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Letters on the paths

Abulafia frequently says that philosophers cannot apprehend the name.

The ten sefirot and twenty-two letters are instruments used to unify with the Active Intellect.

There are so many similarities between the Kabbalists and Sufis

You don’t remain your supposedly “autonomous ego” in other words, you unify with Something outside of it. “You” leave your body and see the world through the “eyes” of these external intelligences.

You never really see them say this

This Wolfson goes into more detail on this than I expected too. It’s so funny that I’ve never seen one essay that links Strauss to all this. The cladistics there are so obvious. I wouldn’t be surprised if he secretly planted gematria in some of his books, let’s not get carried away though.

Who is more secretive than this? How can you possibly get more secretive?

This Wolfson book is showing me that the sephiroth themselves are exoteric.

“You don’t know the places I’ve been to outside of my body, goy.”

Yeah and I’m figuring out where you go to

the difference between the talmudist and the one who knows the explicit name is like the difference between the Jewish talmudist and the learned non-Jew.

I study this while virtually all the rest of the goyim might as well be at Hooters eating wings and watching the game – and you wonder why we have to deal with ZOG, it’s really not a mystery.

This weasel says this without translating it

The consummate master of esoteric knowledge must know the “mysteries of the names and the seal together with the sefirot,” sitrei ha-shemot we-ha-hotemet ‘im ha-sefirot.

He says the twenty-two letters have precise accents too that you need to know.

This Wolfson has another book titled Open Secret which is about the Chabad – in other words, the goyim are not a threat to them.

Back to the initial thread though- he says Abulafia gives priority to the divine names over the sephiroth.

Not everyone agrees with him though

According to the formulations of Isaac and Ezra, the sefirot are the inner essence or soul contained in each letter, whereas Azriel expresses the ontic primacy of the sefirot in terms of the image of the letters being comprised within the ten sefirot.

Idel has lots of writings on Abulafia, and he’s altogether unknown in the goyim world

Abulafia compares philosophy and the two types of kabbalah to the three souls, vegetative, animal, and rational, as well as to the three divisions of Jews, the Israelites, Levites, and Priests.

See, they maintained a tradition involving the Great Chain of Being. When someone does that and you don’t you better watch out. You’re the vegetable to them, to be eaten.

Wolfson is definitely a “Priest” type, and most Jews are not like him. Modernity has snuffed out their higher faculties like it has anyone else’s.

So in the Priests’ view, philosophy and sephirothic kabbalah are only the beginning and not the culmination

Abulafia also emphasizes the organic relatedness of the three levels, although he clearly asserts that what is known through kabbalah is not attainable through the other two paths.

Recall my post here to get an idea of the Sufi conception of the Divine Names. I’m not sure if there is a direct parallel in the Christian tradition.

Goys really do look at them as irreproachable lizards that cannot be messed with. “That’s why I don’t admit to reading your writings.” With our own internet and own currency I think we could form our own “Priesthood” pretty easily. There’s zero incentive in place at the moment, unless living under a bridge is an incentive.

Another clue about the higher reaches

the simple fact that the sefirot are designated by the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Is this too much to take in? Wolfson is on z-library, and I don’t think it’s that difficult to follow, besides when he writes in Hebrew using the Latin script without translating it.

People see me meddling with this like I’m a rebellious angel that deserves to fall from the sky and splat on the ground or something. You goyim are hopeless. Don’t you have a will-to-know or anything like that? Or are you just dead inside? The truth is they’re content in the vegetative and animal realms because… that’s what they are.

Looking around for what else old cannibal-face Moshe Idel has written about and this seems apt for a modern readership

He focuses more on the “ecstatic” side of this avenue though, and I’m more interested in the sephirothic system, which leads me to find this freak from Denmark

Before I explore his thought I speculate that there is a neurological correlate related to the experience of infinity, i.e. the Ein Soph (for starters). Let’s see.

Many of his books are divided into ten chapters which align with the ten sephirot. He’s considered the representative of “okkultisme” in Denmark.

Ahahahaha this sounds pretty good to me?

I don’t know about this guy yet, I’m just looking for innovative interpretations of Kabbalah.

He theorizes that as we rise through the sephiroth we’re able to override the pre-frontal cortex and experience reality unfiltered by language and sense-perception.

Due to the above thing with the slave-girls, and other controversies, there hasn’t been much academic response to Neutzsky-Wulff

His conception is anthropomorphic- supernatural entities descend from above as the initiate ascends. I don’t expect many to be reading this with an open mind. These are the guardians at the gate of the higher realms. He depicts them as pleasant. This is his version of Malkhut.

