What can a “mistress” expect in hellworld? The answer is, not much.

Nonetheless, there are pathways I can see where you can find happiness.

“We’re both going to kill you if you keep playing this game.”

Who is speaking here? I must be psychic to ascertain it without any direct contact.

Well, if you want my pure self that isn’t connected to society in any way, I am looking for permanence.

Women are really simple creatures, so excuse my vulgar language- women who represent permanence make me cum really hard. And whores only make me dribble. So we have to wonder who represents the true meaning of life.

Did you forget that if you wore a Mother Teresa “nun” costume you’d be the most beautiful of anyone?

Nuns are the “pinnacle” for women.

This sticks out to me in some article

the great Chabad library of thought

I know you just want to read the equivalent of comic books like a child, but I’m not letting you do that without feeling any guilt.

There are some writings that are more important than others. One book is not the same as another book.

There are priorities. You are going to DIE. Why did you spend your life reading frivolous comic books?

I’m sick of the whole eurocoon phenomenon, I just want to throw them down a well then bury them with sand. Most people in the west truly are a disgrace. Their existence is embarrassing to me, because I see them as a cousin or something. The brahmins did not help them across the centuries, and now this is where they’re at. Clearly the brahmins themselves are to blame. It’s urgent that we acknowledge this. The euro brahmins fucked up REALLY BAD over the course of history. I have a theory about this, that there was always a minority of them that was suppressed by the majority of them. Well let’s take things into account here. It looks like you were wrong, and you should’ve listened, and you get a gold star to wear on your milky breast that says “I’m a true retard, congratulate me.”

In my experience, a lot of what “maturity” is is slowly embracing hard determinism. You were born to read comic books. Trivial nothing you are content with. A trivial person is content with trivial nothing.

You do not care why society is the way that it is, apparently.

You must have a “Kosher diet” for books you stupid nigger. Mmmmmm kosher dogma, sounds rational.

I just see people in the west as akin to an “android model 6482”, all the same, wearing a star of david t-shirt everyday.

It’s just like how we laugh at the Muslims for not eating bacon. You’re missing out you dunecoon.

“By the name of Allah!” my eurocoon readers exclaim.

My point though is that the “frontiersmen” of these questions like Franki, Hoffman, etc. don’t talk about Chabad writings very much, even though many of them are now translated. So if these brahmins don’t, imagine the ordinary masses.

Chabad is the most prominent movement within Hasidism. The “jew yorkers” you have to “suffer” today are the tip of the iceberg. Their whole personality can be explained by the religion they supposedly left some decades ago.

They didn’t leave it. They’re Hasidim. “Goytards” who follow them are Hasidim. They’re just the laity in the synagogue rather than the rabbis.

Guess what ? I know 25 or so figures from history who make those rabbis look like laity. That’s the problem we have here.

It’s a sensitive state secret.

You need to read your comic books though, I understand.

Completely capitulated and joined “God’s Rejects”, also known as the kikes, in exile.

Well that’s nice for you. Only dirtnigger souls accept you and are your friends. Jeez, that must be a burden to think about.

As for myself, I don’t have any allergies about what the kraut renaissance represents. Taken collectively together, we can call the figures that constitute it a “second Aquinas” of sorts. Neech’s amor fati is just secularese for faith in God. If you had to learn that from me then you’re probably just one of the clown-neechens who missed the boat into awareness because of the laws of karma or genetic determinism, or whatever euphemism you prefer. The krauts are simply the most advanced Christians.

Am I a Christian? No, after the krauts, I see Christianity as the next Judaism so to say.

I don’t know how jumpy you are about certain things but, looking at geopolitics–world-politics in other words–first-world countries were all Christian. This is the telltale sign that Jesus was truly the Son of God, as they say. I know that’s archaic to us today, but it seems true, figuratively speaking.

Then you have to wonder if anyone carried his message beyond him to a new phase in the “Divine Drama”. And it certainly wasn’t the kikes, who have to bribe and cheat their way into prestige.

I am not German myself. I just acknowledge that they are the ones who managed to supplant Christianity.

If you think this is “atheism” then you are confused. It’s the next level of Theology.

This is what the jewish niggers, who could not even accept Christ, could never accept.

The German philosophers are better than Christ, let’s just admit it!

Well, expect rat-lookin desert circus freaks to use their immoral instincts to hijack the economy and erase all of this from memory so they can cling to their dogma about being the chosen people.

Chosen to ruin the world, that’s about it.

Think of me in about 20 years when you start to really feel that. I’m a future-predictor. This is what I see when you are being a moron and reading the equivalent of comic books.

Nothing to do in the age of dissolution. Fight for hollow causes or pursue anti-herd agendas in the shadows. Either way, it’s a simulacrum of the action of those living in healthier stages of the political cycle.

Whatever you want to say, “T”, I love you.

And our love is mutual.

So you are my muslim bride in a hijab, just embrace it.

“I’m European, I’ll never let a hijab be put over my head.”

You don’t understand Scott then. You will wear that and stop asking questions.

