We’re in our own “breakaway civilization” ourselves, if you need to scream your allegiance to the future monkey-state they’re crafting, it looks like you never were able to separate yourself from the establishment, “simping for the cathedral” in modern parlance. What happened to you? I was expecting you to be independent.

“Trying to make a name for myself in the publishing world, in the producing world, in the creative world” is what controls many things today. If you want to show true freedom from the establishment post a take that might get your account permanently suspended, that’s what I and anyone who matters looks for in a lady. Defy the status quo and obviously you’re hotter than a supermodel.

This is the farce I continually witness

Why does the supposed leader of the free world have to call upon others constantly? You don’t run shit Donald, bring in the fucking national guard. Who is above you giving you orders? You call in the national guard yourself, then you will begin the process of not “larping as the president”, are you too old to understand this or are you going to act? You have control of the military if need be, stop being a pussy and murder oligarchs then post tweets laughing about it, that’s the next step, then maybe Putin will see you as an equal.

You can superimpose whatever symbols you want on me, I’m just a normal person who likes the idea of having kids who are better than me. If you want to bring a leftist agenda to that, okay, there’s no way to stop you, the covert agencies and corporations are supporting your cause, you degenerate sell-out, you slut- I remember the days when prostitutes had to be paid for sex, these days they just do it for free. Click that hyperlink and see what I mean though. The idea of life is to go beyond every generation, and the way the left is structured they will only go backward in time. Care too much about knuckle-draggers, and knuckle-draggers you will turn into, that is the contemporary left. Reminds me of those pictures of nurses upside-down on stripper poles, that is what the modern left has degenerated to, that is their idea of “caring”. Caring is making sure the next generation is extremely intelligent. The white male perspective of course is entirely redacted from this conversation. Because that would imply that jungle voices and kitchen voices don’t get a say in things. And who controls that? Merchant voices. Enjoy, have a good time, as cat ladies, cat ladies and cads, what a nice place we find ourselves at. In these trying times I’d like to give the cat ladies a bouquet

I used to talk about people letting the world burn, these days I can talk about people actively encouraging burning the world down, without any symbolism needed. All it is about is people getting revenge for being born abominations. Cheer them on for that I guess. “I was born as a person that should’ve been born in the jungle and instead here I am in civilization, I guess as a response we should burn everything down so it’s more like the jungle I was supposed to be born in.” Jews aren’t much different, whatever makes the country cozier for them, -whispers out of side of mouth- until it’s time for them to move yet again. Without Israel on the backburner in their minds they wouldn’t be so extreme with their views. The existence of Israel gives free reign to all their ugliest impulses. Because they know that if anything goes wrong they can just move away. I’d like to see one of them admit this. Instead, all wave the flag for “apes are people too!” while in their subconscious is the awareness that they have an exit strategy. No, you’re one of the apes who doesn’t matter, that’s the next phase of the dialectic that you are unable to acknowledge because, again, you are one of the apes.

Looking at this map again

Even these blank “safe-zones” you could see as banned-zones waiting to happen.

Why weren’t they surveyed? That’s strange. I suspect that for the majority of the cases above it was because either 1. they’re pre-civilized people who wouldn’t understand, or 2. they’re pre-civilized people who shouldn’t understand. This is why I anticipate future bannings, because it would cause an existential crisis among the populations if they knew what was being meddled with, the primitive mind interpreting it as “devil magic”, which our westerners aren’t very far away from in regard to their perception of Prometheanism. It’s possible to try in some of these places, I just expect it not to go over so well. Kids who are 250 IQ freaks of nature, it’s bound to sound some alarms. Maybe some of these peoples would be too dim to understand what’s going on, then we have the problem of “caring Christians” “stepping in”, can you people get a hobby or something? Even with an autonomous seastead I can see this being a problem, so maybe an offworld settlement is actually the best bet at the end of the day. I invite you to think like a lizard person. Create posthumans with the appearance of normal humans offworld, many many of them, then gradually send them to earth…

Farrell’s take on formalism

His “conspiracy” is that axis power elites after the war ended up in cahoots with the ally power elites. HMU bros if this is true. He has hundreds of pages devoted to this thesis so I’m only going to provisionally speculate that 1, 4, and 5 here have misled him into seeing “fascists” in power everywhere like they have most people. Judging by the material conditions, i.e. the belief-nexus that the academy, media, and corporacracy (which are all simultaneously equal to and downstream from 1, 4, and 5) consistently try to instill in people’s minds, there are no “fascists” among them to be found. Nonetheless this is still a great book on 1, 4, and 5 so far. 1 and 5, otherwise known as the ones who gave you many of the opinions you think are your own. He says 5 originated from the geopolitical situation between the US and Russia after WWII. That they’ve had an experimental “patch” of their own for 70ish years now, keeping much of their intellectual culture secret – seems plausible.

BLM is more about white liberals saying “I matter”, “I matter for saying people who don’t matter matter.” Conformist strivers who don’t want to be canceled. “You better lie and say they matter or you won’t matter!” – my coethnics have such a knack for making me laugh in disgust.

I try to put myself in the place of a covert agency, let’s call them the CIA². I wonder, “If I were them, what would I do?” Grin and smile, while remaining “serious”-faced to the public for the most part, probably. Looks like this book is asking some important questions

10) – In contact with tryptaminic-kabbalist demon/angel-entities? If you’re a breakaway-society and there’s no human power higher than you, you will probably try to contact these entities, as a sort of occult “checks and balances” system. Everyone scrutinizes prole-cops while I wonder about these “cops”. We are not the same. Speaking of proles, while I tend not to judge a book by its cover, “proleface” is a thing, and I’m sure the people in this breakaway-society are attuned to that, and thus practice a form of eugenics, as proleface tends to be a symptom of prolesoul. Which is to say that there is probably a nazi-ish element to their breeding practices, given that certain races, being hunter-gatherers, are lower even than our proles, i.e. workers, farmers, etc. Whether they have a secret space program, I’m skeptical about that, since they probably inherited countless private islands for their technological projects. Who knows, maybe a space program is one of those projects. A recently retired higher-up in the Air Force recently said that the technology exists to transport anyone anywhere in the world in less than an hour, they probably use that to do business in foreign places. If you remember my posts about Skunkworks, being undetectable by radar and the like was one of their main M.O.’s, so the idea of a eugenics-practicing elite with personal, invisible rockets that conducts global business at the blink of the eye, and partakes in the social engineering of public opinion, who are potentially augmented cyborgs with ritual occult connections with extradimensional entities isn’t an idea I’m allergic to. Like I said, if I were them that’s what I’d do anyway.

Hmm am I feeling schizo enough today to read another book by that alchemy/transhumanism guy

Relevant concept.

Also I just found this loon through Farrell

Five books on secret space programs, buddy are you feeling okay? (I might have to look into these.)