99% of indirect replies to me can be understood as someone being a pussy who wants a “book deal” in order to shill ideas that would not be allowed in this culture. Good for you, pussy, hopefully you write your name after the title as “Pussy” to show who the real author of the book is.

You wanna have a war with me?

Let’s see how that vag of yours is, I’m guessing you’re one of those ones who has the infamous “100 Cock Stare”, so tell me why your opinion would matter at all if you were so indiscriminate that you wouldn’t mind if future children were abused in the process through divorce?

“You were a slut, and now I have no family-structure.” – many kids in the future because of all these skanks.

Yeah right, I’m lucky to get John Hannon replying from time to time (What makes that guy so weird? I have one or two theories–permatripping like me??)

Anyway, I found my first sign that all higher education isn’t doomed, though I’ll have to investigate further.

This is the place that Leo Strauss spent the last few years before his death. Call me a biased fan of his, the above doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Even their freshmen are better educated than 99% of people in control of our country.

Most rigorous in America, that isn’t saying much though. It all hinges on who their faculty is. For instance, you’d want to do research into these people

This looks promising on the surface, and then you have to wonder exactly what kinds of questions they “prime” the students with

For instance I had a Jewess for a class on the Greeks, and she was brilliant, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a careful observer will notice how her hermeneutical mode biases texts so they agree with the surrounding political climate. So all the above could be worse than meaningless, depending on the “tutors”, in fact this strategy could make their teaching style all the more insidious. Like I said, this is still above and beyond anything else I know of in the country.

The advantage of this approach is that even if the tutors aren’t that great, subtler minds will learn to judge their teachers based on the writers of the books they teach rather than the other way around. That’s what I’ve done with Strauss myself, maybe they’ve done the same during the last half century since he died, needs more investigation. Lots of multicultural advert, then you see the reading list and all that and wonder about the exo/eso distinction.


Plus this

Equals the dating of the future

Stegosaurus cows for the beef, cheese from milk modified to be amphetaminic, spicy tomatoes, ahh it’s all starting to make sense now, I’ve just been trying to set up the groundwork for a taco date all this time. Conversation absolutely free from PC-culture- wouldn’t you designate that as a requirement for a good date? Eh that’s a rare requirement actually, usually the opposite, paying lip-service to feminism and all the rest to get into your pants. What makes the world turn to more of a degree than one tends to like to think about. Hell, let’s dig up de Beauvoir to figure out how to replicate her IQ, then modify it to avoid all the pitfalls that initial human experiment was evidently necessary to learn from.

The theme song of the women who have been reading my posts forever and have never tried to interact with me

Why Sartre WHY

“That’s right, fire with both eyes closed.”

Might as well be using civilization itself as a live-target here.

All the man cared about was increasing freedom and responsibility in the world, looks like that backfired.

Just had to use the word “place” there, of all innocent words to use. It doesn’t matter how marginal of a figure she is in the history of philosophy though if she gave the green light to half the world’s population to be “free” using the most elaborate rationalizations known at the time- this isn’t a normal lady, if you weren’t aware (you don’t have to be aware of that, you’re still living in a Beauvoirian century nonetheless). Possible way to hack’em with this concept

The antiversity still needs a thoroughgoing genealogy of feminism, no better place to start than with her, and by virtue of that Sartre, thus Heidegger, thus—alright this isn’t a weekend project.

How Gulag-Goebbels is simulating a conversation with a worthy frenemy today

She’d be so ashamed of her granddaughters, mindless holes who haven’t read a book since high school, with corporate-manufactured opinions and not a single independent thought their entire lives. At least study the existentialists like she did, she wrote her dissertation on Leibniz, that’s empowerment, today’s feminists write about feminist TV shows, kind of missing the point there on how to get wise. They all thought about life about 1/1000th as much as she did and yet they live with an equal amount of freedom that she did. People who don’t put thought into life don’t know what to do with freedom.

