They are able to see that a certain population can see that they are subhumans. And they don’t want that perception of them to exist anymore. Build offworld settlements, that just means the people who KNOW you are less than human will continue to exist elsewhere and probably judge you later – yes, how’d you guess our plan you braindead ones?

Black, brown, woman, Irish, all the people who don’t want us to see them for what they are. No brain in their skull. Why would people like that want us to escape? They’d prefer to live in ignorance of how far away they are from being good people. All they want is to erase the fact that you judged them, that’s what the left is.

I can’t get enough of pictures like this

A study, a lab, distant from earth, with friends who have similar ships some distance away.

Maybe some of these if we get bored

We could work among the semi-intelligent robots, wave to them like at an AI plantation. There are ideas like this that aren’t written in sci-fi terms. Remote-controlled building of the initial lunar base (takes approx 2 seconds for radio signals to get to the moon). From there, closer control of the robots outside. I’m sure there are gamers who would be pros at this. Virtual escape, planetary escape, why not both?

The robots would do most of the work, building the landing pads and other proto-bases while we operate them and dine on lobster paste inside. Eventually we could have a lobster farm. Some suggest we should send self-replicating robots up there. Imagine if the robots in the above picture could be designed to be slightly redesigned by us after they’ve created the proto-bases, to use other material they dig up to 3D-print parts for their own replication. Proto-base building robots that can also create more proto-base building robots, who have it in their programming to create more advanced bases.

Ideally, domes such as these would be connected by vestibules

We could probably eventually use jetpack-equipped robots to design a dome above them all, eliminating the vestibules, leading to the first lunar village.

We might have to wait for AI to develop further

Marx’s dream of the elimination of exploitation could happen here with the automation that is driven by the necessity of the climate.

This is a subtitle I absolutely hated reading and pondering the concept of

You’re always going to be exploited if you affiliate whatsoever with the conformist populations of the earth. There will eventually be an umbilical cord moment, our own Declaration of Independence. Self-replicating robots seem key to getting to that

Now shift that thought away from “Earthocentrism” – thousands of self-replicating solar panels for the moon, self-replicating factories for the moon, utilizing not much more than light, dust, and water-ice. 14.6 million sq miles to work with

Mars would be better of course for multiple reasons, this just seems like the natural testing-ground on the way to that.

We would build ships like this on the moon to take our genetic-augments to mars

Getting to Mars first would have a psychological effect on the government-bound larval cultures on earth, so there would be that, which is important- as for an immediate exit settlement to escape the deluge of anti-intellectualism of the vengeful post-slave majorities, the moon seems to be the pragmatic location.

How I expect to look back on 2016-2020 a decade from now- the time I learned the conformist nature of people, and their ability to rationalize to themselves why they aren’t actually conformists, that they just happen to believe the things they do out of a coincidence.

Always in this mood

Today in exposing psychological mechanisms- the relativist that strives to do “God’s work” of forming perception so that all cultures are equal, does it for themselves. That’s a relaxing way to think. It allows them to put off responsibility essentially. When baseness doesn’t exist, they lose the voice of conscience in their head to be noble. It might seem they’re trying to do good for others- really it’s a lot about how easy it is to live as a relativist. What’s stopping a True Leftist™️ from gaining expertise on Adorno or something for instance? That would be a noble thing for a leftist to do. When the relativist looks around at other cultures, that sort of higher demand isn’t there. Thus they sink back, relaxed, knowing that sort of burden isn’t placed on them. Cultural relativism is the silencing of the voice of responsibility.

One of the rare moments I see something that makes me think some educational institutions are okay

It’s tragic that people tend to be so blind to the advantages of exit because they’re precisely the ones we want to exit from.

This seems like the reasonable first step in ISRU development

Roads, then schools… Schools on earth here first, for roads then schools there… I try to post a certain kind of “road”.

Eventually a “cheese catapult” before the schools too. This is an idea from that Gunpowder Moon novel

There’s also the idea of using the moon as an offworld gas station, converting the waterice to fuel, many have theories on how to do that

We could also use the “catapults” to send the fuel into orbit, for a more conveniently located gas station.

