You know that old definition of the NPC about lacking an internal monologue? I think we can go one step further with that

At the heart of the genre lies the discovery of the inner man —”one’s own self,” accessible not to passive self-observation but only through an active dialogic approach to one’s own self

Genres shaped races. Bakhtin names all sorts of canonical figures who wrote in the above genre. White people–at least many of them–have a double self.

I’m not sure if individuality emerged in any of the other ones. Maybe you could say more advanced subspecies like the Koreans, Iranians, etc. developed a “self and a half”. Collectivism is the planetary norm. The old definition of the NPC is exactly wrong- all collectivist peoples have ONLY a monologue. They have their society’s voice in their head. Many in the west have a split-consciousness where both society’s and one’s own voice are in their heads.

This is interpreted as “violent” discourse. Who interprets it that way? Society. I, an individual, am having a dialogue with it. Most whites seem like they only have a “self and a half” to me. I have a double self. Society speaks in my head (unfortunately) and I speak in my own head. If you find me violent then you are probably society and do not have true individuality. When you speak verbally to promote or defend our present society it is because that’s mostly the only voice speaking in your head, society’s. There’s not much “you” there. For some there’s no “you” at all.

Still on this idea of the carnival

In Rome, the many diverse varieties of satire and epigram were linked, and were designed to be linked, with the saturnalia; they were either written for saturnalia, or at least were created under cover of that legitimized carnival license enjoyed by the festival

Bakhtin says that even before Rome, Socratic dialogue and Menippean satire had their roots in the folk-carnival tradition. People’s roles were reversed and royalty was allowed to be made fun of. This is one of the old meanings of what we call “holidays”. He’s claiming that dialogue, this double self, and humor emerged from these holidays.

Bakhtin wrote this under the rule of the Bolsheviks – is he hinting?

Essentially every church holiday in the Middle Ages had its carnivalistic side

You don’t hear about this. He says himself that there wasn’t much scholarship on it in his day.

This is a bold claim

He says this “holiday” turned into the “everyday”. For him the renaissance was the height of the carnival spirit and it declined ever since. They got over three months of this a year in the middle ages, and we don’t even get one day. He characterizes the time as unrestrained, cynical, candid, and abusive. Yeah jokes can be abusive. I for one don’t have any qualms with abusing totalitarians.

Think of the paltry forms of carnival we have today. “Carnies” at the fair, cotton candy, Disney World, state-approved laughter in the movie theater, all simulacra. It used to be about parodying authority, and all the people laughing together.

Whoa, it really has been a copy of a copy, for centuries

The source of carnivalization was carnival itself. In addition, carnivalization had genre-shaping significance; that is, it determined not only the content but also the very generic foundations of a work. From the second half of the seventeenth century on, carnival almost completely ceases to be a direct source of carnivalization, ceding its place to the influence of already carnivalized literature

It really is a sad reality that people don’t want authority parodied because that authority guarantees them the freedom to be a dirt clod who is beyond reproach.

This is what he says many of the acts in the folk-carnivals contained

debates which did not permit thought to stop and congeal in one-sided seriousness

This has a presence in all real satire, and real satire doesn’t have a presence in our time. And these festivals, these holidays, were the origin of satire? This study is more profound than most.

Bakhtin says Dostoevsky is the culmination of the Medieval carnival tradition I talked about yesterday, and that he represents a Copernican revolution in literature

An ordinary person hearing the words “carnival” or “adventure” probably wouldn’t initially think of lawlessness.

Hmm instead of talking about Dostoevsky I think I’m going to make this post about tits. Big set of jugs. Wait, never mind, I’m mature. Haha you white niggers. TITTIES! My life is about sensual pleasure and nothing else! Truly less than human. You’re really a person if the only genre you appreciate is porn, you niggers. JIGGLING BOOBS! Gonna make 10,000 posts about bountiful bouncing breasts.

“It’s all we have to hate white males, leave us alone!!” Never left the kitchen. Never left the jungle. Never left the Pale. These are the problems of America. “We’re going to bring you there with us!” Not if I can help it. Please take me back to a time when acting like a subhuman was something considered humiliating in society instead of normal.

I bet you didn’t mimic a serious ritual yesterday did you. You just have to be pious and obedient 24/7 don’t you. Some things are just too sacred to make light of and joke about.

Anyway, if you remember my post about the Trobriand Islanders’ religion of using the distant mythical past to renew the present, this is interesting from Bakhtin who is preparing the way to discuss Dostoevsky by detailing the evolution of genres

In these genres, the heroes of myth and the historical figures of the past are deliberately and emphatically contemporized

Yup, that did just happen one day. We take it for granted.