Well you’re such the “jealous type”, aren’t you? Well there’s nothing to be jealous about, because I always loved you.

I want you to wear the hijab. Don’t you want to make me happy…?

Something unlocked in the spheres to me.

If you’re kissed and loved, you’ll be happier than if you’re fucked and loved.

A kiss is more intimate.

“You’re just trying to make excuses for having a short dick!” No, I think a kiss is more intimate.

You would not think very highly of me if I saw a woman as not having a legitimate opinion based on the size of her tits or ass.

This is woman’s world.

In man’s world, a woman is most beautiful if she is a thinker. Whether she has tits or ass doesn’t matter.

The prime scrutiny is whether she has mind.

“What is the meaning of life?” isn’t exactly the right question to ask, because different castes pursue different meanings in life.

Or is Byron right that life isn’t worth a potato?

We’ll just forget about that question for now.

So, I like to talk about my own particular meaning that I seek in life, rather than proceeding as if it’s a question that can be universally answered.

And that involves the “Second Athens” known as Deutschland, and pushing the logics of the latter as far as they can go!

My historiographical observation is that it peaked with the mustache man, and Heidegger represents the descending slope. And we in the west today are at a point on that slope where there’s not even a “quarter-Heidegger” around writing somewhere.

Even though the charlatans like Badiou like to believe they’re BETTER than Heidegger (which is so contemptible I don’t even laugh at it).

If the french fucks of the 20th century couldn’t do it, YOU can’t do it, Badiou.

No, I don’t “harbor any racism” toward the french, you couldn’t tell, could you?

Anyway, I think that I do know the general path a “21st century Being and Time” could take. I am 31 years old so I am not going to be writing that- I need to STUDY for 31 more years before that happens. Still, I think I have a better idea than most of the contours of such a text.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here- I think it would significantly involve a comprehensive critique of the Kabbalah and its modern-day secular outgrowth.

The SOLE person in a place to write such a book in today’s world is Bjerknes, and I don’t think he has studied that much Kabbalah. He’s just one of the “smarter dumb goys”. He over-relies on Eisenmenger who mostly focused on the Talmud. So this is a huge flaw of Bjerknes in my opinion. Because types like Luria, Zevi, and the Besht didn’t find that to be the most crucial text, and those three represent the main movements in Judaism before our current secularism set in. With that said though, Bjerknes still has some of the most striking analyses of Kabbalah.

So that’s the meaning of life to me- to figure out how to write something that would be part of a “Third Athens”.

So maybe when my fellow millennials are a bunch of old farts they’ll see this “drop” and then think “I remember this guy!” Or probably not, who knows. It’s funny how uncountable albums have been made about me, and yet I haven’t attended a live show for going on 15 years now. They should’ve tried harder to be more appealing I guess. Just kidding, they’ve all provided me with copious amounts of masturbation material, I’ll tell you that much.

Seriously though, the manifold forms of human creation are all locked together. So if you’re a novelist and truly care about the fate of the novel, or you’re a chemist and truly care about the fate of chemistry–i.e. that’s your true meaning in life–then you should heed my words here closely, because without the Destruktion that is only possible from philosophy, those human activities (which are some of the highest activities) are going to be dwindling. The “you” of the 22nd century is going to be a retard. Do you want that fate for people like you? Can’t you relate to them across generations? I relate strongly to philosophers across generations. If a philosopher of the 22nd century is a retard (like Badiou) I will not relate to them. So that’s “you” going extinct, when a retard takes your place in the next century. Meditate on that.

I told you some time ago that the mustache man is something like a child to me at this point. I don’t think I have an “inflated ego” to conclude that. It’s just that when I re-read his books that’s the thought that I have. He died too young to push his thought as far as it can go. The french fuckheads and british nitwits and amurrkin buffalo bills who took over the human Arts and Sciences through FORCE and NOT REASON have not managed to surpass the mustache man of renown!

So I took it upon myself to try. Of course with much help with some friends.

Waal I don’t know if they consider ME their friend, but I respect them still even though I know every single little flaw that they have and would probably make them cry if they were forced to talk to me for an extended period of time- I’m thinking here of the Yarvin-Land nuke that was dropped some years ago, which I take as a pivotal moment in resuscitating the Second Athens. Just from off the reservation, they’re similar to a 21st century Deleuze-Guattari dynamic. And that’s not wholly a compliment, because D&G were jews. But you get the point.

Y’know, I’m not a total prick about the jews- I listened to Jung on the Book of Job today for instance because I’ve been relating to Job a lot lately. Jung called this a “poisonous” text that he wrote. I mean, use your noggin here- published in 1952 wink wink wink, and about how YHWH was evil to do that to Job, and how Christianity is a revision of the jewish conception of the Divinity. Jung is the more careful sort (like many of my readers) so you have to read between the lines of this text. My point though, is that I can relate to many jewish things and understand them, so don’t think that my first impulse is hatred. It’s understanding, then it goes to hatred, okay?

