Back on the Rusnet looking for more perspectives on The Possessed

Himself a former socialist… Dostoevsky knew well all the weaknesses and sins of the emerging socialist movement and therefore could no longer be on its side – but at the same time he hated everything… of autocratic Russia.

I’m interested in discovering psychological mechanisms that are nearly invisible.

It would be strange if “Demons” would be liked by left-liberals. It has been written about them. And it is written sharply and correctly

“We know we’re turds, we know it, we KNOW IT, you don’t have to tell us!” I’m not going to tell you anything, we’re going to see what Dostoevsky says.

Seems accurate

Socialism, communism and atheism are the easiest three sciences. Having hammered them into his head, the boy already considers himself a sage.

He thinks these first two “sciences” are primarily ABOUT atheism, that they derive from atheism.

This is just so “everywhere” that you don’t recognize it anymore

even the leader of the terrorist SRs Gershuni complained that nine-tenths of all revolutionary expropriations were cases of ordinary banditry … 

Just common criminals with nice-sounding banners. What else would you expect from atheists?

Dostoevsky was writing The Possessed when Lenin was just learning to walk.

I mean, we’re talking about people here who by and large relate to third-worlders in one way or another, so again, what do you expect?

Banditry, institutionalized- some truth to that.

If you relate to third-worlders isn’t that an obvious sign that you’re a third-rate person? Not trying to be mean, just trying to be objective.

This is funny

robbers who called themselves as professional revolutionaries, because they did not know how to do anything else

“We’re the Good Ones.”

Too bad only the opposite seems to happen in the US

Some of the characters change throughout the novel. First of all, this concerns Ivan Pavlovich Shatov, who begins to see clearly and no longer wants to cooperate with the “demons”.

Joining the ranks of the nigger hordes makes you “the Good One” all right.

The character above is thought to be Dostoevsky’s own self-portrait. The author himself was a member of the Petrashevsky Circle early in life, if you want to look more into the nonfictional background. It was after he was put in a gulag that he changed his mind about things.

Here’s one of the characters, Verkhovensky, on the secret goals of the revolutionaries

First of all, the level of education, sciences and talents goes down. Higher abilities are not needed – they will be expelled or executed … we will let in unheard-of debauchery; we will put out every genius in infancy. All to the same denominator, complete equality…

How is the purple hair antifa “right” of today any different? Just niggers everywhere. America is a “wash” as they say.

This Verkhovensky is the main “demon” of the novel

I am a swindler, not a socialist. Ha-ha-ha!.. Fraudster, fraudster. Do you care who I am?

Do you think it’s possible for “bad natures” to exist? I think it’s very possible.

Dostoevsky portrays Verkhovensky as seeking destruction for destruction’s sake more than “paradise on earth”.

If the telos of socialism is turning the first-world into the third-world, how would that be paradise on earth?

The Russkies recurrently call Dostoevsky “prophetic” in describing this book.

At the time it was published though, the Russian intelligentsia was hostile to it.

Hating one of the most perceptive psychologists in history isn’t a good look

This is in the epigraph of the novel- what a beautiful thought

all these demons will move into a herd of pigs. That pigs will throw themselves into the sea from a cliff.

Now I feel like one of those recording devices in the System Shock series.

What I try to implicitly get at here is that the multitude is under the spell of, precisely speaking, a Neomarxism. Hence why I bring out the Neoplatonist contrast.

These are “the people” vs. Socrates, and they will be wanting to kill him again just like the old days.

Optimistically I’d say there are maybe 10% in the west that are rational like the Ancient Greeks. 1% of them hint, and the idiots like me that are excessively honest are something like the .01%.

The Neomarxists’ main goal is to make this entire 10% orcs so there isn’t any honesty at all.

I call them that rather than simply “Marxists” because I’ve never experienced a genuine Marxist. They are always filtered through modern or postmodern ways of looking at things. Nonetheless, Marx is the one who guides that looking at things.

Rosen didn’t even have access to Heidegger’s Sophist course, and he still wrote a study like this, can you believe it?

Thank you, this is how I like to read him too!

