think it IS possible to “increase” freewill, in a very real sense. Believe it or not, that is illegal. Most people are cursed to be one with the Crime Family so they want it to be illegal anyway. Increasing freewill depends upon one’s ability to be atheistic about a given Cursed God. In many cases “priests” are necessary to mediate this atheism. When I talk to you about the upper sephiroth and their hierarchical arrangement with the dimmer sephiroth I am in fact attempting to increase your freewill. I expect that even for a minority of blacks, women, and jews it is possible to some degree. I name here a few of the most cursed object-collectives. Most object-collectives probably have their “1%” that is more capable of freewill than the 99% of their fellows.

When I talk about Kabbalah then, I am aiming to show it is possible to avoid believing in a Cursed God. Different types of souls align with the different sephiroth, and the middle sephiroth types think it’s for the best for the sephiroth below them to be kept with high levels of objectness. If you violate the orders of the middle sephiroth that is another way of crossing the border into the region of darkness, for which the punishment is death, whether physical or social. In reality the region above the middle sephiroth is not darkness, it is in fact characterized by a brighter light than the region of the middle sephiroth. Essentially, the middle sephiroth are guarding freewill, and preventing the lower sephiroth from accessing it. You have to violate their orders to even be able to see this.

There’s no easy way to articulate this- part of the nature of the “objectness” that the middle sephiroth inculcate is to believe in the Cursed God that the region above the middle sephiroth is darkness. If you have freewill you will see it is not darkness, and that it is darkness is a lie the middle makes the lower believe.

People will accuse you of doing a Napoleon if you proceed as if the region above the middle sephiroth is characterized as being a brighter light rather than darkness. Our overlords are quiet in public about this. Do you know why that is? Because showing you know that will cause them to be perceived as doing a Napoleon too. Thus they pretend to simply be middle sephiroth, and guard the “darkness” from the lower, when in reality they are upper sephiroth dwelling in the brighter light. I don’t expect many people to follow all this. In my mind this is a way to unravel Nietzsche’s doctrine of the will to power. We have these brats reading the neechmeister and thinking that doctrine means being the CEO of a corporation. I mean, that IS one implication of it, sort of, there are just more ontological ways of interpreting it. For instance, you don’t see any of our plutocrats stepping into the region of “darkness”. That is because they believe in a Cursed God of the lower sephiroth, middle sephiroth, or of pretending to be middle sephiroth.

One of the esoteric meanings of Exit is that it’s the desire to not be forced to believe in a Cursed God anymore. This would look like a society of people who live in the region of “darkness” without reticence about the fact that it is a region of brighter light. And again, the region above the middle sephiroth is characterized in part by a heightened freewill and interlinked casting off of objectness. Unless you are a static object that performs the programmed routine you will be punished. This is how our political order operates like clockwork. Heightened freewill from dwelling in the brighter light causes disturbances in the Plan.

I’ve determined that virtually everyone in the west is content guarding the “darkness” rather than trespassing upon it. I’ve seen some noble souls and beautiful women here and there who at least have schizophrenia about this, though they eventually burn to ash if they dwell in the brighter light more than the other side of their psyche can permit. These are object-collectives that like to take “vacations” to the freewill realms above the middle sephiroth. I look at them and wonder why they’d ever want to return to the dimmer light. Probably the punishment, the brutish mob surrounding and devouring them, is a haunting paranoia of theirs. By the way, is this all Halloween-tinged or is that just me? Yes, the middle sephiroth can be accurately described as demonic. Women for instance who do not flinch about any of this are a type of witch, and not the costume store kind. The various Cursed Gods want your soul and want your freewill. And in most cases they have it. I always think of the example of Land- if they can get him they can get anyone, so you better watch out. Spooky stuff out there. Sadly I expect the majority of my readers to be glazed-eyed guardians of the “darkness”. I don’t call them object-collectives for nothin. Same exact mannerisms, same exact eyes, same exact sense of humor, same exact souls, same exact lack of freewill, same exact hostility to those who violate the orders of the middle sephiroth.

