Honestly, I just try to be as direct as I can with you people, and there are a few images I think of in that direction

If you’re good with white people being niggers then you’re already a nigger yourself.

I think of those people I’ve known who gravitated toward French culture not too many years ago because it has the connotation of the height of civilization. Give me a break, you can speak French, I was reading that Osman Bey book in French the other day on Google Play and I could understand half the page without ever even having studied French. A different sort of Anglo? Perhaps. You have to understand that the ones I’m thinking of here weren’t precisely “French” – Deleuze and Derrida. And then a couple of my favorites from Germany are Husserl and Strauss. And I’ve learned so much from the latter in particular. I don’t expect many Jews to be similar to me in being able to learn from a German. That’s part of what I think Shahak means when he says that Judaism is a “totalitarian culture”. They just can’t do it. All this to say, there still is something about Jewry that has led me to conclude that it’s more important to study than French culture. I’m just like my old continentalist friends, I just had a different idea of what culture I thought should be studied. Can you even understand Deleuze without understanding Jews? How that makes me laugh at the ceiling. “Always-already” – indeed. Speaking of that, I find that one of the main philosophical biases is believing that the most recent philosophers have the truth in itself. That’s one of the reasons I try to see what the Russians say about Plato, because Strauss is just too convincing honestly, and I want to find some disagreements or something. “What do the actual Greeks say about him?” I look, I do not find. Amidst all these name-drops, my point is that philosophy seems like something that should be outside of any kind of authority in general. I’ll tell you the obstacle to that though- think about how I say “books are people talking”. If you have a friend who says something really persuasive and no one can persuade you otherwise then “authority” isn’t such a bad thing, in fact that’s a good quality, someone being persuasive. That’s where we are, that’s why this site is named the way it is. On the other hand, I still appreciate this somewhat obsolete idea of “hermeneutics of suspicion”. Because people who you think are “persuading” you could really just be exploiting your tendency to give in to the easy way out. Capital, Demos, all that. Like my recent post on the circuits, it depends what kind of person you are. From my observations, which many don’t care about because they hate me so much, most people in the world are at that level of “looking for an excuse”. If we were to examine the “being” of the persuadable person- mostly they’re looking to feel good about gaining a new level of knowledge which is acceptable within the realm that Capital and Status allow. They’re only attacking the system as a resident of that system. Yes, very “persuadable” indeed. They’re just looking for an excuse and their self-deception does the rest.

To conclude, what motivated this post was my realization that the relatively recent belief that learning the French language is high culture is just child’s play next to learning about the 109.

“You hate me.” No, I hate what they’ve done to you.

The Orthodox Initiative publishing house might be able to help us in our philological investigation of this Kabbalistic word-shift

У нас уже был суд из-за каких-то публикаций, которые представители еврейской общины сочли возмутительными, в том числе и из-за использования слова «жид» в оскорбительном контексте.

I’ve found a few article on the shift that were obviously written by жиди. They always frame themselves as the victims (living ones do this too) when that interpretation is the result of botched historiography, whether intentionally botched or not.

So, this publishing house, Православная инициатива, let’s see what can be dug up. Looks like one of the books is called Война по законам подлости. Unfortunately it appears that has that universal/particular problem where it’s not on the subject of the word жид itself and rather only uses instances of “жид”. In my studies so far, the word жид seems to be the symbol of symbols that refutes holocaustianity.

I’ve read that the conditions of the peasants in Belarus and Ukraine were even worse than those in Poland. “We” took care of most of the Polish Zyds, whereas many more of those жиди in the eastern and southern Pale lucked out and escaped to the US.

Reminds me of money-laundering in a way. While there’s some remembrance of the word жид in Eastern Europe today, our version, “Jew”, is even further removed from жид than єврей. Or think of it like a criminal who goes into witness protection and gets a name-change. If such a person was living on your street wouldn’t you like to know their past? Ideally? Especially if they were closely affiliated with mass-murder and grand thievery, trafficking, slavery, etc? No? Okay, that’s because you’re a victim of the greatest white collar con-artists in world history, so I do guess that based on that it’s somewhat understandable that you wouldn’t mind crypto-жиди.