The following sounds like something I only see in shamanic literature

While all this probably sounds crazy to many I personally understand what he’s talking about. That is, I don’t dismiss him as a lunatic for saying these things.

The above he sees as a test you have to pass to reach the higher realms. Remember, he frames all this with neuroscientific jargon. This is a process of overriding the prefrontal cortex. He thinks the fear of being boiled alive, chopped into a million pieces, etc. is an illusion “produced” by that part of the brain.

I don’t think he’s a mere hobbyist, he knows Hebrew, and he translated Genesis because he thought the Danish version was corrupted- this is another controversy he’s gotten into, pelted with the typical accusation of “fascism”, a really tired story we’re all familiar with here.

One of his followers translated this according to his own system apparently

The main purpose of the Sefer Yetzirah is to give a precise representation of the process of creation as expounded in Genesis.

Here is how a prominent Scholemian describes said text

Feel creeped out at all reading that and knowing you live in ZOG?

The way Neutzsky-Wulff frames it, you’re teaching yourself Creation. Anyway like I said, google this guy and you’ll see he seems like a freak in many ways.

Nothing translated of course. Here’s another description of his interpretation of the sephiroth

mediaeval mystical encounters with angels, demons, elves, vampires, werewolves AND modern cryptid/UFO contact stories with uncanny accuracy follow the narrative of the initiatory path

He thinks how the light descends depends on a given initiate’s cultural background.

If you want to download that Idel book instead it looks like there are 152 instances of the word “cortex” and how that relates to Kabbalah.

at the occipito-temporal cortex and the extrastriate body area. Direct electrical stimulation at the right temporo-parietal junction was reported to induce out-of-body experiences.

He says Abulafia’s method of the Divine Names activates said region of the brain.

I’ve already gone over the edge so might as well keep going

It seems that Nasr likes to play it safe. This is a world still concealed from us- how their symbols par excellence of the Man of Thought and Man of Action interact.

Sorry I keep barraging you with names, I see this as an early stage in interpreting this “enemy country” before we can move on to subjects of more substance.

Remember their version of “Hegel”, Sabzavārī? A scholar named Izutsu has written books in English interpreting Sadra through Sabzavārī, so that’s a way we can access him given next to nothing of his is translated. He also juxtaposes Sufism with Taoism and Zen. The writer I’m reading now though says that, like Nasr, Izutsu avoids the political dimension.

Collen Ryan talking about how “there is no fucking Exit”… yes there is, just not one that you’d like! Going some place where you’re not sat on by a 500 pound kike, that’s a start. Learn to breathe with your full lung-capacity. Deprivation of oxygen kills brain cells, and that is quite apparent here.

Now I’m imagining some Jew that’s Shahak-like on the inside thinking “You think it’s impossible for YOU to get over there, think of how impossible it is for ME!” Boohoo, you’re treated like a god here. Though it is true that your own anointed people are poisoned by the effects of the Civil War like anyone else- so why not go to Israel then? I’d be so gone if I were you. This is very likely not the first time Jews have had to take on the historical burdens of their host-country, and that probably explains their hateful psychology in part.

This is formalism

unlike studies on Sadrā and transcendent philosophy prior to the Revolution that mainly viewed him simply as a mystic-philosopher, in these recent decades, under the political influence of the Islamic government, the prevailing approach to Sadrā’s politics attempts to show that the leader of the Revolution, his ideas on the religious state, and the unconditional political authority of the jurist (wilāyat al-mutlaqa al-faqīh) are inspired by the most solid school of philosophy of the last four hundred years, i.e., the transcendent philosophy of Mullā Sadrā.

As if OUR overlords even bother to try to convince us of their right to rule.

Steeping in this sort of thing is a way to avoid feeling like you’re living in an Islamic version of ZOG. Just getting to know the loftier reasoning behind their government. “Muh shoah” isn’t reasoning.

Not to mention, if you want to think of it in a “Machiavellian” way, the stability of the stronghold could use some silver-tongues that justify its existence, especially amidst the satellite onslaught and etc. There are lots of silver-tongues over here that justify this kike-ocracy, how incredibly SAD! What a waste. I explain this as a lack of self-consciousness, i.e. they haven’t risen to a level of awareness that allows them to put their talents to nobler uses. And that’s why we call them smallskullgoys. I saw a black woman the other day who upon first glance I perceived as having a huge face before I realized she had a normal-sized face and a tiny skull, and the white retards remind me of her. All face, no brain, many such cases.