These genres of late antiquity emerged as a criticism of mythology and legend

they consciously rely on experience (to be sure, as yet insufficiently mature) and on free invention

This is similar to something that happened closer to our own time with phenomenology’s reaction to scientism. People began to focus on their own experience instead of the stories they were told in order to understand life.

So this familiar thing we know is its own kind of gesamtkunstwerk

the novelistic genre has three fundamental roots: the epic, the rhetorical, and the carnivalistic

BOOBIES!!!!!! Whoops, I slipped there, excuse me. I truly feel like a babysitter or something. I hope some people from the axis of evil countries read me and feel sorry for the state of the west. It’s true, whites are developing the impulse control of jungle peoples. They are in the process of unlearning shame. بگذار در کویر تو زندگی کنم. You’re lucky if you only understand the surface of the contemporary west.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have expected someone to say this- this is a broad vision

Bakhtin says Dostoevsky fuses the adventure genre with the propositions of profound and acute ideas.

“I really hate how a Nazi is talking about this.” Why is that? I wonder what some 21st Krestovskian novels would look like… Nah, people should write books about boobies instead.

The state-religion is hating white men, and they are fervent believers in that. Thus in my opinion literature (and media generally) should focus on disintegrating that at its foundations, in myriad ways. I just learned of a contemporary of Aristotle’s who fused together Socratic dialogue and fantastic histories for instance.

That IS the terrible truth though, that you never hear- 1. that the state-religion is hating white men, and 2. that we are hated because we naturally see people as subhuman.

I respect the bioleninists as people, I’m just not going to refrain from criticizing them. The only reason I do criticize them is because I first recognize them as people. They hate people like Dostoevsky, what else is there to say. For that they deserve untold amounts of criticism more than from what they’ve gotten from me.

This is one of Elista’s favorites, Krestovsky (Крестовского)

And the JIDS more and more seized Moscow into their own hands

Could be said of NYC. What other people could you say this about, one side of the world to another?

This is another one the Bolsheviks immediately banned, this Krestovsky. You keeping track of these -sky’s? If you were caught with Lutostansky’s books you were shot on the spot. Krestovsky was friends with Dostoevsky, he was more of a literary type than Lutostansky.

I quoted from his trilogy here

I can never know what to make of anecdotes like this

His criminal bestseller Petersburg Slums (by the way, in the 19th century, perhaps the most widely read Russian novel) 

I’ll give you an idea why you’ve probably never heard of him

a strong Russian counterattack followed, and then a cheerful, soul-pleasing pogrom against the Jews began.

I got any New Yockers reading this?

Krestovsky’s books weren’t published until over a hundred years after they were written

Do you understand? … Wherever you look, everywhere you see how everything and everyone is gradually filled with an influx of Judaism. And this is not only ours – this is in Europe, and even in America, which is also beginning to groan from Judaism… the idea of ​​the Christian religion is replaced by the more convenient idea of ​​”civilization”

Inb4 you ask, yes, he’s another one that translated the ancients.

People only understand the white buildings of DC. Over a thousand years ago our Senate was the government of the Middle East. Then, our Senate traveled north and was the government of Russia and Eastern Europe. Then, our Senate traveled west…

“What, weren’t the Arabs and Slavs happy customers or something?” You can google their languages and ask them AHAHAAHAHA

This is from the 1880s

Trigger warning – spoiler alert about this trilogy- a Jewess falls in love with a goy, converts to Christianity, and eventually returns to the faith of her blood. The titles are Egyptian darkness, Tamara Bendavid, and The Triumph of Baal. It’s the longest Russian novel to feature a Jewess as the protagonist. I always request my arteest friends to write stories like this- I should just settle for the literature of old Poland and Russia since they probably worry about being unpersoned for writing like that.

Speaking of inventors of genres

I’ve posted a few times about Brafman. Krestovsky learned Hebrew to write this too.

This trilogy was began a couple decades earlier than the Protocols. It’s just fiction, it doesn’t claim to be anything else!

This is truly bizarro world next to the other novels I tend to write about. Dostoevsky was very fond of his writing. You can’t really beat this.

A ray of sunshine via Dugin’s site

we talk about the terrible struggle that is taking place today between the dying world of today and the new reality that is being profiled in the future… a new and fairer world. A world in which peoples can organize themselves according to their own history, culture and religion without being guided by a centralized, suffocating and indifferent power.