Heidegger actually wrote a couple dialogues himself and you can kinda tell that’s just not his forte. Different natures. Rosen started off as a poet before he met Strauss. And look at the url you’re reading this at- neech is the premier example of poetic philosophy. That fusion I think is realer to real-life.

Ahhh it feels so nice to be in the Tibetan mountains while in America. You should try it. All it requires is not caring what anyone thinks. If you do that you might very well try to resuscitate the canon of Neoplatonism. This follows from my realization that the third-world isn’t the only place the third-world is. I.e. I cut the cord- back when I was more naive I didn’t pursue such lofty goals. I don’t try to hold myself back for them anymore because I see now that nigs will be nigging whether I hold myself back or not. So congratulations if you’ve “graduated” to this standpoint with me. So much suffering has been caused and endured to get to this point, so I think Nietzsche would be proud.

Can you imagine Goebbels saying “I prefer this (((Rosen))) approach to Heidegger’s”? No, because I’m not one of those types that thinks that way. I like what’s good. The problem is that most jews today are not like Strauss’s first generation of students. The latter received παιδεία. After that, Chicongo fully went under, just like the other major US cities, due to the unfoldment of the postwar telos.

With that said though, the reason I like Rosen so much is because he’s such a nietzcho-heideggerian it’s annoying. His study is titled Plato’s Sophist: the Drama of Original and Image, and in this context that’s ironic. In other words, I like these Jews because they’re solid scholars, not because they’re philosophers. Yeah, they had Spinoza, who…. happened to be a Sephardi.

This is just Neoplatonism 101. Know how to detect a “mere scholar”. This means they are far from the One, relatively speaking. Platos are only born every few thousand years, and it’s our duty during those thousands of years to emulate them IN ORDER THAT more can be born. And none of these Jews I speak of would disagree with that. I just saw Benardete earlier cite one of the Neoplatonists in fact. These are the “grandpas” of the jews of today, and the latter are no match for the former. There’s been a distinct “fall”. The chaos of war has led to this. We’re currently living in an “extended chaos”.

Consider Rosen here- he is trying to recover a DOUBLE “lost Atlantis”

It may even be a TRIPLE lost Atlantis if you weigh in the Kabbalah factor here.

These are three cultures that (Sabbatean) liberal democracy has left behind. And if you zoom-out, I’m postulating that ur-Straussianism also is a type of lost Atlantis. Like I said before, Allan Bloom is obviously “canceled” today, and he was more of the exoteric face compared to Rosen and Benardete.

So this is what I try to do here, juggle Atlantises. No one wants to do that because it’s an Atlas-type job. Most people don’t care at all if the world falls into chaos and unreason. Thus it’s already too late in a sense. I’m simply so bored by all these people who don’t care that I gravitate toward the Atlanteans because they’re interesting.

Bahahaha, ask a modern jew why they don’t try to defend their co-ethnics who I’ve isolated here, even though they’re superior to modern jewry, and their unspoken response will be it doesn’t give them shekels.

Look at the extinct Sephardi Benardete madman go

This is similar to my thought here- the Philebus is sort of like a “sequel” to the Statesman.

What do you think, is it important to talk about the beautiful, the just, and the good? Nah, who cares. Just kidding. You’d be fooled though given that you rarely see people talking about any of that. They must be the right ones, right?

One must have to infer… there’s something ugly, unjust, and bad about them…????

No, couldn’t be. We love the demos here, don’t we.

You ever in your house and wonder if right below you there was fought a brutal and sorrowful years-long war between two Native American tribes? This is what I wonder about the Sephardis- did they lose some war to Ashkenazis somewhere down the line?

Anyway this study itself is beautifully written

the soul takes on the dye of opinion, in which everything is colored by the noble lie

I hate talking to souls dyed that color. It’s very easy to pick out. One might have to say it’s “barf green”. And now, who is the dyer behind this I wonder. You’re supposed to be creating citizens, not puking on them!

“Oy vey da gas chambas BLEHHHKK – there, I feel betta now.”