This is relatable

The benefit of these sources lies in Sadrā’s own criticism of his contemporary scholars and his challenges to those whom he believed had no true knowledge of religion and metaphysics.

Being is One, man, Being is Love, man! 99% of people have this vague belief at the core of their worldview, more or less. Otherwise they’d be as misanthropic as me. They love things they should hate, and this is because they’re incapable of perceiving what is hateable about them, likely because them themselves are hateable.

A way to help you understand the question though is- Mulla Sadra and Khomeini are similar to Evola and Mussolini. The thinker and the politician. “They” do not go out of their way to show us anything about either of those two. To put this in some perspective step back and see that there isn’t a Plato-descended Sufism involved in the religion of the Taliban. The Iranian Revolution was so lucky and fateful we can’t even begin to appreciate it, I think. Just on said grounds alone I already am more fond of it than George Washington’s. He and his ilk were products of those medieval debates too, I might add. I’m willing to tread a different path that goes back way before the Cromwell disaster.

Here is Sadra- can you endure this?

We do not have this ascension-directedness in the west, we were “fooled by the devil” somewhere down the line.

Would you want a revolutionary leader who did not have the conscious goal to personally ascend beyond the animal level toward the “angelic” realm? That’s “politically incorrect” here. Indeed, the person reading this likely scoffs at the idea of a difference between animals and angels, and the human’s situation on a continuum between them.

There are Farabian undertones to Sadra’s political philosophy (which is also true of Khomeini’s)

Lacking such a government causes disorder in society, where the people fight with each other. Fighting amongst the people distracts them from attending to God, worshipping Him and executing their spiritual journeys.

In other words, you need a “mystic” with said ascension-attitude at the top in order for those below to adopt a similar attitude.

If you want to touch on a debate for a second about Plato- the question can be asked whether it’s better to have a philosopher-king or a mystic-king. Personally I am not allergic to the “angelization” of the Forms, and I think that might even be a more accurate interpretation of reality. Should we call it the Good or should we call it God? There’s something undivine about calling it the Good. In any case, either one of the two types of leader are preferable to what our model is in this political order. For instance, while Biden was having shady meetings with plutocrats, Khomeini would’ve been studying and teaching Sufism. There’s no kind of “asceticism” that is demanded from our politicians.

You can think of the Active Intellect in either a secular or religious way

Fārābī followed the Greek paradigm and the highest rank of happiness was allocated to his perfect society whose citizenry’s souls were ‘united as it were with the Active Intellect’. Sadrā’s view on the life of society (hayāt al-jam‘ī) has the foregoing elements of Greek and Farabian political philosophy, but he places all these elements within his mystical hypotheses on the spiritual journey.

We’re not going to understand Khomeini overnight, this is a philosophical tradition that goes back over a thousand years, and which we are mostly ignorant to in the west.

I’ll put it this way- the ideal political order for them is for the citizenry to be attuned to a higher emanation of the divine between humanity and God. And furthermore, Sufis are an intermediary between humanity and that higher emanation. In other words it goes God, Angels, Sufis, regular people. And Khomeini seems to be somewhere between the Sufis and regular people. And here I am interpreting Muhammad and the imams approximately as Sufis of a higher order. This chain is all to connect the people with the angelic realm and thus God.

See, the Plato/Aristotle divide can take civilizations in wildly different directions- and ours has arguably been following the scientific path of Aristotle gesturing toward the ground in that famous painting, so to speak. The Scientist has replaced God in the Great Chain of Being, and everyperson here has the scientific attitude, the autonomous ego. I mean, so do I- understanding Iran is a scientific activity. And the more I understand them the more I’m pulled toward Plato pointing up.

This is funny

Ibrahim ibn Adham, is reputed to have defined the three phases of asceticism (zuhd): (1) renouncing the world; (2) renouncing the happiness of knowing that one has abandoned the world; and (3) realizing completely the world’s lack of importance so that one no longer even regards it.

Knowing the third stage prevents me even from speaking here anymore.

The demiurge determines your perception of me, and I only ask you if you would say the things I say if you knew the demiurge wasn’t watching you and determining the things you had to say.