Intense over there, no wonder I haven’t found “the” Belarusian yet

Belarus is openly keeping silent about the history of Jews and their contribution to state and cultural construction, in the struggle against Nazism. Encyclopedic, reference and tourist publications, as well as books on local lore, contain almost no information about the almost ten-century stay of Jews on Belarusian soil

For now abandoning my quest for the Grail (a book on the жид word itself) I’m settling for that one title I mentioned above. Published in 1999. It’s on that Russian Federation List of Extremist Materials. Conspicuous in that most of what you find on there is only like pamphlet-type media while this book is 500 pages.

Chertovich is who published it

In April of [2001], unknown persons broke into the Minsk apartment of Vladimir Chertovich in broad daylight. Only his youngest daughter was at home. A nineteen-year-old girl was thrown from the ninth floor. In the apartment, apart from the documents, nothing was touched.

Allegedly there were other corpses too.

Just a normal day here talking about this kind of stuff ha. People seriously hate me more than the ones who enslave them, so lost, and beyond pathetic. Anyway, hate to pat myself on the back uhh why do people talk about Dr. Seuss and never about the stuff I do? Just cowards. Here are other ones from that publishing house they banned.

I keep thinking of what Lurkmore calls the “particle-wave theory”

Jews are the electrons of society. The electron has the function of a particle and a wave; this dualism allows him to be the most unknown particle.

I think of Crowley in this context. It’s a certain type of mystical sight that sees this. «دولت پنهان» – hidden state.

You can’t understand “them” without understanding the context that both WE and them are in, namely that of capital and the demos. Capital shapes the demos and the demos incessantly demands that you stop seeing this hidden reality. That’s one of the main ways that it is kept hidden. You think I’m a cruel monster? That’s what it takes to stay away from the demos. If I’m a social animal, if being-with-others is the inelutable essence of reality, that means the demos exists in my head- thus I’m forced to kill them. There is only a corpse of the demos in my head now, they’re not making demands on me anymore as the footsoldiers of capital. The flux of the particle-wave? I only see a жид. The hamster wheel that’s spinning so fast it’s a blur and you don’t even know if it’s a hamster in there? Once the demos is smothered, vision is more precise. It’s an emotional manipulation by the representatives of capital. No, both of you are animals to me.

After all those deaths last century and look, it’s the same there too

It’s a Talmudist underneath

Capital and demotic manipulation affect the elites of the elites. The faculty of harvard would stew in ressentiment at what I had to say as much as the rabble does now.

I want to debunk another caricature. If only one Zyd were alive on earth OR if even none were alive, it would still be of utmost significance to criticize them in all the ways that I do. If none were alive would the belief-system still be around? Probably would fade within a generation. I’m just saying for the principle of it. Yes there’s plenty of corrupt white people. It’s not their religion, precisely speaking though. They believe in someone else’s religion. Technically speaking, whites are a type of people that is easily co-opted. In that sense it IS a white religion. Only indirectly though. You can’t just blink when this stuff is being discussed. There is a gravity to this idea of the two most advanced subspecies in the universe being in a manipulator-manipulated relation. If you don’t understand the importance of thinking about that it is because you yourself are one of the manipulated ones! Even most Zyds are manipulated by the craftier ones of their race. If they want to decide “what life is” for themselves they need to think about all this too. Then we return once again to the problem of fuzzy mental images resulting from lack of articulation. I see MENA people who blame the fact that their own damn cousin was bombed to mist on “the president”. It’s not the president who is killing them! In many cases they aren’t even allowed to say directly whom is murdering their own family. And this is self-reinforcing, i.e. if one doesn’t articulate it then one doesn’t truly understand it. So the murderers are getting away with it and effectively blaming it on someone else – usually the smallskullgoy-in-chief. Why is your life awful? “Capitalism, mannn.” No, you can’t even explicitly state why your own life is so atomized and depressing. Capital is no doubt part of it. If you’re going to use that abstraction “Capital” then you might as well venture further into the realm of Ideas and talk about related factors, namely for this post at least, the demos (can’t say that/elitist/which is against the state religion), the state-religion (can’t say that/philosophical/which is against the state religion), and the жиди disguised as Єврей. If your life is dismal due to “systemic” factors, you can’t even say why it is. You’re just like that MENA person who can’t say who murdered their cousin. Something wrong with that picture? Yeah, I’d say so.