This is fascinatingly put

Socrates thus uncovers a province of the soul that hides from the enchantment of poetry

Poetry=media/education. Again, I have my severe doubts that most people’s souls aren’t permanently dyed. It’s easier when it’s face to face. I’m biased by philosophizing almost entirely on the internet. We like to think that such a province of the soul exists in everyone, one that’s impervious to evil influence, the unkillable purity of intuition we could call it.

Hmm this is true of the poets–media/education agents–I’ve known

he vindicates life by showing that the mixture of thought and experience is superior to any separation and that the speculative mode of poetry is too far removed from life to detect the life of philosophy.

There’s a cyclical repeat where one generation dyes the next generation the same color as they are, and so on to infinity. Let’s just puke on each other forever.

Anyway remember how I said I avoid the Philebus because it’s too much of a direct attack of the rabble. I know exactly what causes them to have a conniption fit. Honestly, I almost feel omniscient in a way. Even the ones with some pathos of distance tend to have a low-resolution of what the color of the dye really is. If it’s turquoise they’ll call it green, if it’s cerulean they’ll call it blue. I myself am flayed by the Philebus too- at least I can admit it’s right.

For the Neoplatonists the Philebus was the culmination of the nine other “introductory” dialogues before moving on to the capstones, the Timaeus and Parmenides. So it makes sense why the multitude would be so hostile to it, because they haven’t been educated by the other nine yet. Ugh how did I get myself into this mess- I already told you 1000 times I did the job now I’m getting out.

It was already over in the clouds years ago

Socrates’ choice is what I have called elsewhere a burstlike argument, which settles an argument in so decisive a manner that it seems to dispense with everything that precedes it

The bioleninists erase the dialectic- why wouldn’t they, it kills everything they believe in. Hand over the nuclear stockpile and we’ll go from there, sound like a plan? Nukes are the Socratic inheritance that the “Athenians” deserve. Not the twisted exile apes.

How is your soul dyed, stranger?

Something enigmatic from the Statesman, about the method of division

it is safer to cut by going through the middles

You can just destroy all of society with this. It makes me feel like a devil when I see how these ancient texts can be applied to the present-day. Cutting through the middles is what I’ve been doing probably ever since you’ve known me.

I think of this method as something used by an escape-artist. It’s how to spiritually migrate from society. Earthlings are boring to me now, I want to try it on extra-terrestrials. I take Plato himself to be something like that, hence my preoccupation with him.

There’s a horror when you realize you live in a particularly corrupt stage of history. They’ll want to eat you like a sacrificial lamb if you point it out.

It’s such an irresistable temptation to war with our pseudo-aristocracy over this though

anthroponomics, the herding of two-footed animals, or what we seek–the art that is called both royal and political

They might as well be four-footed animals on the jews’ watch. It would take a knuckle-walker to engineer such a mess. Anthroponomics is also the pastoral science of the herd of false statesmen.

Kind of like those sunglasses from They Live, there is an adjusted vision that sees the jews as they walk with their knuckles. Most are too four-footed to notice.

Better idea yet of cutting through middles? That’s those sunglasses.

consequence of the use of the techne of [division] to define the techne of politics. Philosophy is transformed into technology

It’s not a technology everyone can use- recall my post on Xenophon and the limits of education.

Since I’ve been playing Bioshock lately- there are different tonics, or abilities, you can unlock. One is called Keen Observer, and there’s also Keen Observer 2. You need to get the first one before you can get the second one. I think that due to a mixture of nature and nurture many people can never unlock the second one. They never get to that level in the game where it’s unlockable. Perhaps they can “breed up” or waltz into a fortune or something so their child can unlock it. In other words, imagine those skeleton-looking things from We Live putting on those sunglasses- it isn’t going to do much. That’s why Plato could’ve written this trilogy 2400 years ago without it having sunk into the mind of humanity yet. History is a long “game” and a planet’s given species doesn’t always make it to the end. The Chinese might pick up where we left off and complete the project of the Greeks. In the meantime the west has universalized Las Vegas. Not many can unlock tonics under such conditions.