Muhammad is purported to have said this, and I kind of like the way this guy goes about things

“the Quran has an exterior appearance and a hidden profundity, an exoteric sense and an esoteric sense; in its turn, this esoteric sense harbors an esoteric sense,” and so on up to seven esoteric senses

The thing about the Farsinet is that I don’t think they expect anyone in the west to care about what they’re talking about. Thus, I pull the above from Eliade, who has some writings on Shia. They don’t have an “imperial” nature, they don’t design their words in a way for others to understand. This is why I’ve been relying on Corbin, because they write expecting you to know all these background details about them, i.e. they don’t write for people in the west, they write for people who have been around it since childhood.

So they’re kind of like the Priests who know the Basics

If talking about something makes me laugh knowing it will piss off Israelis then I know I’m doing something right.

You should see the way that Moshe Idel “poisons the well” on Eliade by the way (if you catch the historical joke I’m implying). We have our own “imams” here, and Eliade is one of the few intellectuals who challenged the plutocracy. And let’s be more precise here- there’s a difference between scholars and intellectuals. Our version of the imam is closer to an intellectual. A true imam is a philosopher, and not many of those exist in any given time-period. That’s why I’m constantly talking about those kind, because I’m a type of “Shi’ist” myself, just in a western way.

Where to begin imam Eliade?

an imposing corpus (twenty-six folio volumes in the Majlisi edition). The exegesis practiced by the Imams and the Shi’ite authors is founded on the complementarity of two key terms: tanzil and ta’wil. The first designates the positive religion, the letter of Revelation that has descended from the higher world thanks to the Angel’s dictation. By contrast, ta’wil involves a return to the origin, that is, to the true and original sense of the sacred text.

Something to keep in mind is that Eliade lectured at the same Eranos conference with Corbin for years and he published the above 7 years after the death of his colleague. Scholem lectured there too- this is a forgotten time of intellectual history.

“Hoo boy” as they say. I expected 100% of people to fall to the wayside when I started talking about Nazism with an open mind years ago, and I have that sense again with this. You can trust my judgment or not, this seems to be a subject not many “third eyes” are able to glimpse. Again, people like me have a NEED to push logic as far as it can go. The Golden Dawn wasn’t enough, Straussianism wasn’t enough, the list goes on and on. My self-understanding is that we’re approaching the “core” of esotericism.

Not a soul in the west would be interested in that I’m sure.

There are two really simple levels I see. The very fact of being and standing in an “enemy country” of this nature. That itself would be an “initiation”, being there and not perceiving them as the enemy. Secondly, actually being initiated by some Sufi wiseman there. Both of those we don’t have access to, for the time being. I showed you how that British lady was able to travel there because of her work on their special type of windmill? There are ways to get over there. Being a terrorist in America like me is probably not the best way! The hostile mindset that I have was the only way to discover this about religious mysteries. If you can’t follow me here I suspect you don’t have the imagination necessary to fathom the Great Chain of Being. The “”reality”” jews force people to believe here is only possible when one does not have access to one angelic sphere or another. Believe it or not, it isn’t often “me” talking to you, it’s something I sense above me that I attempt to put into understandable words.

This seems significant

So much of life revolves around women in ways they cannot understand. They control the knowledge-flow. They’re able to do that because they control biological immortality. When white women don’t even understand the great chain of being you really start to wonder if their wombs are worth anything. That’s one of the reasons I say things without minding if I offend them. If you have all the signs that you’re going to be a failmom, why should I care about your opinion?

The religion question and the woman question are closely entwined in my view. Once the feminist illusion of equality dissolves you start thinking about what is to be done with this animal. The hijab isn’t a bad idea. I understand I’ll only be pelted with rotten vegetables for saying that here. That’s fine- I see women in a similar way I see jews. I expect people to prove to me that they have a worthwhile opinion. And neither of them can do that. They resort to hiding people like me from the public because they don’t know how to answer my questions. Team Nigger. “Someone knows what we are!” Yeah and I’m not sticking around here with you. Anyone who tolerates your machinations isn’t much different from you at the end of the day. America is truly a paradise for these animals, they can be their wince-inducing selves and no one is allowed to wince in public about them. Sounds like a place I don’t want to be. It all follows from the perception of the gradations of light above humans.

Academic-types might appreciate this one

That’s not my “bag” exactly so I’ll leave that to you. Just showing you there’s more than one avenue that can lead to the oasis. Imagine, somewhere you can talk about “capitalism” without mincing words!

I’d never try to manipulate you by framing Iran as a “developing country” would I?

Quick, you have to HALP them!

Think they have anything to teach us about the Avicennan trajectory the west didn’t follow?

I’m asking the Frenchnet about Corbin’s interpretation

The West has never accepted a model of thought that does not make the individual the primary substance of thought and action…. The West would embark on the path of individual and autonomous consciousness, which would later make the Descartes and the Lockes possible.

