What a chaotic year. “Why can’t life be like those 1950s BBQ ads?” It’s probably going to keep going. “It’s 2021 now, things are different.” Yeah right. Pretend the word “democracy” doesn’t exist, you’ve never heard of it. Thinking of 2020, do you like democracy, if we were to call it that? Everyone is a utopianist in their own way and the world is never going to be perfect, I just strongly suspect that it would be closer to perfect if we all weren’t tricked into watching this stage-play, and could devote 100% of our attention to more important matters that arguably better define what it is to be human. I’ve said before that the reason I care about politics at all is because if the political order continues on the path it’s on, those things that define being human are going to diminish more and more.

I believe that we’re creatures of authority whether we like it or not. The ones I bring up most are Plato and Nietzsche, do I believe everything they say? No, they just guide me, and they’re the ones I’ve found that I disagree with least. It’s similar to people who only consoom the MSM. Do they think for themselves to some degree? Many of them probably. They are however guided by them. I say this because when I wonder about what could bring us closer to a utopia on earth, my first thought is that they’re the ones who need to be disempowered.

Is free press a good thing? Of course. Ours is not free. People, especially younger generations, tend to see corporations as bad. They don’t apply that same sense to the press, shows, etc. Your average person also tends to say that corporations should be held accountable in the way that a human is. They don’t apply that to the MSM and I think that’s the root of how they’re deceived. If you saw it as one person, one very powerful person, more powerful than Trump or Xi probably, then you’d start to get the idea of what we mean by cathedral. It would be more concrete to call it Pope. It might as well be one person, scattered into multiple businesses and multiple methods of influence, that all agree about pretty much everything. Imagine that it has a face. What would you say to that face? What questions would you ask? “Why do you hide the fact that you might as well be one person with one general goal?” “Because that would interfere with my goal.” There are three main powers in the world, and as I’ve been detailing for you, they’re all in a way their own one person. Regardless we can break them into- China, MSM, Trump. Western plutocrats, probably even ones involved with the MSM, have a covert presence in China. Trump, having to kowtow to zionism, clearly has a similarity to the MSM. China leading ideology is from a westerner. They’re all One Person in a certain sense. At the same time one can distinguish between all three of them. I don’t think China is all bad, in fact, if Trump were more like Xi in certain ways that could lead us closer to a utopia. Corrupt people get shot there by the government, we’ll just put it that way. At the same time we don’t want to be like China. And between the MSM and Trump, the MSM is more similar to China- authoritarian power, coordinated brainwash – what, you don’t like one guy’s personal tweets? We all deserve better than 2020. I’ll reason with you okay? They don’t need to be killed, they just need to be moderated. We should be able to have an MSM for the right as well, and no, Fox doesn’t count as that, that’s just a less liberal outlet that many have decided to accept. Like my post from earlier today, why isn’t there any kind of site similar to the one I’m looking for? There are so many ideas in that general direction of thinking that aren’t able to exist in allowed reality, and yet they’d bring us closer to a utopia if they could.

I wonder if rather than just China they want the whole enchilada, and by that I mean tikka masala

A horrible thought crosses my mind- “Artxell in office”. Joe is dead, he looks like a pale prune, you know she’s going to be president. And I don’t know if you noticed, that would make the “first man” a.. Jew. These factors are coincidences of course, meaningless meaningless coincidences.

How rigged were those dem debates anyway?

What ever happened to that pretty brown lady in the debates, that surfer? If I had to choose between her and Harris I don’t think I would have picked Harris, she has the plasticity of a corporate suit. And her skin color is very obviously the reason she was chosen, besides the fact that she’s a woman. “Ghost of Hillary’s revenge” and now with an added twist, feel the wrath.

I wonder if (when) something like these are going to emerge

A couple connections to research

Biden businesses in India or Pakistan?


I still think this is the strangest site I’ve found for a while, the one that was on a Taiwanese search engine.

