I wouldn’t be shocked if this were true

the impact of modernity on occultism, as will be seen, varied sensibly from country to country

There’s a new study on a member of Evola’s UR Group, someone named Reghini, who’s apparently a prolific esotericist himself. He was a mathematician who considered himself as part of an unbroken chain of initiates going back to Pythagoras.

Mr. Cromwell, what consequences of you and your little merchant friends does your nation now reap?

some aspects seen to be thoroughly compatible with modernity in an occult order in Great Britain, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (est. 1888), for example, do not apply to a country like Italy and an esoteric Tradition like the one represented by Reghini’s writings.

“Cromwell and William of Orange weren’t BRIBED!” Pff.

Yeah and the Kings during the American and French revolutions weren’t in tremendous debt either.

Dæmons evoked in these countries are going to be Yahwehesque. This explains why occult orders in the US have so many prog features. They can’t free themselves from the material plane, they’re stuck in the “society dimension”.

Ooh so this is why I’m only learning of him recently

Reghini had given Christianity the definition of “semitic disease.” This caused Reghini to be completely forgotten until the turn of the century

It must be the excessive pasta-eating habits that keeps their vision clear

what would the progressive female magicians of the Golden Dawn have thought of Julius Evola’s article “Woman as a Thing”?

Hmm learning now that Evola had some stormy love affair with a feminist communist who he beat.

“My favorite part is how you beat me.” Too bad I’m not actually going to read it.

Contemporary occultists aren’t afraid of consorting with demons yet are afraid of making misogynistic jokes, tell me how you square that one. Charlatans who find a way to bolster the theological-political horizon using obscure jargon. “I walk around with my whole head up a jew’s ass, and my body as their mobile throne. I also wear black.”

Ooh I’m starting to understand now

this Roman traditio, in a way similar to Jewish Kabbalah, was said to have been handed down through the centuries from master to student, in order to keep alive a pagan initiatic center that would remain powerful and alive through two millennia of Christianity


His books on mountains, war, and eros are relevant here too.

How to weather the storm of cough cough “Platonism for the masses”.

The study in question seems to be saying the Anglosphere didn’t weather that storm as well.

Based on its epigraph I’d guess the author is sympathetic to this anti-modern occultism

If I moved to Italy how much of the Anglosphere would I take with me…

My point here is that politics shapes even esotericism, and thus that there is a deeper esotericism to politics.

If you didn’t fend off the revolutionary ideals then your nation’s minds will be limited in what they can see behind the scenes.

At the end of the day I probably would take Evola over Yeats, Crowley, Waite, etc. Over Éliphas Lévi, Blavatsky, Scholem (lol), Manly P. Hall, etc. Kind of a no-brainer. I still have to research Reghini more before I make a judgment on him.

Someone is goading me to get Italian dual-citizenship so I’m looking into what life might be like if I did that.

Wtf I love communism now. If you’re a citizen in the Schengen area you can spend 90 days every 6 months in any part of the Schengen area.

Like I said, my time on the various internets has convinced me that besides places like Russia and Iran, Italy and Poland seem to be the places where people breathe most freely. Maybe Italy can be a jumping stone for me after things cool down in Russia.

I’m looking for statistics on this

Hardly anyone regrets fascism in Italy

As far as I know, very few regret fascism. What they regret is being like other European countries… 

Honestly, the entwinement of both Civil War and WW2 mythology is one of the main problems of America. If there’s still WW2 mythology in Italy that’s better than our entwinement here.

Fewer than 30,000 kikes living in Italy at present. Maybe something about the place makes them feel “uneasy”, “nervous”. Many Italian Jews are Sephardis too, muhahaha!

There’s also a strain known as Italki that’s been there since Roman times. Man, imagine having that as the foundation of your worldview instead of George fucking Washington, so sick of that equalist retard. America was doomed from the beginning!

They have a political party that is named after Ezra Pound

They received over 300,000 votes in 2018. Is there a “pocket” of these people somewhere…

It looks like the general population is less extreme though

Then, the Five Star Movement is populist, critical of the EU, and antiestablishment. Badaboom badabing, in other words.

Let’s just get a handle on some of the basics. It’s about the square miles of Arizona.