Is Deleuze one of those? I know Neechski is. I know I am. Immanence? What about Imamenence? One of the two is a lot easier for us to grasp. So I’ll show you another way to phrase the “difference” (heh)

Aquinas will react rigorously against this psychic monopoly by granting each human individual an agent intellect and by denying the separate existence of this active Intelligence. 

I don’t think Descartes doubted everything… The I was all that remained, yes, the I that Aquinas gave him.

Moving ahead in history, perhaps the Noumenon can only be known through the imams as perceived through the imaginal realm? The Revolution that they enacted certainly doesn’t seem “imaginary”.

“Stop playing devil’s advocate.” No, shilling for merchants should be what is seen as playing devil’s advocate. And I don’t think I’d trust an “I” that did that.

I’m only slowly learning what this is about, probably just like you

Yet another way of phrasing it is that the Intelligence, or Holy Spirit, is the source of our I.

Over here it’s the direct opposite- if a Holy Spirit even exists, the I is its source. Over there the I is an emanation of that, the imams are a more intense or brighter emanation of that.

And yet it looks like a pretty normal place

Do you see the political implications here? We see it as “Iran” that is a conscious enemy of the US and ZOG. For many of the Shi’ists it’s really an Angel against “us”. And I’m happy to partake in that spirit myself too. What you see on the surface as “Iranian people” to them is a lower emanation of a celestial being.

Notice how you do have to use something we think of as the “imagination” to see that sort of thing. To some of us it isn’t imagination at all, it’s reality.

Another one of the virtues you often see them praising is humility. In this case, if you conceptualize the “Ein Soph” for instance- it’s wise to be humble and realize that’s probably just a lower emanation of the Ein Soph that rises in your mind. It’s likely something far beyond that in reality. And with humility and imagination you might be able to get a glimpse of a higher manifestation. And that too is probably “merely” an Angel that you think of with your all-too-human faculties.

What are you doing wasting your time here? Go on back to the empirical world, the only world that exists, and back to your “I” which is the source of everything.

Interesting judgment

Gobineau believed that the Iranian people needed the philosophy of Descartes more than the philosophies of Spinoza or Hegel because, unlike Cartesianism, they are ‘oriental’ and offer the Persian scholars nothing new… Instead, he wished to introduce ‘Western’ modernity to Iranians, which above all is represented by Cartesian rationalism and dualism, because these notions were unknown to the Orient, according to Gobineau.

Some people might tell me I shouldn’t “go fast, break things” and I can’t help it- imagine these implications

Early reception of Spinoza there characterized him as a Sufi. Many western philosophers are as new to them as their Sufis are new to us.


It is notable that the [Theological-Political Tractatus], translated by Ali Ferdowsi, is the last work by Spinoza to appear in Persian.

This was said by an Iranian Spinoza translator in 2007

‘I do not consider the publication of the [Theological-Political Tractatus] translation in the interest of myself and society’… About his personal interest, his pupils unanimously say that Jahāngīrī always asked God to forgive his sins in his classes, especially for translating the TPT, because he ‘feared being the incarnation of the Qur’ān’s verse about the fate of those who broke the convent with God’

The subsection of the essay this is from is titled A Book Not to Be Given to the Vulgar.

I saw this amusing cover the other day – I mean, is it wrong?

So, I want you to see that there’s an intellectual cold war between Iran and the west, and both sides withhold knowledge from their citizens about each other. Mulla Sadra? Who’s that? I doubt you have the vaguest clue what he’s about. Or let’s talk about Isaiah Tishby! Thankfully or not, most people don’t have much of an attention-span and can’t remember the various people whose thought I detail, otherwise there’d be more of a danger to our political order.

I’ve mentioned a few times now the general idea that I don’t care about how they see Spinoza there. What’s important to me is that someone like Tishby can be discussed in an honest way. Whatever maintains the stability of their stronghold I’m on board with. We need an oasis of freedom away from Shylock, that’s what’s valuable, and there will have to be sacrifices made for that oasis.

-nervous laughter-

Although Jahāngīrī had eventually approved the idea of writing a thesis on the TPT, he warned his pupil to ‘be aware that Spinoza’s critique of religion concerns only Judaism and Christianity. Although Spinoza had sufficient knowledge of Islam and the Qur’ān, his critique had nothing to do with our religion’.