One would expect that after all my searching, being the rabid antisemite that I am, I’d be able to link you to a corresponding “ZOG banned news” site. No dear reader, I do not have such a link to give you. I only have one from this “alternate dimension” across the sea.

What do you think that means?

I’m finding all sorts of news and pdfs on this site about how the CCP works. And I don’t have a ready link to offer you on how our version of the CCP works. Weird, no? I’m constantly researching that kind of thing, and yet I haven’t found a site like that.

How the secular and religious, religiously secular wings of our blessed Judaeo-Christians operate. No, I don’t mean a site dedicated to anti-semitism per se, because describing this mechanism as the “Cathedral” has some accuracy with its pointing to Christianity, cladistics, etc. It’s how Christians work with Jews, how they talk with each other, the business they do, their sacred cows and taboos, I don’t know a site I can give you for that. Seems like a pressing set of issues that would demand its own site, if not many many sites. The internet itself is a psyop in that sense, given that our general idea of it is that it’s a historically unprecedented information distributor which borders on perfection, right? We do think that. It’s not true, otherwise I’d be able to give you a link to a site like that. This has a religious meaning as well. Judaeo-Christianity values ignorance. Not to sound like an atheist, because I’m not, I literally have faith in God, my own idea of God, I just think that the foundations of that particular belief-nexus call for ignorance, indeed designate it as mandatory, and that’s why there’s no site on what I’m talking about, nor any book I can think of. Some networks of anons know the exact ethos I’m describing and they do their part, I just am unaware of any sustained site that is devoted to describing the system as we understand it. Just weird if you ask me. The people who serve the CCP are kept stupid, and the people who serve our overlords here are kept stupid, it’s part of the very structure of both belief-systems. And like I’ve said before, they have most people under such an absolute control that they don’t even care to want to find such a site, and anyone who mentions these kinds of things they have conditioned to get frustrated with. Does me talking about this frustrate you? Is that you that’s frustrated or is that them? Have they taught you to be that way? Are you unable to escape? Are there Chinese versions of me that talk like this about the CCP and snap their fingers in front of people’s faces? To no avail mostly?

You’d trust me to make a shady deal with the covert agencies wouldn’t you? I’m pretty much the only one who isn’t a sell-out that I know of, that’s why I’m so hated, because everyone knows I’m right about them. They have to present the world with a face that isn’t a sell-out, then they visit here and remember what they are. It’s been happening for years, they’re so easy to see through that their act is dull at this point. Whatever pal, neechski calls this worldview aristocratism, it’s existed for centuries, millennia, and so has its peasantry counterpart that despises it. Call it what you want, I trust him the most, it’s all about trust, and there are very few people I trust. All the sell-outs in the world, and all they can do is read this and get MAD!

One funny mick that inspired me was George Carlin, I’ve mentioned before that I read his books when I was too young for that kind of material probably. He’d probably think it was kind of funny to be called a mick, that’s old school. Not many people are old school anymore, you mostly only find them in books now. Anyway, Carlin was the one that introduced 9, 10 year old me to the notion of to elections and democracy being “rigged”. This is something pretty much everyone believes. The only way to get to the truth about what that word really means is to sound impolite, and talk the way they do on the “streets”. For instance, I don’t trust kikes, nor do I trust people who flatter them, and that’s pretty much everyone. Sorry that this makes you mad. Well, everyone pretends they’re not corrupt and that they know what “rigging” means. They present a face to the public that says “I’m not a fraud, I believe in the truth.” Nah, I see through you, every day, I rarely see someone who demonstrates that they’re not a sell-out. And no, it’s not about da JOOZ, that’s only the most telling symptom that you’re in some way a “bought” person, a sickening slave as I like to refer to it. Some might even call you a pussy, if we were on the street that is. Does that make you mad? Your opinion doesn’t matter if you’re a sell-out, so I don’t care if you’re mad. Any time you talk about politics or the system know that I see you as the very thing you try to give the impression to others that you’re against. A total sell-out, sack of shit, that’s what someone would tell you to get to the real truth of the matter. Democracy is rigged, and your own soul is rigged. Your opinion doesn’t matter when you’re someone like that. You can always redeem yourself and say something that isn’t safe for once in your pathetic life, sadly though I know you won’t, for all the reasons stated above.