It’s not as simple as saying “it has the climate of California”

The reason I’m able to get dual-citizenship by the way is because my grandma was already born by the time my great-grandpa became a naturalized US citizen (she was 3 years old).

I’m sick of being a guinea pig in the heart of the experiment of modernity. It’s clearly a failed experiment.

I’m just glad I have these 20 miles separating me from the New York border. New Yorkers are even more cursed.

I always appreciate this kind of map

I actually fried a steak using BOTH butter and olive oil recently and it turned out “next level”.

Isn’t this a weird coincidence, that the ones who seem to breathe most freely are…

It looks like it’s more complicated in Italy though

Probably would have a conversion sitting in one of these

I bet this woman lives somewhere around too

Not surprising

Probably’d be eugenic to find a woman near the Swiss border shhhhhh

I think this explains a lot about why Italy is a sort of “goldilock zone”

eighteenth-century Italy never had the sort of crisis experienced in France

It didn’t have the kind of revolutions that England or America experienced either.

After the collapse of Napoleon’s military fortunes in 1815, the Congress of Vienna freed Italy from French domination. In the Restoration, the three states established by the French were dissolved, French laws were systematically abolished, and the most of the traditional states were restored.

Ciao. French fucks.

Blehk, if I move there the French border will be my new New York border.

Ahhh glorious mountain WALL

We need to dig up mountain rubble on the Italian/Swiss border and pour it on the mountains separating Italy from France.

It reminds me of Florida too

Over 3 times the coastline of Florida though.

“The question is if they are terrible people.” On the spaghettinet they seem more prone to realtalk than Americans, and that’s what’s important to me. Not living in illooooosion.

Something else that’s important

People part of the revolutionary spirit tend to be aesthetically tasteless in more ways than one.

Who told you! Who told you what was going to happen in Iran! I’m not even “disillusioned” because of the protests there, due to the fact that I knew it was going to happen. And now Russia’s at war. So here we are at Italy. (Chink-ville isn’t an option for me.)

This is kind of interesting

I think being so rooted in such a long history has made them resistant to certain modern viruses.

Just the names of their cities alone sound more musical than US ones.

If I say ciao to the US mythos (which sounds like it will be akin to shedding chains) I wonder what darkness I will have to embrace of the Italian mythos, because I’m sure it’s not immaculate.

I expect them to be living in the past more than us. The pioneering spirit is dead here anyway, I just want to get away from the totalitarian processes of hyper-leveling.

Such a provocative title

I was contemplating the “quiet desperation” I noted earlier. Melancholy isn’t precise enough. “Moroseness” isn’t precise enough. Despair, that’s the word. And that is what this treatise is about.

Have to find the humor in the title

You can see my site as similar to a podcast. Oh you want me to have Kierkegaard on the pod? Alright, let’s give him an interview.

A lot of the time I envoke thinkers just to get what I perceive as their essence into my mind’s eye and use it as a muse.

I’ve said before that speaking of the subject of despair is often avoided because that itself causes despair. So I’m trudging on through this, because I feel it’s pretty common, and there needs to be an Understanding of it.

Then I remember I’m talking to niggers, and wonder what’s the point. That itself causes despair for me, maybe some are similar.

Sometimes I wonder if they even feel the elevated moods I do. For instance, depression is something you feel if you don’t feel high enough up in the status hierarchy, and that is distinct from despair, though they can be related. “I’m among the top clowns of clownworld” – oh yeah, I’m really looking for that in life. Having to live amongst people with that ideal is what causes me despair.

Filing it all under the category of “depression” is a mistake that only people who are confused about the nature of society make. It’s similar to how I’ve said that only philosophers understand happiness- the understanding of the opposite mood is also the case.

“Wait a second, what do you mean depression and status are linked?” Yeah, this is why people try to artificially ascend through wealth-accumulation. It’s a close enough replica for them. Dopamine drives Mammon too. In the eyes of the philosophers these people have no real status. Being economically-minded IS a real techne though, just one that doesn’t look very good if it’s not subordinate to something higher. Jews just want chimps to be in control, the “something higher” for them is control- they don’t care about what exactly is in control. These things do cause “one” despair. Probably not just me.