Let’s talk about the “shells” again. Whether Spinoza was a Kabbalist or not, what’s at issue here is essentially the shells. Recall my post on Bagley. The shell-people, or the demos as we can call them, has to be both protected and avoided. I showed you Corbin the other day talking about how an implicit rule of Shi’ism is to not “strike at the face” – there’s more than one reason not to do that. Suffice it to say that there’s something both good and evil about that face, i.e. good and bad reasons for striking it. And for the sake of the oasis both should be avoided.

Anyway, I thought this article I’ve been reading was insta-translated from Farsi, and nope, it’s originally in English, and I’m not surprised. If I even talked like the above there I’d be rightly designated as a subversive. If you follow me so far that this is a provisional “solution” you need to know these dimensions or else it will not be a solution.

To be excessively candid, the foundation of the oasis rests on a layer of “the Unthought”. And that’s fine, that’s probably intrinsic to having a “State” at all. You’re very familiar with me applying this idea to our very own State. The theological-political is not going away if we settle in Iran. That’s what I’m getting at here. Don’t have illusions about that. We should know what their version of it is, and know how to avoid it and/or respect it. Remember Hegel’s idea of “educating the public to acknowledge the rationality of the government”? If a government allows me to criticize and theorize about the near-planetary Jewish totalitarianism then I would consider that government rational anyway, and thus would educate the public to acknowledge its rationality. Oh no, Khamenei doesn’t understand the finer points of neechenism, that’s not something important to bring up in this context.

This is a pretty juicy cloud-controversy though if you want to read that essay yourself. The point I’m making here is that Spinoza’s thought can be used to dismantle either ZOG or Iran, and you have to know who your real enemy is.

Shamir putting into words something I sense

I wish Corbin would talk about it this way

The Church has to decide what is more important, self-preservation as an institution or preserving the Covenant of God and fighting for Islam with Jesus against the Jews. Muslims need the Christians to convert to Islam in order to counteract the Judaic tendencies of the Wahhabis, who are actually crypto-Zionists.

Most of my readers might as well be “Wahhabis”.

Now that we’ve established that the United States is “Asian”, it’s a matter of deciding which Asia is preferable.

Shamir is only an expert on Judaism, and that’s something we know quite well here so I’m going back to the expert on Islam.

While you’re always going to have some form of state-coercion at least this sect has a foundation like this

A couple of the imams were alchemists for instance, so whether the authoritarians like it or not they’re kind of just stuck with it.

I’m just being realistic as I can be- two forms of ASIA, one is a goblinite free-for-all, the other is a dwarven theocracy.

Corbin didn’t live to see the success of the Iranian Revolution. With Khomeini’s fondness for Mulla Sadra, the Sufis, etc. esoterism was fused into the new foundation again. How much ink has been spilled on the Bolsheviks? People here don’t know even 1% of what the Shi’ist revolution was about.

This seems just too good to be true, almost like a miracle. Iran easily could’ve been filled with those stereotypical “brute” Muslims or idiot-caricatures like Borat, and instead it has this centuries old tradition of gnosticism which to say the least our media has never advertised to us. To bring in Kabbalah again, there’s no doubt that there are Iranian “shells” that surround the kernel. What “they” want you to believe though is that it’s pure shell over there. I invite you to scroll around the Farsinet yourself before you conclude that. As I slowly learn their language I’m finding it effortless to “insta-translate” their concepts into Platonese. I see them as pious Platonists with an arbitrary Islamic garb. Do they see themselves that way? Probably only a few of them do. What’s important is that it’s easy for me to interpret them that way. It’s impossible for me to do that with the “Asiatics” of the US.

In my previous post I diagnosed the problem. Most just stop there. In this post I am outlining a solution to that problem. Most can’t even accept that problem is a problem, let alone consider possible solutions.

You “Leninists” led to tens of millions dying unnatural deaths. Call me a Khomeini’ist- his revolution led to being free from the Shylocracy, and only a few thousand died in the process. Real “third eye” hours with this, honestly. You have to get rid of about two feet of gunk that’s been caked up by Ahriman.

I sincerely believe that the thought of a few of my fellow-travelers, Yarvin, Land, Dugin, etc. directly leads to this conclusion when their logic is pushed as far as it can go. An uneasy conclusion it is no doubt.

Back to this Franzos character, one of the main Pale time-capsules

In the drive to dissociate himself from the Ostjuden, he stressed his father’s aristocratic pre-Inquisition, Sephardic background. This was not unusual; Jews often sought to construct a counter-myth about more respectable origins, and Spanish Jewry was viewed by many as a suitable antidote to a suspected East European background.