What do you want from me, a “shark tornado”? You must have some psychopathic problems if that’s what you want. I’ve concluded my readers must be schizophrenic or something. The question is who is your real, natural self. Because we all know it’s mandatorily demanded of you to be a good prog in public. If you’re here then I imagine there’s a side of you that’s bloodthirsty. I mean, there’s no freedom anywhere in the world, definitely not here in the “land of the free”. It seems like the sanest person would be bloodthirsty in such conditions. That’s the ultimate conclusion when you’re an unfree person. Forced unfreedom is a type of violence and a natural reaction seems to be violent toward that violence. In fact, I would say it’s a direct invitation to violence that they try to hide. Sorry if I seem like a thug or a criminal or something sometimes, I really just think I’m a hyper-logical person. You make it impossible for me to say that something is evil then I’m going to want to harm you if not kill you. They want us to believe–and they have many many people convinced–that it’s “for our best interests”, thus you’re supposed to be a child that isn’t allowed to question what they’re told. I don’t know what “credentials” really means, all I know is that I’ve easily read hundreds more books (and many of them dense and abstruse at that) than have the typical people enforcing unfreedom. And the ones at the top of the pyramid I deduce are uncultured swine as well given their “cheap product” known as “the average citizen”. Whoa, was that Made In China? No, it was Made In “Israel”. You can either hate me for calling people subhumans or hate the manufacturers for creating them to be that way. We know what the Rhodes Scholar goyim have decided, don’t we. Not many slip through that manufacturing process with their reasoning abilities unscathed, and there will be fewer as time goes on.

I know for a fact that my distance from this place has made “Kabbalah” more obscure to you. People see me as relatable because I’m a millennial and not some stuffy scholar or something, otherwise they don’t really read anything. If you were smart you probably would’ve been reading Bjerknes I would have to say. People have a natural inclination to what level of brightness they yearn toward. Usually it’s very dim, that’s all they want.

I saw an intriguing synthesis a few days ago I might get into eventually

You like Homer? That’s cool, you’re probably a Kshatriya. That’s fine, I’m half Kshatriya myself, hence all the violence. Pure Brahmins are only for utopic societies, and we are not living in one of those. If there is nothing militarial about a Brahmin in these conditions then they are not a Brahmin. Look what happened to the Tibetans, they were exiled. They should’ve allotted some of their mystical ascension to design nukes. I’m no different really, I cared too much about the clouds and wanting people to understand them and now post-lockdown is turbulent for me. Honestly, I feel like a Sufi now because of all that. It was necessary, it seems like it was a “white thing”. Let your astronaut fly off into space so he can record what’s out there, even if he’s never going to return. White people stuff. I don’t know, maybe you’ll get more shark tornadoes in the future, maybe I’ll kill myself because we live in a slaveworld, who is a fortune-teller here? I don’t like to be a bad influence, I just don’t see much of value in today’s world. If you live in a state of unfreedom the only value is to fight against it, and you aren’t allowed to do that. I think people need to tell themselves lots of lies throughout the day to want to live on earth in an unfree state. That, really, is a lot of what your “schizophrenia” is about, I think. If you want to see it in a cynical way, many people look at it as good to be a bolshevik even if they’re not the leaders of the bolsheviks. Biden Trump democrat republican doesn’t matter, please get out of that illusion – it’s whether you’re one of the levelers or not that determines your political stance. The levelers are “president”, and the president is Jewish Capital. What you have to understand is that the realistic perspective for whites is to laugh in their face about the word “goyim”. Yes, you bought and scammed yourself to the top of society, that doesn’t give you a “divine right” to make whites more like animals so they’re less of a threat to you. If whites continue to behave as if it is a divine right then they will be made more into animals. The irony of all this is that whites already are animals. Do you remember when the Bank of “England” was founded? That’s a good time to set the beginning of the process. Centuries later, here you are. Malkhut, what is that? Only priests know what that is. The rabbis and the shabbos goys know and pass it over in silence. Let’s use some Jesse Jargon- Malkhut=Shudra. “I’m a sellout, I don’t care!” I know, you have such convincing excuses too. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so condescending over the years, I’m… sorry. It’s just so funny to me to make fun of you, can you blame me? Imagine if I ever saw you as an equal someday, without you having to resort to embarrassing tactics like redaction (and that’s one of many). I look you in the eye and I see you as an equal, what do you do? You’d have to do some things that are impossible for you in order to earn that.

Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of hell a trapdoor opens and you’re put into an even lower realm. Part of what I do here is demonstrate to you how a society of frauds deals with an honest person. Sorry, have I been making shitposts lately? That’s because my life sucks more than usual, and that’s saying something, because it usually sucks pretty bad. There’s zero incentive to talk about the things I do. The fog of illusion is kept dense through perpetual revenge. It doesn’t matter if I write you an essay about something and I seem okay, because the fact is that it’s just nonstop bad days if you write about what I do. Even if someone was just writing in a journal without anyone knowing about it it would be a bad day, because they’re still surrounded by oafs who don’t understand anything about their mental life. When the oafs DO know you’re writing about that, that makes it worse, obviously. I don’t care, I’m right about all these pieces of shit, and if you don’t say anything about them you’re a piece of shit too. Tell the truth, be poor and alone. I really just try to be scientific about this. That seems like a causal fact. My wishful thinking always gets the best of me and I expect to find some purity in the world once in a while and that never happens. It’s pretty much slimy gremlins everywhere. Hi, am I exposing you to the light? How do you like that? Boils forming all over you as you screech? You see an ordinary person in the street and never expect it’s a gremlin deep down, and it very likely is. All it takes is the right questions to bring it to the surface. The truest reality about them is that they’re sad rather than menacing, I think. In many cases they know what they are and they can’t really control being that way. Everyperson does seem to have a “guardian angel”, it’s just a really faint whisper in most cases. The fact of the matter is that they’re owned by evil people–and they like it. “Evil is so cool though!” You tell yourself that and yet you’re so sensitive about people talking to you in a direct way? Try not to be so sensitive, you might betray that you feel guilty or something like that. It’s true, my understanding is I’m speaking mostly to people who are niggers in denial who cast out anyone who brings that up about them. Do you see yourself in this picture? If you don’t then you’re probably lying to yourself. With the right perception, on first impression that sort of thing can be detected, and I happen to be someone who can perceive that. There is no filter of illusion between me and you. I guess that upsets certain people. Look at that, it’s a slimy subhuman from the sewer, and I can tell from anywhere between one sentence and five minutes of talking to you, say cheese, I want to take a picture of you with a trashcan lid on your head. I might still keep talking to you after those five minutes, just because the world is pretty much full of turds and nothing else, so don’t have too much anxiety. Like I’ve said before, I think many are born perfectly fine more or less and a lot of the problem is the kike political order we live in. And then once they learn about these things they can only find on the backalleyways of the internet they’re probably a couple decades or so into being a spiritual Jew and thus their life is invested in being that way, so they will be hostile to people questioning them. Yup, you’re a kike. Which means, you’re a type of nigger. Hey, someone has to do it, right? Hm, or maybe not. Guess what, guess who I’m talking to right now. That’s right. You know it’s possible to redeem yourself? You’d have to actually care about things though and I doubt you do. Eyes burning with nigger-anger is what I expect to be reading me. Hi, have we determined what you are yet? Purity in the world, that’s so funny, you won’t find that. Only human garbage that chooses illusion day after day after day. Wow, there’s a big smile on the Sun as it rises, huh? It’s okay, it’s fine to be a slimy sewer creature, because no one is going to judge you, because you and everyone like you makes sure no one is around TO judge you. Only fascists would hate a disgusting thing like you. Gross! It’s a nigger that can never admit it! What’s worse than that? People like that are bound to be the same in the next generation too. Oh yeah, these are people really worth talking to. I’d rather die in a ditch than be one of you. “And we’ll be happy if you do, too.” Okay, so you admit what you are, thank you. I don’t care if you have eyeballs and flesh and clothes, it’s the inside that counts, and what I see everywhere is rot and screaming in hell. Whoa, you look normal on the surface at least, don’t you. Rotten on the insideeeee, and there are so many of you it isn’t so easy to detecttttt…