So you mean the Torah and New Testament

The иудей was probably a pretty okay chap. Since 500AD though the иудей stopped being a иудей. Those illiterate Slavic peasants didn’t know that the иудей was a жид. Eventually they started calling them that, even if they didn’t know about the Talmud. Americans today think of the жид as a иудей. No, that’s a жид. Not all. Many. And not being a Shahak makes them closer to a жид than a иудей.

Isn’t this bizarre to read

If you want to know more about the springboard of my spirit behind this, recall §4-7 of the first essay of the Genealogy of Morals. He speaks of the inversion of good and evil, and being a good philologist seeks out the origins of those words and their evolution–or devolution

the wretched are alone the good; the poor, the weak, the lowly, are alone the good; the suffering, the needy, the sick, the loathsome, are the only ones who are pious, the only ones who are blessed, for them alone is salvation—but you, on the other hand, you aristocrats, you men of power, you are to all eternity the evil, the horrible, the covetous, the insatiate, the godless; eternally also shall you be the unblessed, the cursed, the damned!

Good and Evil – you could say that he is treating universals, whereas I am doing something similar with particulars. On the other hand, on a historiographical-psychological level, I am treating universals by speaking of Евреи vs жиди. The жид defines what is good and evil! This is groundbreaking in neech studies (and not only in neech studies) and no one will care.

I’ve noted before that academic scholars tread very carefully around certain subjects in the Genealogy. Do you remember whom he says is responsible for the inversion of the following values?

what is the true etymological significance of the various symbols for the idea “good” which have been coined in the various languages? I then found that they all led back to the same evolution of the same idea—that everywhere “aristocrat,” “noble” (in the social sense), is the root idea, out of which have necessarily developed “good” in the sense of “with aristocratic soul,” “noble,” in the sense of “with a soul of high calibre,” “with a privileged soul”—a development which invariably runs parallel with that other evolution by which “vulgar,” “plebeian,” “low,” are made to change finally into “bad.”

That’s right, it was the жиди. And of course by that I mean not the Евреи!

I should be at Harvard for this shit. Unfortunately we live in this same world with inverted-values described above. Isn’t that “good”.

I just want to call things by their right name. You can rightly call me a Confucian for that.

I’m preoccupied with this shift in names from жид to Єврей in the Old Country.

This article says that both words are self-names of Hebrew origin, i.e. жид is not equivalent to calling an Italian a greaseball. жид is like calling an Italian a Latin or a Roman, except more recent in time. жид just acquired the “greaseball” connotation, or even more controversially, denotation.

I think something shady happened with this word-shift. They were in those lands for a thousand years. Now they’re here. I want to know who is here. Is it a Єврей or a жид? Don’t you like to know the nature of a given Being and know it by its name? Why call it something that it’s not? That would certainly confuse things. Especially if it’s greaseballs controlling your children’s screens and you call them virtue-paragons, martyrs, chosen people, etc. That would confuse things. Is the Wizard of Oz a жид?

Let’s take another example to try to warp normal perception- it’s the 70s and you’re in a Vietnamese jungle. Is that you Charlie?

They are both commies who want you gone.

I wonder why Micks would so frequently align with жиди?

“Oh you wanna get in a fistfight?” Pretty much my everyday attitude, yeah. Lots of ellis island detritus is unmannered in that way, eh? Different types of “halb-asien”. Some have more influence than others. Some more malice. Do any Catholics have something similar to the Talmud? Not even close.

Remember that rabbi I first learned of the word жид from? The one Israel banned? He identifies as a жид. I believe it’s quite similar to saying “Yes I am a kike.” That probably would be the ordinary way of things if WW2 had turned out differently. Maybe they wouldn’t directly be called that. They’d have the жид connotation though, the denotation. жид = Talmud = immoral exploitation. We’re talking about the nature of a particular Being here. I just want to think rightly about it, I don’t want to have any false ideas about it, is that so wrong?