Let’s continue teasing out the Statesman. Remember it’s not only ABOUT statesmanship- it itself is an ACTION of statesmanship. The method of division that the statesman-stranger uses is not enough. He moves from that to myth. To know how to make the right myths you need to know how to cut through middles. I’ve heard the two-footed animals like video games and movies. Just kidding. One of the main problems we have today is that the jews believe their own mythology. This makes our society in a sense statesmanless. There’s no logos at the top of the pyramid. Consequently the west is on a suicidal trajectory. The jews themselves are as well given that over 70% of non-orthodox American jews are married to goyim. So things are looking up in one way at least, though I pity the fools who have been fellatio-captured by Esthers. “I’m not a knuckle-dragger, now just relax back and close your eyes.” Sorry, I have a thing for “serious play”. The statesman-stranger is playful, that’s why he tells a myth. And far from being “mere myth”, some scholars take it to be the peak of the dialogue. There are reasons for understanding that are only for sunglasses-wearers.

The myth is about two shepherds struggling against each other to ascend to the throne of the city. Zeus chooses one.

Heh I just left my laptop for a minute and walked with someone outside and saw their two feet and mine moving. We get abstract here.

That quarrel, however, is decided by Zeus, not by philosophy. This is an important indication of the relation between religion and the origin of the city, a relation upon which all the main speakers in the Platonic dialogues are agreed.

For our own time, “Zeus” chose Washington, then Lincoln, then Jewry.

Approximately speaking- between 1780 and 1865 is 85 years. Between 1865 and 1945 is 80 years. Between 1945 and 2020 is 75 years. Just a casual observation- we could have this pseudo-aristocracy for 100 more years. Or even a worse one. Ever known a mud mischling? Pretty much the foulest any human being could get.

when this epoch runs its course, there is a sudden shift of direction, caused by the intervention of a deity other than Zeus, and the cosmos as it were repairs the damage inflicted by its decay or old age

This is just a fragment of the myth, it gets a lot more complex than this. Suffice it to say that the two shepherds mentioned above are Atreus and Thyestes, and grasping that conflict requires going through a good deal of Greek tragedy, which I might take up at a different time.

My name is Nick Wagner if you want to call it that. You have to hide it because you’re a jew, subbuman, nigger, purple hair antifa right. What a worthless subhuman. My name in reality is Nick, and apparently you have to see me as someone not part of the commie design who needs to die. “We hide you because we know we’re a nigger.” Duh.

Let’s play that game where we attempt to discover the highest reality.

No religion, philosophy, or science is involved.

It’s just wondering what the point of life is, without external hints.

I would have to say the point of life is talking to people.

I encourage you to think of your own initial defintion, this is just mine.

So what does God want us to do when we talk to people? That’s the next question.

He seems to want us to free each other from sin and vice.

I know this is controversial. That’s only my own wondering outside of religion, philosophy, and science.

What God wants is for us to be pure. The ideal is to be pure radiance of light with no darkness. You have no guilt about anything because you lived a righteous life.

I think people don’t talk about this aspect of “theology” because they want to hide something.

Let’s forget about “God” and think about life again. What is life?

One might think of vegetation growing and decomposing for new vegetation to spring forth. That doesn’t apply to human beings, who are above the vegetables.

Life for human beings is talking with others. And it isn’t only that. It’s talking with them about ideas that animals wouldn’t talk about.

We try to delineate what a human being is.

We talk with others to get to the core of what it means to be close to God.

There, I said it.

What is closness to God? A jew, a commie nigger? They’re satan pretty much.

The meaning of life is being a jew or a commie nigger- it’s crystal-clear. And yet they will all be happy when the derp state invades your home, and laugh at you for it. This is the demiurge in action.

Let’s get back to the essential question though. If God is real, what is the nature we should know?

Destroying evil.

If you’re on a fail-planet like earth this might not be immediately obvious to you. Anyone who joins the demiurge project of saying “evil is good acktshooually” is one of the irredeemable niggers that believes evil is good acktshuhaujltluy. It’s good, we’ll kill you if you say it isn’t.

I believe in meditation. What is the meaning of life?