There are some things about Jews I can see that most others don’t. You can write that off as a Nazi doing Nazi things or not, a Nazi-Jewess doesn’t sound so bad actually – hopefully no female Jews tell you their real opinion about that. What’s going on with Weinstein anyway, is he in prison or something, is he living in a luxury-prison, did he escape, who knows?

Anyway, I just try to have a rational conversation with people about certain things I notice, and there was a decision in the 1940s about what we would do with you. Some people alive today who are their descendants even have to shut up about this. We decided that the worst people in Europe should be spared, the Jews.

I don’t expect you to be sympathetic about this. The worst people in Europe, the Jews.

And now, since the world war two and all the Anne Frank propaganda since then we have the idea in the West that the worst people should be spared again, and that is of course the one most resembling a slave, the negro. And that is what our highest religion is about nowadays. Every time someone says black lives matter, what they are really saying is Jew lives matter. The reality is neither of their lives matter because they represent the most murder-worthy species of humanity. Society would be better without either of them here. No one can understand basic math if you go with their plan. Jews will say, “Basic math? Who cares?” There’s no point in reasoning with them. If all of them were murdered, society would be better overall. This is an absolute truth. Every last Jew and Nigger, dead. Better society.

I’m like a 3D-printer except anything you throw at me I’ll turn into the most racist, toxic thing possible. For instance- “It’s time to call in the shamans to find a cure for COVID!” That’s one of the left’s more glaring hypocrisies, they’ll always unthinkingly defer to Western medicine no matter how racist the implications are. If you juxtapose medicine with other fields you can probably readily think of a scenario where they’ll take up a 100% relativistic viewpoint. Not even relativistic, it’s more than that and not often articulated- I heard it from a radio talkshow host out of NYC during the height of those riots- something to the effect of “We shouldn’t just treat them as equals, we should treat them as better than us.” Now apply that to the context of shamanism and medicine. Cognitive dissonance, a major case, not like they give any credence to right-wing psychology, might as well be that primitive shamanism of those South Americ–whoops never mind.

It’s similar to the idea of me praising Doudna though. You know I’m not the kind of person who is going to be sugar-coating other cultures, beautifying them beyond what they are in reality. So when I wonder about the merits of shamanism, I’m not beholding savages and scratching my arm and saying There might be something there! Look here, Christian brother. Can’t say the same when leftists say some brown actress or something is talented, you just know they’re creating a deception for the sake of social justice. When an extreme racist takes something like shamanism seriously you know there must be something there. Can’t so easily trust a leftist if they were to try to “redeem” it. Anytime a leftist says something positive about POC culture imagine what they would say if asked “So what don’t you like about it though?” Scroll through their timelines, you’ll find not a single negative sentiment about these people who have so many animal qualities, very conspicuous. Anyway, when your grandpa gets COVID, insist on taking a roadtrip down into Mexico to see a witchdoctor to prove how not racist you are you hypocrites.

Finding some clues to explain the idea at the end of this post.

It’s called entoptic phenomena.

zemes, acansáncou, and utupë, what are these?? Reading a book now by Giraldo-Herrera who claims that shamanic “spirits” aren’t spirits at all, that is just a false understanding imposed by Christians trying to convert them. They can see the inner-world, they can see cells, they can see DNA, they’re like proto-nanobots!

Know who else knew about this stuff?

What is this?

Hear me out now, maybe those squiggles we can see are those “dancing” entities mentioned above and they’re too blurry to perceive with normal vision. Angels on the head of a pin – maybe that’s where the Medieval theologians got that from?

Maybe diseases really are demons?

Who’s to say serotonin allows us to perceive the truest reality?

Platonists often use the example of “the idea of the table” or “the form of the chair”, what about the realm of the forms of animals?

What are these “zemes”? Can scientists learn anything from them today?


If it’s, or rather, they’re … uh, “dancing” at the nano level, I don’t know what to tell you.