The Zionist-in-itself, Herzl, also claimed to be of Spanish extraction, though in his case it was false.

The Sephardis are treated like second-class citizens in Israel these days – did the rabble prevail in Jewry as well?

Talmudists would be bad enough. If they were primarily rabble-talmudists, that would be another level to it. And it’s still a mystery to me at least the true nature of the Sephardim/Ashkenazim conflict.

Clearly a writer like Shmuel Agnon (1888-1970) approached his subject in an entirely different way. What to Agnon represented spirit and culture was to Franzos a symptom of backwardness and degeneration.

Agnon was an Ashkenazi.

Franzos in his day was known as the expert on the Ostjuden by people west of the Pale.

There could be a dynamic similar to Shia/Sunni going on here

For centuries, most of Jerusalem’s population was Sephardi… These proud people inherited a rich cultural heritage, which to a great extent is internalized, and has not been carried over to the next generation.

They’ve been gradually being absorbed into the Ashkenazim. Probably why you never hear about this

Is the centuries-old claim of the Sephardim to be somehow inherently superior to the Central and Eastern European Jew grounded in fact or myth?

We do have one Sephardi at least who documented the old Ashkenazim closely

indigenous writers, however critical, were thoroughly identified with their subject. For Franzos, the “half-Asian” Jews of Barnow—narrow, repressed, dirty—were objects of observation

Martin Buber, one of the most influential Ashkenazis of the 20th century

What to Franzos was nothing but a species of medieval barbarism appeared now in Buber’s hands like the very vanguard of modernism

I link you again to insta-translated books by Franzos to see for yourself how he describes them. There are many parallels between the Pale Jews and today’s American Jews. The ones here have better access to electricity, that’s one difference!

I wonder if some of those remaining Sephardis out there have a sense of humor like Franzos, because he’s pretty hilarious. It’s too bad the language they traditionally speak, Ladino, isn’t available on google translate

Could this be similar to the Normans, i.e. an aristocracy erased from history?

Arguably the two greatest Jewish minds of all time, Maimonides and Spinoza, were Sephardis.

Here is how Franzos understands himself

Long-term stay, numerous journeys have made me familiar with the language, customs and characteristics of that tangle of peoples. But I was able to get to know the life of the western civilized peoples just as closely.

Could it be that the Ashkenazis of the Pale brought the backwardness with them when they fled here?

We know that after the war, the culture of the western civilized people has been steadily eclipsing. As one culture wanes another one waxes- could it be that the culture described by Franzos is the one that’s more and more predominant?

Here’s Franzos again- and I think this is more accurate, to point to the ambiguity

In general, in the east, or at least in that part of the east, of which these pages tell, there is neither bright day nor dark night, but a strange twilight.

Something eerie in Franzos that I’ve touched upon before is that within only a matter of a few miles of travel one sensed that “they weren’t in Europe anymore”, and as they crossed into “Half-Asia” people’s personalities would noticeably change to adjust to the different region.

The tension between the “wer sie war,” [who she was] which the narrator ascertains at first glance, and the inner quality that allowed his interlocutor to transform herself into an Asian woman, betrays an uneasy mutability of the self

Have you ever seen it phrased this way?

esoterism is no longer necessary; and that is why all the resurrected Christ’s secret teachings to his disciples have been piously relegated to the Apocrypha along with the other Gnostic books

It reminds me of one amusing point Guenon made, that the New Testament wasn’t even originally written in the language Jesus spoke in. I wonder if there are some connections between the Jesus of the Apocrypha and Shi’ism.

My interpretation of “philosophy” in general is a lot more personal than most accounts of it. I don’t pretend to be a detached, objective knower or something like that, philosophy is normal life to me. That’s why I tell you my self-understanding, which is that considering these subjects is a Greek enterprise to me. Put differently, the imaginal realm is something that I want to make intelligible. That’s why I think I might never fit in in Iran, because I’d always be a Greek there. Still, you can be a Greek there in a way that you can’t be one here.

Corbin here sheds some light on something I showed you Shamir saying the other day

Such an Incarnation of “God in person” in empirical history and, consequently, the historical consciousness which goes hand in hand with it, are unknown to the traditional Orient… anthropomorphosis is essential to the Godhead, but [in Shi’ism and Sufism] it takes place “in heaven,” on the plane of the angelic universes.