We like to talk about alternate dimensions, “timelines”, quantum physicists speculate there are any infinity of them, and I see these anti-liberal regimes as something similar to those, that we can actually perceive in reality.

That’s what interests me about the different factions of China. Are they interesting in themselves? Personally, not to me really, I like what they show me about the “dimension” we’re living in.

It is worth clarifying that it is the policy of persecution against Falun Gong , launched by Jiang Zemin in 1999, that is currently the only factor uniting the members of Jiang’s clique, as well as a stumbling block between the two factions.

Jiang’s people are likely behind the Hunter Laptop, i.e. they’re the enemies of Xi. That’s how it seems with the information I have now, it could all be a psyop from some faction in the west, or from Xi himself, and no I don’t rule out Russia either. The info so far points to it being from an enemy of Xi.

Anyway, what is the Falun Gong, why does the CCP schism seem to revolve around them? I’ve said before that I knew a white guy who practiced qigong and he seemed to have genuine mystical powers

In the middle of the last century, ancient methods of cognition and improvement, which had previously been transmitted secretly, began to revive in China.

These are the people they mummify and “farm” for organs remember. This group, some might call a religion, based on meditation and breathing exercises among other practices, emerged in the late 80s – some connection with their observation of the collapse of the USSR?

And why would the CCP not like them? Probably for the same reason they don’t like Tibetan Buddhism, use your imagination. The “Tibet Problem” has already been solved, that’s one of the main differences. “Do not question CCP, do not think for yourself, we like politicians who exterminate the meditators.”

So let’s talk about factions of the west now. Here is a recent take from Du Jin on Biden

I saw a picture of Biden earlier that brought out the “hawk” in him I thought

The kind old man vs. the mean bad man is a psyop. It was similar with Dubya, he was probably directly selected just so the Face looked like a moron, and thus distracted from the ones actually in control, who are incredibly intelligent, we have to give them that.

Hate to say it, I have friends like this and probably want to get in a fistfight with their own cousin about it

This is going to be a determining factor for geopolitics if he wins. A natural bias in favor of immigration due to his own ethnic interests, and that goes hand in hand with Zionism, which implicitly seeks to blame all others for the pitiful history of their race.

Seriously. “Pitiful” is a euphemism to use. That’s what all politics revolves around in “our dimension” of the world. “No, there there, you’re innocent.” They’re not, and their descendants tend to show many signs that they’re similar. “Yeah and that’s why we don’t like you, the Swedes and Italians helped Hitler!” You mean the Falun Gong? The lobotomy-enthusiasts don’t like people like me, and the CCP doesn’t like a certain group either. This is called dimension-jumping, something you can’t do. All you can do is repeat the party line over and over because you want everyone to be as dim as you.

That is interesting Vavilov

It is interesting to note that the rhetoric and even the speech patterns of the top political leadership of China are in many ways reminiscent of the political rhetoric of the late USSR.

No one knows the CCP better than him, based on my research so far. Picking up where the Soviets left off, learning from their mistakes, is what seems to be the case. People look back on Stalin and Mao and think that’s the past, that’s dead, no, it’s alive in Xi and his party.

Another way I thought of to “broaden our horizon” is to find sites like libgen that are specifically “for” a given country. I found this russkie one for instance that isn’t helping me very much, it just gave me the idea. Because you can find books that aren’t in English on that Z-library I link to a lot, I just expect an Taiwanese version of that, say, to have many more results in searches.

Vavilov’s book kinda just looks cool if you ask me, and all of our media doesn’t want you to think that

“You aren’t to know one of our enemy’s perceptions of another one of our enemies!” Grow up. From my experience, they portray the US more accurately than the US portrays itself.