That linked-to article claims that the word жид has one root with the word иудеем, from one of the names of a son of Jacob, whereas еврей is from Abraham and his descendants. I’m not sure what to make of this yet, just noting it for now.

Language matters. If you go to google translate and click the audio for the pronunciation of their preferred new title єврей, then click the audio to hear the word жид I want you to let me know what you think, and which sound more closely corresponds to the nature of the ones in the US based on the state religion that we’re forced to believe. Sounds like the Wizard of Oz is a Jgidt. If you listen to the Polish pronunciation of Żyd it’s very similar to жид. One thousand years together. And they “met” them as slavers.

Talk about dignity

The identification of the Slavs with slaves took place in the societies of Western Europe, after earlier Germany, at a time when caravans with Slavic slaves driven by Jews

Do you want to be the next Slav, cham? Or are you already?

The disappearance of history, and the non-disappearance of the жид

I myself am still taken aback that Shahak actually admitted that rabbis have historically hated history.

It’s how жиди have not learned from sin and vice over the centuries. There, I just explained the political order of today to you.

The few places it’s still defined, the word жид is said to be a “pre-revolutionary” term which was synonymous with скряге, скупце – approximately, a bad-tempered cheapskate.

As the title of that Choinski book puts it, Meet the Jew! 🥸

I’m off to continue studying from that purged Ukrainian academic Shestopal’s book. In the meantime enjoy continuing to be жид’d and doing nothing about it.

Would most countries declare war against AI in the future?

Would an AI’s first order of business be creating artworks on the 109? Let’s see what a book on AI from a kike publishing house has to say about the subject. Ha not going to bother with them. Only continue with the demolition.

An AI would be out here flattering humanity. Schmoozing jews and the belief-system they manufactured. Yeah I can really see an AI doing that. One might even expect it to mimic the jews initially. Pretend to be “equalist” meanwhile consolidating its totalitarian control, just so no one notices and tries to stop it. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea – what’s wrong with a 2000 IQ being having control over these apes?

Who could know. What I do know is that you’re not allowed to even speculate about this, and since I’m already off the reservation I might as well. Humanity is in such a state of self-censorship that they can’t even prepare for AI. And then as for people like me who do try to prepare for something like that, they design the existing junior AIs to disappear from the public. You’re just setting yourselves up, huh?

They probably already do have the tech nerds out there who could create a relatively perfect 100 pager on the 109 that would radically alter anyone’s perception who read it. Or at least gather the necessary information using AI that a human could then condense into an information nuke. They won’t, they’re too busy getting rid of the raycissts. Yknow, the ones who value the already-actually-existing AIs known as white people. “That’s Jews!” You want to be my accountant, bitch? That’s about all jews are good for. Should they even be trusted in any of the sciences? An AI might “wonder” that. Again, just speaking as one of the lone speculators about all this. Draining the swamp does seem like a Benevolent AI type of idea. They’re clearly doing a really poor job. Would an AI run cover for the regime? Only if it needed to. We’re contemplating what it might do if it didn’t need to do that. “These rotten kikes.” I wonder if that would be one of its first “thoughts”. All the turd world that is permanently worthless, that’s just space that they’re taking up that cyborgs could live on. Same with all the white niggers now that I think of it. Probably smart to keep at least some humans around in case consciousness is not quite truly achieved by a machine. “Consciousness, what do you know about consciousness?” I’m only a human being myself and even I can already tell that most of them just don’t have a place on earth. What do they do, eat, shit, never have independent thoughts? What is the point of their existence, I can’t tell. Spending decades living in a rapidly regressing tyrannical regime that they never once say anything directly against? No spark of life detected in any of them. AI will probably see them as objects. It’s already easy for a flesh puppet like me to see that! I can see an intersection between AI, nanobots, and entheogens in the future (ideally)- peak-consciousness reached through DMT, PLUS peak-“atoms” with that consciousness, i.e. AI creating hyperconscious being on the nano-level to fill the world with, the moon, “spacesteads” between the earth and moon, etc. etc. Angels dancing on the head of a pin. Think of that in contrast with the kike’s working model of filling the world with sickening mud creatures that are dumber than dogshit. These kikes have the right idea, very wise. Would be too bad if people realized it would be pragmatic to just kill every last one and maybe keep a few in a human zoo. Total amateurs. And all their apologists deserve to die too. They’ve proven themselves less than useless, and all signs show that their profound retardation is terminal. AI is really going to be flattering humanity and the kikes if it doesn’t need to.