What causes despair is how so many are slaves to artificial status. They get their dopamine from “caving in”. I can’t imagine their happiness is real if those are the terms of service. This, I think, explains some of the pathologies of the ruling-caste. They know they’re still “in exile” and this agitates them and fills them with spite. Just join me in the garden with the philosophers, I bet that might make you feel more relaxed and at peace.

“I DO do that, I adjust certain philosophers to serve corporate liberal interests.” See, that’s where you’re wrong, kid.

What causes despair in higher beings? You’re starting to get a picture of it.

(The fact that I’m mostly talking to niggers right now who can–physiologically–only make excuses because they’re “niggers forever”.)

No one can say I’ve been unfair though, I’ve constantly relayed insights for the pure sake of helping jews, women, plebs, etc. even at the cost of my own personal well-being.

This is just the state of things. Slaves to “cultural recognition” that is a joke to anyone that can see it for what it is. I don’t know, if you were me would that cause YOU despair?

What’s a monkey do when you put a mirror in front of its face?

This is spicy

This is a perfect example of what I mean about the disciplines being fragmented- Husserl is as much a psychologist as he is a philosopher. (And the other way around for Freud.)

To begin, many prominent phenomenologists found the two to be irreconcilable because the unconscious by its nature cannot be “given”, because once it’s given it’s conscious.

Oh baby, this is perfect

If repression can be seen as the lingering presence of something which is like a hidden “foreign body” within us, then its phenomenological clarification must be based on an ability to account for the constitution of what is foreign.

“Putting two Jews together- this is your brilliant idea.” Just don’t think about their politics and it will be fine. (I invite Freud to sit on the couch to discuss his laughable article on antisemitism.)

This gets at something

the inner self-pluralization of the transcendental I

It’s like you have a babysitter in your head that pushes things into your unconscious for you. YET, at the same time, it is YOU. And despite the fact that it is you it is STILL a “foreign body”.

This isn’t supposed to be easy to understand. I mean that in a literal sense. The babysitter CAN’T be understood. It is an evolutionary coping-strategy for dealing with excessive truth.

It isn’t you… there’s something else in your head that isn’t you…

the anonymity of the functioning I

Not many are going to have any idea about this means because most I think lie to themselves about the fact that they lie to themselves. Yes you do, I almost guarantee that you do.

So if we can acknowledge that- the self has to “know” what it pushes into the unconscious. It just has to not know it well enough that it will be remembered (i.e. remain in consciousness). So the self “half-knows” something, holds it up at a distance like someone’s used tissue, then throws it away into the unconscious.

Wow, this is pretty deep

It is thus Freud’s concept of repression that provides him with the tool required to open a space prior to the Husserlian and Heideggerian horizons of discourse

So the latter two will say “The phenomena are present” and Freud will counter that they’re presupposing they’re not repressing anything.

So when I talk about the left’s denial about history and denial about “human” nature I mean to imply that the nanny-self in their head pinches the dry corner of the used tissue and throws it away with a light disgust. You can describe the precise details on how the gas chambers are half a fabrication and they will repress it with ease. You can show them documents of the names of who owned the slave ships and they will repress it with ease. The “theory of the unconscious” explains how our political order is maintained.

This is explained by the anonymity and self-pluralization of the I. You can show them a dozen primary sources on the ubiquity of sex-trafficking in the Pale and their “plural self” will bury it in the unconscious.

By the way, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think of the “nanny self” as God. It isn’t “you” that hides it, it’s something that wants to protect you from the pain of truth. It’s a transcendental I that knows more than you.

This transcendental I is not perfect by any means. If you spend enough time with people who are stronger in the face of the truth your transcendental I can gradually be remolded.

This reminds me- when I was about 20 I got heavy into the study of self-deception and had a sort of psychic break. I might’ve mentioned this before. It’s not healthy to fight that “nanny” too severely. And yet here we are every day.

Let’s try an experiment. Think about something that makes you uncomfortable.

You probably felt the nanny there pushing something out of your thoughts.

That’s it, that was the experiment.

“It was about how I want to fuck a dog, how I DID fuck a dog once!” You are messed up. Seriously though, your nanny probably interferes with your political convictions.

Studying this kind of stuff though helps close the gap between your ordinary ego and your transcendental I. Namely, it helps you lie to yourself less. (Or so I tell myself [See what I mean?]).