Elsewhere, Vavilov claims that the American notion that Russia is authoritarian is bogus. I don’t even know what to believe anymore, everything our MSM tells us has made me a 100% cynic. Did you even pause the other day when I linked to another one of those people affiliated with Rapin’ Bill who mysteriously jumped out of a window? No, that’s just normal. If Russia is authoritarian I don’t think we’re much different. Anyway, back to typing certain translated words and names into foreign search engines.

Each one of these lines takes a tremendous amount of mental effort to form

This guy has some interesting books on the swamp – too much for one person to read

I don’t think the FBI is going to help us with this connection. One of the Chinese spies involved with this was sentenced to prison, and whaddaya know, he lived five minutes away from Biden’s house in Delaware. This spy was getting funds from the Bank of China. Know who else is connected to the Bank of China?

The technology they were helping them create was for nuclear submarines, isn’t that nice? I saw one rumor that Hunter got to sleep with the main character from the new Mulan movie, so hopefully it was worth it.

Another clue to help understand – our government started it

Biden gave Xi dirt, and enemies of Xi gave dirt on Biden to us.


Here is a russkie site on the Shanghai Cabal

If you read further on the first hyperlink of this post you’ll see that Bo’s daughter was involved with Hunter’s laptop. It doesn’t matter that he’s in his cage, he’s still getting his revenge on Xi, that’s hilarious. More on this connection here.

“Three hard drives” refer to three parts of the scheme, including materials of Hunter Biden and his family, the CCP senior cadres’ wealth and family maps, and Xi Jinping regime’s bioweapon and global domination scheme.

I just want to know how Xi thinks, given how secretive he is, that’s what’s most interesting to me here. Well then there’s this dimension

For more than 70 years, the CCP have been enslaving and exploiting the Chinese people. The CCP cadres all transfer and hide the money they have stolen from the Chinese people, their children, legitimate and illegitimate, their assets for their families in the safe and advanced societies like the United States. Whoever controls the information of where their money is and who their children are, controls the CCP. 

Think of this in the context of my previous post

The CCP’s goal is to take control of the world and rewrite the rules. If Biden wins the election, the CCP will probably have a big step forward towards their goal.

It’s a party of the descendants responsible for the worst famine in history, and meanwhile our own democrat party is backed by the people responsible for all the deaths in the middle east, not to mention the hundred countries that the CIA has meddled with. Both sides need to be ousted. Both sides run on the platform of being “the good guy”, give me a break, they all deserve the electric chair.

Tiananmen Square is a distraction from the true atrocities that occurred a few decades prior to it. That’s what the CCP is today, people who systematically revise that time in history and their connection to it. The famine for instance, that resulted in 50 or more million deaths, was referred to by the party as “Three Years of Natural Disasters” until 1981, and “Three Years of Difficulty” after 1981 – Tiananmen was in 1989, and these events are connected. Chinese power of today is rooted in Mao

That’s what “the princelings” are, it all revolves around Mao. Year 1. Some of the more fanatical Israelis are similar in believing themselves to be direct descendants of Adam.

A few of those Chinamen are speculated to have more than a trillion dollars between themselves. This was “collected” by Mao. Meanwhile, I repeat, over 50 million people died of starvation. Here is one Chinaman’s anecdote

In the second half of 1959, I took an intercity bus from Xinyang to Luoshan and Gushi . Outside the window, I saw one corpse after another in the ditches. On the bus, no one dared to mention the victims. In one county, Guangshan , a third of the people died . Although there were dead people everywhere, the local leaders enjoyed good food and excellent drinks. … I saw how people who spoke the truth were destroyed. Did I dare to write this?

It could be even more than 50 million, the CCP burns evidence and kills people who say they burn evidence. There’s a direct line between the people responsible for these deaths and the ones in power today. And these are the people who covertly interfere in our own countries, and will do so in an increasingly coercive manner in the decades on the way.