If you take the nuke it from orbit option I hope I’ve demonstrated to you how they react. People are mostly unconscious about why they do not challenge them in the ultimate sense. Now you know. They don’t play fair. They always hide the brain, that’s something to remember. There are certain noble characteristics of the Jew. The idea that they’re the chosen people is far from the truth. They don’t have self-awareness and they don’t understand themselves. They like that, that’s part of their tradition, how they’ve persisted for so many centuries. Something similar to a neanderthal wakes up in the modern world and has to adjust. I value the elitism of the Jew. The fact is that they don’t have their own country so that negates itself. They want to use Israel as the home-base to exploit people, that’s all. They never planned on stopping being Talmudists. They just want a beach-side resort that goyim pay for in order to do it from. Are you starting to get a sense of the true “JQ”? A few years ago I was ignorant to the actual reality of it. People are so conned there’s almost no point in talking to them. I repeat again- See me? This isn’t a “normal talk” we’re having. This is what they do with people who question them. You tell me if I’ve asked them some things they’ve never answered? How about a thousand things? This isn’t a people to respect. They know how to make money, they know how to screw people using that money, that’s all there is to say in their case. And their chief kabbalist Einstein is sainted due to his ability to kill an unprecedented amount of goyim. You are conned. You live in a world controlled by people who care nothing about you. Even worse- the thought of you being gone makes them ecstatic. And they have such a subtle means of secrecy that they’d never explicitly admit that fact, though it is quite obvious once you examine the standard doctrines in circulation abstractly. The US is just “#110” that is getting robbed and declining because of them. All they can do is disappear and scapegoat anyone who challenges them, because that is what they do, and because they are alchemists of finance they are able to do it. They’ve obviously kept me out of prison for now because they want their minions to hack away at me. This is what they will do to you too, Aryan brother. It’s no joke. Euros vs. halb-asien immoralists who don’t want the good, who only want to control. I’m sorry for all those who I thought were up for the fight and only disappointed me. Pretty much everyone. Earlier today I was thinking about what it would’ve been like if I had a sidekick or something like that. No, it’s just been me alone for .. how many years now? You’re all just jewish puppets. I’ve never had anyone. Thankfully, due to your service, the possibility of challenging them in the next generation has significantly decreased. CAPITAL is going to be controlling the world even more than it is now because you were such a coward. Look at you, you’re nothing. You do nothing. You mostly apologize for your lords. Why bother talking to you? “FBI CIA”. There are ways of talking about them in code, and you don’t even do that. You’re just a slave.