Russians are so lucky they don’t have to deal with the Lincoln telos. Presuming a fifth column coup doesn’t take place there or something crazy like that I anticipate it will be one of the main viable reservoirs of breeding stock in the semi-distant future. Once your DNA is Congo’d you have no hope at all, and that’s America’s future, of course with added Latin “spice”. A lowly Russian peasant girl will be far superior to any of those abominations.

Anything beautiful they want a bucket of mud dumped on. And all the trailer trash will gleefully gather that mud for them because they are ugly as sin, inside and out, themselves.

Sticking with the Slavs though, I’m back at that Elista page regarding advanced education

a complete and clear understanding of the Jewish question, even after reading not 10, but 100, 200 or 2000 books, you still will not get.

Like I’ve said, anything east of France they don’t want you thinking too much about. Especially Poland, and especially Russia. The Germans they basically have de-fanged. They are simply non-human monsters that no one in the current year is able to understand. For those who haven’t been too brainwashed however they do represent one of the main strains of Atlantean literature. I remind you of my post on old Polish literature. Elista and Choinski provide us with portals to two buried worlds. If you concern yourself with none of these three literatures you might as well be dumping a bucket of mud on your own head. And, surprisingly, many do opt for that!

Some of the writers Choinski suggests I’m, against my expectations, finding briefly discussed in an English book on Polish literature

The undoubted master of the historical novel is the Polish equivalent of England’s Walter Scott: Józef Ignacy Kraszewski

This one is likened to Tocqueville and Burckhardt

It seems that Świętochowski can be aptly labeled an “aristocratic liberal,”

This English study does not dwell on their andysemetizm.

This one is translated as Spiders

in Pająki, [Klemens Junosza] castigated Jews who exploited the Polish peasants.

Ever heard of any of these names? Remember, you shouldn’t waste your time with any of this stuff, you’re only supposed to be telling the world how apes need to be bred with. Now be a good prog and go off and do that.

“What’s that got to do with Jews exploiting peasants?” Uhh… are you new here?

When your consciousness mixes with the Congo all you can think about is eating and fucking. That doesn’t make a very dignified life. “What about sleeping?” Yeah, that too. Also hating people who created non-jungle civilizations. So much dignity it’s overwhelming. “I don’t care about dignity.” Yeah, that’s another characteristic of those who inhabit the Congo, whether mentally or genetically.

Another one I can’t find much info on

Some of these are playwrights, and you know what that means.

Why do I call Faurisson “Sherlock”? I’M Sherlock! What, it’s true. People really hate this mystery being solved.

Here’s another Atlantean

Jews and half-Jews belong to the sphere of contamination and caricature. Centuries-long persecutions and isolation created a condition of collective inauthenticity and histrionic deformation: from this derives the “tension in the Jewish relation to form; the fact that a Jew is never fully himself in the way that a peasant or a squire is himself

Their inauthenticity has been universalized. Everyone is an “actor”. Everyone is rootless and not at home, and has to “pretend” with everyone else.

“I don’t want to be told about my religion, I just want to live it!”

There’s no truer title out there

I think one of the ways I am able to understand them so well is because Nietzsche is spiritually Jewish. He adapts Talmudism for non-Jews and Jews alike. Anyone can be a Nietzschean, if they can handle the ice. Jews historically lived beyond good and evil. That is universalized now among goyim. The difference is, Jews always stuck together. They always had a morality which they applied to fellow Jews. Goyim don’t have that aspect, they merely live beyond good and evil without any morality or kinship.

My aim in bringing to light these Atlantean literatures is to put an end to this Jewish century. We will be exceedingly lucky if it ends before 2045. You better seek a “shelter” in the meantime… because something else of Talmudism that has been universalized is hatred of goyim. They hate themselves. Meanwhile, Jews love themselves. This is all real. Why that Elista forum is such a different planet is that people there proceed from alien presuppositions- they do not approach Jews as victims, they approach them as cunning subverters of morality. What we have now in our culture is the worship of those who were punished for subverting morality. George Floyd and blacks in general are just the surface- lurking beneath is the Eternal Jew.

What you can find in Polish literature is “Elista” except in the form of sustained artworks. We have to readjust our instincts, our first-nature, in order to put the Jewish century to an end.

“I like to live beyond good and evil!!” You know that might as well just be evil…?

There’s no female that corresponds to the highest philosophical perspective. There are only forms out here in space. “i need to think of a cope for this.” Yes, you’re an earth thing. A failed human being who the rabble supports. It’s a nigger.