I still like the idea of magnetically pulling an asteroid into orbit- use robots to carve that into a proper station. We could also send an asteroid rich in iron to the moon’s surface to extract for materials to create mining robots since it’s so expensive to ship metal from earth. The initial stage of ISRU is the most difficult because of the weight, there might be ways to route-around it.

There’s also the indirect factor of “fueling” innovation acceleration with all this

Who knows what we’ll invent during the process of getting to something as advanced as the following

Let alone what we’ll invent once we have that.

Wondering how we could make it easier to grow food off-earth I happened upon this

Sounds crazy, sounds impossible, just a thought. -Chinese scientist voice- Impossibur, huh?

This tek has implications for colder climates on earth though.

What if we spliced the kinds of food we grow with the kinds foraged by indigenous peoples of the north?

This sort of thing is frequent in accounts of festivals, potlatches

All sorts of berries, mixed with seal fat, mm.

Or we could see what edible wild plants they use in the Russian cold

Moss, berries, lichen, these can be spliced with plants we grow in our own warmer climates, we could even splice them with plants that only grow in tropical climates! And plant them where it would otherwise be too cold- and that would probably have the effect of people migrating to those places. Eventually maybe we could CRISPR plants to grow in orbit without needing much heat or sunlight.

Further crazy idea for Chinese copycats to steal- we could augment ourselves so that we didn’t even need the nutrition of plants- how primitive! I want solar panel skin, or a digestive system that can subsist off solar energy somehow, yes…

Pah, so much for the potentially most interesting part of this book

That’s going to look so meaningless after a couple generations offworld

If we play our cards right (with immaculate ketman) not even the founding population of settlers will take that as a binding—sacred—document. Make sure not to leave your earth-home without a mask!

You might not have ever read it- that doesn’t matter, it’s what almost everyone believes.

This you?


This writer is a pathbreaker. At the same time, using this terrestrially-biased book as a blueprint would result in disaster

Gattaca is a better blueprint. As is Leary

50% of white Americans is, of course, being too nice.

The way the slaves who should be on my leash justify it is they think, They deserve it! My question to them that I never expect them to answer in public is, They deserve not being born in a jungle and enslaved or exterminated for being so reminiscent of an animal, they deserve it because they didn’t spend centuries in kitchens like you, learning nothing at all? In what way do they deserve it exactly? You are unable to answer that, being the demotic puppet that you are, aw.

That’s another dimension of it. It’s a symptom in our culture that I’d rather masturbate than tell any of the women that they’re right in exchange for pussy

You have some “wings” for me to chew on, braindead feminist?

Look who you are now. Nothing can change how morbidly obese you are. You might as well fall farther down just as the Wall Street kikes want.

human meat

Have some “wings”

Your cleavage makes me like you by the way, your personality is meaningless to me. The way you keep telling me “my cleavage! My cleavage!”, there’s something disgusting about that. A low-class skank as I’ve called it.

“If it’s someone with Down syndrome I don’t even care.” – the typical response of my enemies that is never said.

Man this is still going on? Imagine being a leftist living in Chicongo, talk about thoughts of cognitive dissonance

Wet ass pussy, looters, former slaves whose freedom is palpably questionable, people who need the charity of everyone telling them they matter, wet ass pussy. The perpetuation of people who don’t matter, that’s what the left stands for.

Yknow, I wasn’t always so opposed to you people. Back when I only discoursed with Colleen Ryan it was different, I used to have more respect for you then, because I thought you were simply ignorant and thus forgivable. What I’ve learned since discovering I have readers who know as much as I do is that most people were born with the worst instincts that they can never be rid of, no matter what education they get. Can you try not to wince when I say the following? I’m just describing the state-religion to you- it’s aristocratic to be able to speak of a full-spectrum rangordnung. It’s the mark of a bean-sized mind and petty, vindictive spirit to only bring up monkey dicks. It’s a clear sign that most are already monkeys themselves. This isn’t controversial to me anymore, I had some doubts in the days I was talking with Collen Ryan about it, and when neechski was purely theory. I have a great deal of anthropological evidence now that the slave-revolts of history did happen, and most people alive today are the products of them, and that we’re experiencing a further slave-revolt now. Anyone who can’t or won’t speak of rangordnung, the antithesis of the state-religion, is a slave without a soul. That is a matter of settled fact.