So, Jesus seems to lead directly to our present materialist order. I remind you that Shamir says that this is a “Judaic” element that allowed the west to be captured. Russian Orthodox has less of this element. This element is foreign to me personally because I see neech as a secret Neoplatonist. When I discuss rangordnung here it is a secular way of framing Neoplatonism. I haven’t done that on purpose, it’s only something I’ve realized I’ve been doing. Neechski wanted “philosophers of the future”, and I’m not sure he expected that to involve “angels”, or various other seeming absurdities I bring up here. He didn’t know much about Islam, he only praised it as a cudgel against Christianity probably. I feel like I’ve been scaring some people with all this. The thought of Evola being haunted by the thought of Guenon in a desert in a turban, that really makes me laugh. It’s not a laughing matter though at the end of the day.

Try to think of it neutrally. Pretend it’s the year 2421 and due to a string of nuclear wars most of the land is irradiated and cancerous, and that most of the remaining civilizations exist on seasteads that float on garbage and plastic. The ever-resilient Jew has managed to pull another “Noah” and only one “trash island” exists outside of their control. They’re all floating on trash so might as well pick the one that’s not in their control. Maybe it’s just me. See, I have to lose this attitude if I hope to ever paddle a lifeboat over to the one relatively untrashlike island.

And we can trace this back for centuries, possibly millennia. Are you sick of me saying the word “angel” yet? I don’t care, that’s their word for it, as it translates to English. I believe in angels. It’s not merely a “belief”. It’s a reality. The west is confused about this. You are ignorant if you don’t know what I’m talking about here. There are 10 or so other words I could use rather than “angel”. If you want to pretend those aren’t real then okay, you’re living in the realm of materialism with the kikes. There are really two types of Jew, one knows what I’m talking about. The ones in control I doubt understand this. And the ones who do understand are just happy that their blood is in control so won’t say anything against them, thus I doubt they in fact know what I’m talking about.

You can keep living in your delusions. To me, “Allah”, “the Angel Gabriel”, “Muhammad”, etc. are just placeholders which point to a reality beyond their arbitrary names. This is a way that the Islamists are one with Plato. They’ve preserved the Great Chain of Being through this “mythology”. I prefer a mythology that preserves that to a mythology that equates the lowliest human with “Allah”, which is the telos of equalism. Enjoy that, scrub. If only you could understand the futility I sense when I write in English. When you write in that language you might as well be expecting to talk to negros with no higher-order thinking. Higher-order thinking does not exclusively pertain to logic either, there is also mystical-occult forms of higher-order thinking, and this latter the people of the west are ignorant to.

As for practical concerns- they need help with their satellite problem. They’re being slowly brainwashed day after day. A way that we can understand it- the Chinese forced the Dalai Lama into exile. This is what their plan is for Iran. These are orc-revolts that are in progress. In fact I expect the one reading this to be some type of orc. How’re you doing? I’ll be your friend on the one condition that you can handle the stress. I doubt you can. I alone know how to make you more than an orc. So it’s up to you, whether you can handle that burden. The method to do that is clear, right before my eyes, and I doubt you could follow it, being content with all your fellow orcs convincing you that isn’t what you are.

We always hear about “Sufis” and never anything politically incorrect about them – that’s probably not a coincidence. This appears to be a mystical school within Abrahamism which is opposed to the powers-that-be, i.e. the Demiurge. “Sufis with Nukes” – that wouldn’t be a very strategic newspaper headline eh? They go out of their way to hide this about Khomeini, who knew all the things Corbin did, and maybe even more.

Writing to people in English ahahahha what a waste of time ahahahhaha

None of this is real, don’t worry about it, just go back to your normal life without thinking about it.

For those interested in the more elevated mysteries, I suspect that Christian-bloods have to strain themselves to understand an order that is not “immanent-ward” in the way they usually think of it. To the Islamists, neither muhammad or christ are even an Angel.

Equalism and the incarnation of God on earth go hand in hand. No, sorry wretched ones, there is something above you. In the 21st century the orcs have resorted to bots to help convince themselves there’s nothing above them.

While I’m not a Christian myself the idea of heaven and hell is interesting to me. Niggers, kikes, whores, and sell-outs, I wonder where they’re going?

These are some great people, ideal human beings if you ask me. HAHA!

This is something I invite the “elves” to study. The connection between Jesus’ immanentization as God and present-day distance from God.

You thought it was crazy to think of equalism going back to the French Revolution? You thought it was crazy for it to go back to Cromwell? Thought it was crazy to go back to those Medieval debates? It could possibly go back even farther than that, to Jesus.

“Exactly! And I’m a Christian!” So why can’t you love the people only a few miles from you, the Shi’ists?