So… you never mention the name of the one who proves you’re a total nigger. And you use bots to make sure no one knows about it. I’d say that’s quite like a nigger’s activity. Are you okay? I hope you’re not too hurt when you’re told what you are. It isn’t human. Are you going to be okay? Have some fried chicken you nigger.

“That isn’t me.”

Yeah, it probably is.

Look at the nigger.

Do you feel accused? Then guess what you are.

If you want to know my personal, immediate experience, the fact that there is no woman at my level of experience has hurt me. I try to look for my other half and she is only a corporate thing. Why you wonder I don’t post about the theological political, it’s because there is no counterpart allowed. I constantly feel alone. Years now they scapegoat me and such and make sure no one says “Wagner”. It’s quite suspicious. I’m a person too and the fact that women are slaves of the state in this way is extremely telling about their nature. You like zogslaves, you’re a type of nigger. You only want humans destroyed so bots can tell you how equal you are. None of you are equal, you’re subordinate to the state and use ideologies and technology to make yourself feel better about that. Any direct response?

There is no woman who believes in truth, beauty, and goodness, they are all servants of the state which believes in the opposite of those. Where are you? You’re nowhere. All that exists is the ones who hate you for bringing this up.

Wow, a beautiful woman. I could never expect to see something like that.

Any time I make harsh judgments concerning the demos you always have the option of identifying with the one criticizing or being the one criticized. My suspicion is that in most cases people do not feel like the criticizer. I don’t have a happy story to tell you to make you feel good- if you feel criticized it’s very likely because you’re one of the orcs I speak of. I don’t expect to ever be able to help you, only to tattoo the word “Nigger” on your forehead. Attend to your experience, do you identify with the criticizer or the criticized? That tells you who you are, or in many cases, what you are. I am not here to appease subhumans, that’s like throwing feed to chickens, a lowly activity. Most people are miseducated, so I proceed with a hope that I can somehow help them remember that they are not truly an orc at the core of their self. Again, my suspicion is that many people are just that, and there’s no helping them. They will look for every excuse to feel happy about being one with the demos, which is to say the uneducated and profoundly retarded. Yes, this might surprise you, that many find it soothing to be one with the braindead retards.

I remember learning about “The Mystery of Being” years ago via Marcel, a forgotten phenomenologist. I never expected any of this to follow. “Being” consists of how to phrase your words in such a way so that you do not upset the vulgar imbeciles who live in illusion and rationalizations about the fact that they are imbeciles. That is “Being”, or at least a decent portion of it.

Do you feel like the criticized or the criticizer? That says everything about you. It’s time to face who you are.

In most cases there is felt a link between them and the imbeciles. Intelligent Irish people are like this for instance, same with intelligent women. I argue that that’s not your “true society”. All of the world is divided between castes, and if you need soothing bots to feel better about your caste then you probably were already one of the nigger castes in the first place. This is a fact. I ask you again, do you feel yourself to be the criticizer or the criticized? It says everything about you.

Do you think an ideal political order would have a “neo-senate” of people who identify as the criticized here? I think you need to learn your place. The reason people like me always saw people like you as dirt under our shoe is because your mind is too primitive to permit change and growth. THAT’S who you want in places of authority? You personally feel criticized when I talk about the vulgar rabble and the jungle races? Guess what you are. Not someone whose opinion is worth anything at all.

Try to see things from the criticizer’s perspective. I constantly offer you help because I do care about you. People like me don’t need to be talked to, they already know. This is all just wishful thinking on my part to have ever expected the coarse ones to understand what I’m talking about. “I get it! White men are bad!” Look at the rabble in its typical excuses. Anything that gives them a clear conscience about being a sell-out to the vulgar majority they will readily accept. That’s because they were always one with them. It’s a white nigger.

Feel criticized? Then wonder why you do. “Because ahifaoigniewr349j8nntoiwehj93w4rufne white men must die!!” Ah so I’m right about you. It’s a not-person who wants everyone else to be a not-person. Feel criticized?

This seems crucial

what is generally called rhetoric is no art at all, but the mere knack of a certain kind of flattery.

We live in a world of incessant flattery. You have to make people feel good about themselves for them to like you. “No shit!” I’m just sayin, there’s deception involved there, oftentimes at least. A world of incessant ungrounded flattery.

I was sitting there thinking “I’m going to try to be a pleasant person” and I guess that isn’t happening.