Who else is there, there is no one else, there is only Heidegger. In one of his courses, from 1929, he looks at what some might consider a funny subject for some 130 pages, and that is boredom. I showed you his phenomenology of fear the other day. I think boredom we all tend to experience a lot more than fear, so it’s good to know what it is exactly. He calls it the “concealed destination” of modernity. I strongly sympathize with that! This is the true meaning why I hate all the conformists, simply because they’re boring. Oh, a jew is speaking again, a jew is speaking again, a jew is speaking again, thank you for boring me to tears.

“I feel that ALL the time, now that you mention it. I’ve just gotten used to it.” This is the human condition. If you’re not really a philosophy-enthusiast you’re lucky, because after you get to know someone like neech really well normal people are EXTREMELY boring, you got it easy.

David Foster Wallace committed suicide while writing his novel about boredom, so let’s try to avoid that. He’s definitely someone who had to deal with the normies, poor guy.

Heidegger asks a pointed question here

What is happening in the fact that this higher form of journalism fills or even altogether delimits our ‘spiritual’ space?

Higher form of journalism, what an insult that is. THAT is everywhere.

I feel like this might be one of the more relateable subjects I’ve spoken of.

an indifference yawns at us out of all things

He says we struggle to find a role in these things we’re so indifferent toward. Because we as human beings need to be in some role to feel fulfilled. And yet they’re all so boring.

It reminds me of how I’ve said that it requires illusion to find “meaning” in ZOGworld. Whether it’s friends, love, career, etc. it’s roles people really don’t want to play. And we play them because we want to have at least some scrap of meaning. People are hostile to this awareness though and I doubt they’ll face it directly. “My whole life is a lie!!” Yeah, probably.

Earlier today I was looking at the dogs with the hardest bite. I do this to people and they really don’t want that, so there’s a “pro-boredom” case to be made as well. Because it seems the opposite of boredom isn’t just pure entertainment- there’s suffering intrinsically involved. I.e. pure entertainment is itself boring if there’s no stress and struggle.

Heidegger himself is a type of poet

a profound boredom draws back and forth like a silent fog in the abysses

There’s a typical counter-response to all this that goes something the lines of, “If you’re bored you’re blind. That’s your own fault.” I think that’s cope. In a world where you’re dealing with people who repeat the party-line over and over, it’s not your own fault for being bored. And I mean to gather the pseudo-right under this definition too. I already know what you’re going to say, it’s going to be something in accordance with kikeworld or it’s going to be vaguely neutral. That rightly causes boredom. Some would say a profound boredom.

Part of what philosophy does is it detects the essence that is present in multiple manifestations. To the layperson, things might look different- to philosophy-enthusiasts, we see that those many things are not different and it’s in fact the same thing being said repeatedly. “Jewworld good” – or as Hegel put it, acknowledge the rationality of the State. This is what it is over and over. And I think even laypersons are bored by this on some level. This is a universal aspect of modernity.

Byron gets boring, Bioshock gets boring. What do you do? There must be a solution. Wouldn’t you think of me as a savior if I told you the solution to boredom? That’s how important the alleviation of boredom is to people. It’s an extreme problem that we have. I’m not getting used to it. I want new art and new science that doesn’t make me bored.

So if you want to tackle this problem you have to venture to the heart of it. And that is the phenomenon I’ve discussed before of jewesses who’ve openly promoted the value of “not thinking”. Boredom necessarily follows from that. In communism that’s something you have to get used to. No thinking means nothing interesting.

If a commie jew nigger wants to disagree just try to reflect on your own experience of them- they are boring pieces of shit, plain and simple. They don’t want people to think about THEM, and they don’t care if their political order is boring as a consequence. They’re trying to hide the blame of being a nigger, that’s their only objective. If everyone is bored to suicide like DFW they don’t care, it’s only about this “concealed destination” as Heidegger called it.

People usually know him as a thinker of time. And that itself, even to me, seems boring on the surface. And it’s kind of interesting that he says that boredom makes time slower.

We’re trying to determine the nature of what a human being IS. It seems to be someone who likes quickness, endless non-boredom. What does a woman offer you, a hole for a half an hour, then the question is and then what? The answer to that is philosophy. Women are interesting and not boring in their own way- they’re only interesting for one segment of the day. If they can philosophize then they’re interesting for more segments of the day. And this is the type of woman I’ve tried to create here in my lab. Can it be done? Not good chances. A hole that is also interesting in other ways- this is not likely, even with education.