Since my friend is going to try that with someone who is troubled I figured I’d look into it more closely

They work in the places the intellect is afraid, or unable, to go. Psychedelics quickly zero in on the blocks, constrictions, dysfunctions, and mental distortions that accumulate over a lifetime. Psychedelics permit an individual to access unconscious and highly defended memories that are accessible through other modalities only after many years of work, and sometimes not even then. They cut through denial

He’s not taking it himself or even microdosing.

Currently, only ketamine is legal in a therapeutic setting, but they say next year psilocybin will be legal to use in Oregon.

This has the greatest potential of any therapy in my opinion. Even if you have a dummy for a shrink it could be effective.

My friend is someone who’s naturally in the headspace of William Blake. I’d suggest something like that. Always try to keep in mind what I said about the ineffectiveness of psychotherapy being rooted in part in the fragmentation of the disciplines. To help people I think they need to incorporate philosophy and theology. “Augmented Freudianism” isn’t enough.

I think lots of people are in denial

Over time, inner walls that were built to keep trauma at bay harden and solidify. We become the walking wounded, numb and unremembering, but bleeding inside.

“That’s not ME, SHUT UP!” Entheogens will reveal the truth to you if it IS you.

“Why am I so tired all the time…”

Energy previously used to block off pain is now free to revitalize the body as a vehicle for living.

Apparently when the entheogens were made illegal in the 70s many therapists went underground and risked their careers to help people with them. That’s how I’m reading a study from 2017 on this right now.

I just want people to have all the nice things. A JUNGIAN plus the best kind of entheogen, COMBO.

CBT + MDMA = blech

“My trauma has made me who I am.” Yeah and I’m sure that’s a great thing, no offense.

Try to peer into the mist

Recovery from trauma is a challenging odyssey. To complete the journey, travelers must access repressed memories and associated emotions which may be shrouded in amnesia.

With someone skilled in psychology + a substance that opens the unconscious there won’t be much mist to have to peer through.

I know lots of girls like this

blindly repeating self-sabotaging behaviors and life scripts

“I don’t even want to see what I keep hidden from myself.” I bet your higher self does.

You might have noticed that codgers avoid entheogens like the plague. As they get older, it seems, they want to hide more and more from themselves. Things they’ve gone through in life must be unbearable. I bet this could help them too though.

I can think of some dark stuff. It’s possible they’d realize they hate their family for instance. Life is about making long-term commitments and sticking to them! Who knows, talking to a psychology-master while on entheogens could lead them to abandoning everything in their life because they realize it all only makes them unhappy. So they ARE a potential danger to what one has committed oneself to.

I used to know a girl who worked for a jewspaper, and since I’m kind of like a walking entheogen I could tell I made her doubt her life to the point of depression, but mostly denial.

Oh god, I’ve done that to lots of people now that I reflect.

Serving Moloch by day, and going to bed with a demon by night. Sounds nice!

Reminds me of this meme- if the above is you, don’t worry, you’re definitely the monocled Pooh

Or if you got a factory farm education and now the only way you can think is through Marx and Deleuze (very common), there’s no doubt you are the monocled Pooh.

It’s fun to look into the abyss isn’t it?

Well, arguably, you’re not doing that right now, because the typical ego has many tricks to defend itself. You’re only looking at mist at the moment, or an outline in the mist if you’re lucky.

You may also see the social masks and roles you’ve played to avoid pain and gain acceptance.

Knock knock, who’s the “real you” in there?

I don’t think many people even want to be part of the Vegas menagerie, deep down. They only are because they’re jaded.


“Denial” is just an abstraction you don’t apply to your own self.

It makes me laugh how common it is- “I sleep with a demon then I wake up and I’M a demon during the day.” It’s everywhere.

Yeah, this is one strength it has

They talk about it as “imprinting”. This state is imprinted, and if it’s imprinted enough times, that will be the natural reality. I don’t think many people are very “open”. It’s good to be open. Well, until it gets you in trouble!

MDMA makes you not embarrassed to say certain things that are on your mind. Or even things you find embarrassing that you keep in your unconscious. All in all though I think MDMA is a “cop-out” entheogen, causing too much bliss and not revealing enough darkness.