Exactly what I was thinking, Mr. Nichols pokemon

Socrates suggests the possibility of a real art of rhetoric that would serve justice and the political good.

All the flattery doesn’t do anything to improve the world. It only keeps people in a state of happiness that they don’t deserve. If they weren’t so flattered they’d strive to deserve happiness. THAT would improve the world. “I deserve happiness.” If you do something good for the world then you deserve happiness. Unfortunately I’m not sure very many do that. They mostly make the world worse. You think you should be happy with yourself about that?

It’s good to go back to old philosophers because they provoke you to think about things you thought you understood and don’t understand at all – this is Bacon (not the painter)

The duty and office of rhetoric is to apply reason to imagination for the better moving of the will.

What does flattery actually do? How does it move someone’s will? It seems in most cases it only motivates them to continue in their errors. That’s the standard M. O. today. Affirm people in their error as valid, and as flawless and exemplary even. Would you call that type of rhetoric an art or a collective vice? I’d say you’re just putting off the responsibility of hurting people’s feelings which is required before they correct their errors. THAT is an error itself. So it’s an error met with another error.

Before you do your typical prog ritual, ask yourself how it will move your intended reader’s will. Jews are actually very good at this, moving wills. It is their rhetorical superstructure that progs’ rhetoric takes place within. I don’t buy either level of it. It is an elaborate system of flattery that is only counter-productive to bringing about the political good. Like I’ve said before, it has its foundations in pain. Sometimes I think I’m living in the clouds in the pejorative sense and you know what, I just tried to read a book published in 2020 on poetry and it turned out to be all about the holocaust. The perpetuation of that pain into the present is very real. The consequence of it is that no one ever corrects their errors. “Wills are moved” to believe no one could ever do anything wrong. ERROR. Philistines can do wrong, goblins can do wrong. They are probably able to be reformed somewhat if a new form of rhetoric is adopted. With the current form in place they will only persist in making the world a worse place.

This reminds me of my post about how humor can be a vice. Can you just say something serious for once? Flattery isn’t serious. It just shows that you don’t really care about anything. It’s not-caring in the disguise of caring. Lazy and half-hearted. Say something serious for once, be a person. Where an excess of rhetoric is, a person isn’t. If you think of what I said earlier, being a foolish jester is being more of a person than most people ever are, that can be a grave form of seriousness itself. It takes a real person to take a stand on something.

Another one of my favorite authors years ago, who I’ve never read anyone’s take on, Hermann Hesse

This makes me think that HE was the protagonist in some of his novels.

I was surprised to see him in this the first time I saw it, and when I reflect more I don’t think it’s so surprising- he’s a solid novelist

The distinct sense that people would be overwhelmed with joy if you died… My way of life follows from a few of the ones above. What do you have to do to upset people THAT much?

I found this secondary text while writing that post on brows.

You can’t tell me this isn’t a profound problem in our culture

This is a word very similar to “rabble” except it more emphasizes the defectiveness of their aesthetic dimension. Another difference is that this type is something more than the rabble, they try to distinguish themselves from the rabble. It’s an amateur posing as an expert. This is a similar species to the con-artist and the sophist. It’s ultimately a lowkey form of anti-intellectualism.

Here’s a good definition

a person who is lacking in or hostile or smugly indifferent to cultural values, intellectual pursuits, aesthetic refinement, etc., or is contentedly commonplace in ideas and tastes.

What separates the philistine from the typical rabble is they try to give the impression they’re a snob of their own kind. They purport to represent true culture. There’s often a rhetorical trick here- usually they equate high and low culture, and dismiss high culture, preferring low. Read Aquinas for two hours and get back to me on that idea that high culture doesn’t exist.

You know you don’t HAVE to identify with the types that I disparage. You don’t HAVE to sit there thinking “I’m a philistine!!” That’s just your choice.

Frauds, Tartuffes

did no more than conceal what the lout in the street made no attempt to conceal, the inability to comprehend the essential things of life.

You might be familiar with the way Socrates tracked down, pinned down, “found out” what a sophist was, through the method of division

I’m always doing this sort of thing. Earlier for instance in my deduction regarding conformists of cheap praise whose project is secret lobotomy. Bravo, bravo, you should be proud of yourself. Those birds are a species of philistine. Anti-rebels in rebels’ garb. And it just seems like a law of nature to me for them to scapegoat the one who shows them that they live a lie. In our totalitarian culture there isn’t much choice- you either have to be a philistine or a goat-sacrifice. “You can be something in between.” Can you?