My intention isn’t to be mean to women, I just want my cute little dotters to be interesting. And they can change from their zogworld mentality to that any moment they want, I only try to show them they can. I don’t have cute little dotters who I’ve spanked anyway. I only talk to myself at this site, as is well-known.

People just can’t appreciate either tragedy or comedy these days.

I’m not a nazi, I’m a spiritual Greek. That’s what people hate. It’s propaganda to think of it as nazism. The historical nazis were a laughable rendition of the historical Greeks.

Just think of what Heidegger said again

a profound boredom draws back and forth like a silent fog in the abysses

and wonder whose political order this happens in. This is something jews bring about because they hate questioning, unlike the Greeks.

Apparently this and Bioshock took inspiration from Heart of Darkness

With System Shock 2, Looking Glass again created a game that was ahead of its time. Maybe too far ahead, actually.

You know, the book Apocalypse Now was based on. I can see that now.

I was just looking for something new, and this sort of game fit the bill.

For other references, these games remind me of Neuromancer and that CRISPR novel Change Agent. Except you’re put right into the middle of the action.

System Shock 2 didn’t even sell 60,000 copies at first

Too intellectual? Too complex? Poorly promoted? Yes, of course.

This is the absolute state of the industry.

The gamer retards just want endless waves of killing people. By the way, these games aren’t too different unfortunately, and my favorite weapon in both was the wrench, if that tells you anything about how I want to handle my enemies. Who wants to use a gun after all?


Half-Life accomplished the unexpected: cutting the action of a DOOM-like scenario with scene intelligence and the horror of System Shock. This was the best of both worlds, able to attracting sci-fi and horror fans as well as large-scale spectacle or fast action fans.

reminds me of this

In the ideal future we will synthesize the level of plot of the latter with the former. Ideally ideally, a new classic itself would be created on the video game medium.

If you think the novel Dune is a classic then I think you’d have to say System Shock 2 is already a classic. Or let’s consider one of the earliest titles in this general genre- Frankenstein– these games are in that tradition.

Anyway, if you know nothing about the games in question- the basic setting is that it takes place in a dystopia that was a planned utopia. It’s a failed utopia in other words. Sound relateable at all? These are more futuristic dystopic utopias than ours though.

“Omg we ARE living in a failed utopia.” Yes, that’s what I call the Enlightenment. It was a nice dream. Too bad.

These games take place in the ruins after a wild, noble dream collapsed in on itself. Or at least that’s the formal premise. I.e. when the supposed villain of Bioshock is talking I’m often nodding my head and thinking, “Hey, that’s what I believe.”

See, this is so relateable to me

The city was officially established on November 5, 1946. Between the mid-1940s and the early 1950s, many reports from around the world described the disappearance of scientists and various respected intellectuals from their respective fields. One by one, the world’s greatest minds left the surface to have a taste of the experience Ryan promised.

They all disappeared into that grand palace in Tibet. Or the 50 other ideas I’ve described. Remember the one about digging a river to cut through the middle of Australia, the new Nile? Good times. I feel like I’ve been talking about these things for years, oh yeah I have.

This would be a dream- no FEDS this way

The city’s best weapon was that it was a secret. All contact with the surface was cut off. The city was fully self-sufficient, and produced the necessary food and energy to fuel the populations activities.

Hey feds grab your ankles and take your pounding from the jews, twinkletoes. Slave nigger!

See, this game isn’t for acne-faced teenagers like people think all games are

Ryan let the various personalities he had invited to his utopia blossom. Scientists made remarkable progress, artists let their creativity run wild and the city’s development saw no limits.

Maybe this game “primed” people to be uneasy when I talk about CRISPR. Because one of the main enemies in it is known as the splicer, someone who used too many genetic modifications and turned into a mutant freak.

The story of how they got that way is really interesting but I don’t like to be a spoiler. Now I will get back to the story as it’s unfolding in Bioshock 2.