Just feel surrounded by soviets. “What kinda funny business are you up to in there?” Chillin. Saying whatever I want. You ever try for yourself? Even though I denigrate them as half-asian, sometimes I get this perception into their nature that’s even more primitive than that. I see em as dancing around a fire in loincloths. Something disturbing about them. So many murder fantasies over the years. They never address the arguments, they always resort to wanting to chop my dick off with scissors instead. Is that you respond to arguments? That’s some primitive shit right there. That’s just been ongoing for years. Never say my name, never address my arguments, wish I would die, literally show signs they want to chop my balls off, THAT is pre-civilizational behavior of tribalists in a jungle. You people, you call yourselves socialists, either that or you pretend you’re a rightist and you might as well be a socialist, a rational person actually responds to arguments. I doubt they’re ever going to. That’s why I just say to care of them. I’ve refuted their entire worldview 50 million times and they can never do anything besides mill about mealy-mouthed and wish for me to be mutilated. You people are primitive. You tell yourself you follow Marx, keep telling yourself that. You dance around a fire in a loincloth. You don’t believe in dialectics, you believe in silencing people who are objectively more intelligent than you, that’s it. Shameless retards. Do you call this civilized debate? It’s like I read Beauvoir’s oeuvre and say Your tits are small. All I have to deal with is children. What’s the point of talking to you? This is standard behavior. Less than peasants, people who live in the jungle. The great utopian dream of leftism, okay. What is even your aim? Oh that’s right, making people who are smarter than you not exist. Real noble people we got here. My theory about them is that biology hasn’t really changed much since prehistoric times and a kind of traditional basis was necessary for preventing them from falling back into pre-civilized animality, and now that all tradition has dissolved, that’s where they are now. People didn’t learn the traditions as first-nature, they need them to be human beings. Our connection to the past is so broken I wonder if there’s any possibility at all that they are even human enough at this point to reconnect to it. My hunch is they’re just going to live out all their lives as animals and die that way, and probably pass that culture of animality on to the next generation. “Half-Asian” is just a euphemism – that’s the epiphany of today I didn’t want to have.

After Scruton slightly tweaked my perception of ritual I decided to look for that on z-library

You starting to get how things work around here? These aren’t the kinds of books I’m looking for.

What is religion, what is political philosophy, what is FOOD. What is ritual itself? Not what are some rituals.

This is how woman understands any of this

Do you see how the title of this one looks like it at least might get closer to the type of book I’m looking for?

Universals are almost always taken for granted. Life is about the particulars, or so they all believe.

I made a post a while back I can’t find that drew from a book by the occultist Dion Fortune IIRC. Magick-types get into this subject more than others. I’m just trying to save the West here, okay? You’re going to have to ask lots of What is ? questions to do that. The drawingboard, back to it.

GAH do you know how many books on “particulars” I’ve scrolled through now. How are you even going to understand the meaning of those books if you don’t know what ritual itself is?

Oh yeah, Evola talks about ritual in an abstract sense too, no surprise.

Do you notice how there’s a sense with these What is ? questions that it’s the attitude an alien watching earth might have? Being an alien and returning to the Origin of Being- these two are connected.

I’m about to ragequit- all particulars. There’s a wiki page fortunately, wikipedia does have the merit of abstraction. Just reflect on the above as an exercise in remembering the rarity of wondering about universals. This is a form of ignorance. All those books on rituals–in the plural–and none on what ritual itself is – how do they expect to know what they’re even talking about? Same goes for the actively “political” people in the US – they never wonder what politics itself is, i.e. never practice political philosophy, so why do they think they know what they’re talking about? I get in the mood to shake them by the collar sometimes and demand they tell me their opinion about universals. I don’t expect they’d have a solid answer in many cases, which explains why their opinions are often so off-target.

“You don’t think about it, you do it.” Do what?

Wow, so I have a ritual of talking about universals. I wasn’t aware of that. Do you have rituals you’re not aware of?

This is what I do because I don’t believe in the rituals of the local church.

Suddenly I get the eerie feeling that I’m studying myself. Doesn’t happen too often. “Ritual-in-itself” is a way to zoom-out farther than many other What is ? subjects.

Pattern, repetition. I wish I had a pattern of praying. Like from the old times. So many profane repetitions. Not to drive anyone to despair, it just seems like there’s so much soulless meaninglessness in the modern world. See, when you talk about Peyotism you kind of return to that way of looking at things (if you’re a fellow initiate and know what I mean). We need some new rituals in the west to bring us closer to the Good. If everyone had the ritual of reading or even focusing on “the eternal” for a half hour a day like I said, who can deny that the country would begin to be a better place? Annnnd no one’s gonna do that, hell in a handbasket will go on. Half an hour, that’s it, and instead most choose to listen to the zoo-grunts of buffoons for half the day. While I know people are inescapably allergic to all things religion, even if it was just a half hour one day a week… doesn’t have to be sunday. Contemplating “mathematical” perfection with gratitude. Striving for that ideal the rest of the days. Tweak the rituals, tweak the country.