This is why using a zog-monkey therapist is dangerous

Like I said, this would be a demanding role for the trip-sitter. One prominent reason being that sometimes the one who caused the trauma won’t be blamed but rather it will be transferred onto the sitter. So the devil of someone’s life will be right in the room with them, and that’s YOU if you’re the sitter, and obviously in some cases you can’t abandon the “patient”, and they might even get violent.

Oh yeah, this is good advice

Having a second or backup sitter, preferably of a different gender, can save the day.

For whatever reason, a bad trip can turn into a good trip and vice versa if you go from talking to a man to talking to a woman and vice versa.

Let’s just keep refining this. I agree with this scholar that LSD can be overly cerebral and can get you lost in abstractions.

Tryptamines in general are probably optimal

I think it’s something to do with LSD being a synthetic chemical. Tryptamines feel more organic. If you’re in it not for therapy reasons but just want to ascend philosophical heights though I do recommend some of Shulgin’s favorites.

This is funny

Sorry I can’t help you progs! You’ll have to find a more left-leaning sitter since you probably already see me that way.

To add to the above, higher doses often result in amnesia. So if you worked through some of your problems you’ll forget any of it ever happened, meaning the trip was in vain.

People with the most basic psi abilities can detect a “quiet desperation” permeating the US. This is how to, if not fix it, at least significantly help it.

This modern-day shaman says he’s done hundreds of sessions with people

If you wanted to go into somet hing uncomfortable,

the aesthetics of “the blow job”,

I could tell you some things if you wanted advice.

“We men” want your tongue outstretched for our seed.

“You’re being gross!” What are you, my puritanical sister?

Even my sister probably wants that, sperm all over her.

In eyes, ears, mouth, deep in vagina to create a baby

I’m only talking about “woman’s fantasy” here

“I want to be facedown in a puddle of sperm.” That’s the female id.

Sure, if I was talking to my future daughter though I’d advise a look-out to know if certain sperm leads to subhumans.

Just got off the phone with a friend no kike nigger should ever track, and we had a good Norman discussion regarding psychedelic therapy.

The question is whether the therapist should also be on the drug that takes them to parallel states. Some people are permatrippers so it isn’t necessary. People part of the prog bureaucracy should not be allowed in the therapist role.

We try to honor the disciplines here. Psychology would be able to improve society if there weren’t so many posers around it.

Want your depression to go away? Then you need to LISTEN.

“You never made my sadness go away.” That’s because you never listened.

Just feel like Yandexing random paintings, trying to bask in images of the beautiful.

The gynocracy

“That’s not beauty, that’s disturbing!” Yeah I admittedly didn’t notice the dong there until after I posted the picture here.

The Divine Feminine meddling with our world

Not the ZOG version. There are goddesses above the Shekinah.

I prefer Zeus myself though

It’s strange to think that the following is a sort of self-portait of Alex Grey’s

Note the upper-left. It’s not exactly “Alex Grey” who painted these.

As much of the DMThead I am though I was never mesmerized by him- I don’t think he does justice to the experience.

So continuing with other paintings that catch my eye

Decent depiction of the Forms

This one is just for my own personal amusement

Me and my leftist reader, reconciling at last

(I’m the one with the halo.)

Otherwise why would I post something like this?

My experience on the world wide web

Despite my misogyny it really is kind of like this

The reality

Maybe this seems self-indulgent. I don’t care, I have no obligations to the leeches I deign to refer to as my “readers”. Since the beginning, the internet was always a place for me to do whatever the fuck I want. I’ve recommended this to you before, I don’t think you’ve taken it up.

Contemporary realist paintings look like shyte- this is the “dumbass world” most people are living in

“Hang out with the girls and don’t think about anything philosophy or theology related, just retards living in the moment.”

So this one is fitting

Yep, contemporary paintings, even on Yandex, are disgusting to look at, and this is just another one of the many symptoms of the Decline taking place.

The VOIDING of beauty in the soul of Euros

Anyone who has taken part in the decline, in even the most infinitesimal way, should be shot.

Yup, the more I scroll, the more paintings of degeneracy I see. Just goes to show that “contemporary” and “progress” are not aligned.