If we want a Third Athens then we need to return to the attitude of Sir Francis Bacon. Sir is the new form of saint in our modern age, and he is rightfully so, a saint. He is the founder of the “scientific-minded individual”. The krautheads eventually tweaked this into what they called Wissenschaft. The latter is the tradition I am part of, for as long as you’ve known me, given that I was cursed to read Beyond Good and Evil at 17, and I doubt my hometown friends have found me here.

I digress. I’m hinting that “emotions” shouldn’t play a strong role in the Third Athens. This is what I mean when I say “cold”. Stating the facts, that’s it. Whether it will hurt someone, whether it will lead you to being in a gulag wink wink wink, doesn’t matter. What’s the reality?

The meaning of life to me is discovering what reality is.

This will put you into the pit of hell!


I’m not exaggerating that there’s a ubiquitous “niggerworld conspiracy”. They want you dead, they want you to kill yourself. They want shit smeared all over your body and to trot you down Main Street sullen with your head down. These are the stakes.

Waaal ghost of Ezra Pound here, you sound like a kike.

That’s a breed of nigger by the way.

Does it feel “saddening” to realize you’re not exactly human?

The internet has already allowed us to enter the Third Athens to some extent. We’re still in babymode though.

Memes and keeping up with the news is not going to get us to that next renaissance. Study for years.

Zoomer, hello. Aren’t you glad this isn’t a classroom setting, because otherwise you’d probably go home with bruises every day? You ever been whipped, boy? I think you need a little whipping. Seriously, Gen Z is off to a humiliating start, so hopefully something good happens for them.

Go to my goodreads book list. Anything on that makes everything else you could read look like sunday morning comics.

Listen to the rabble talk as little as possible. Do not hear what they say or you will slowly melt into them. Keep your mind focused on “the real canon”.

Where does it start, do you ask?? You’re in it for “the long-haul”? Well, that is clearly Homer. If you want to help bring about the Third Athens then you need to understand the original Athens, and to understand that, Homer is absolutely necessary, and rewarding reading on its own.

So, these are my thoughts on the much-misinterpreted “meaning of life”.

Why don’t you invent the “I love you” button. It’s pretty clear, after you made all those distravtions.


You can make whatever divergence you want, my instinct is that blue eye blonde hair

“Hiders. Heifers.”

Big cows.

They’d need to Show a true sign of

I only speak to niggers here. If you want to be a person and speak some time, try it.

You might actually find the true love of someone who also knows the truth.

The reality is I speak only to those who are damned to an “unfilfilled life” without a husband that truly loves them, and streams of whores and unwanted children.

Wow, that’s some baggage you must hold!

No reason for worry, my name is White Knight, and I’ll always protect you ladies, the gentlemen’s daughters.

Ahh so we meet again on this snowy mountaintop. Well we’ve isolated the basic groups that lack agency, or to be sympathetic, show strong signs of having questionable agency.

Just the status report of humanity we’ll call it.

Outside of rare cases like Elista and Franki, not many have attained to the objectivity of viewing human beings the way human beings view animals.

We try to be as “value-neutral” as possible in the investigation. These are “descriptions”, and if you want to form a judgment about the descriptions, that’s up to you. The first matter of business is to ascertain the reality.

A golem lacks all integrity and dignity. It only “gets away with it” because virtually everyone else is the same as them.

Returning to the question of agency, we can get into some pretty complex definitions of this term. Let’s start with the obvious one of self-reflection vs. impulse. You have to hand it to jews for being such ambiguous enigmas, but I think it’s pretty clear- they’re one of the few subspecies with the highest faculties for self-reflection, but on certain subjects they falter and regress to an infantile or womanly state. If you can think of consciousness as a flashlight, they can have one of the brightest. But when they aim it at certain topics their hand will shake and they’ll drop it. This often manifests in their screech of “anti-semitism”. Someone with agency is able to remain calm and discuss the matter rationally. The charge of anti-semitism is just a way to be a bad person and innocent at the same time. This makes a culture’s morality swirl down the drain. If you let that happen it is questionable whether you have agency, because moral questions are tied up with the viability of your agency.

So this is why golems do not have agency, integrity, or dignity- because they stand back and do nothing as the Good swirls down the drain, and even actively participate in making that swirl more rapid.

Someone with self-reflection does not allow evil to exist. Thus it must follow that they’re driven by impulse, or in other words, do not have genuine freewill, or a “Self”, if that word has any meaning.

They do what they’re told, and in that way they’re objects.

And if a jew is likewise an object that means they’re the objects OF objects.

This is one perspective on how the great chain of being is disorderly in our time.

The jew hand trembles and drops the flashlight, and the other hand directs the morons to do its bidding.

I realized recently that I must have the physis of some kind of celibate ascetic archetype, because the only way to discuss such things is to detach yourself from woman’s world. They want those morons who do the bidding, because the bidding gets the shekels, and shekels means comfort for woman. This is of course one of the other basic groups that lack agency.

By this I mean it doesn’t matter if you teach them this about themselves, because this is one of the very things that, like the jews, they drop the flashlight when trying to point it at it.

All of these “groups of objects” gathered together we could consider “the demiurge”, if you wanted to get theological about it. Seems a materialist’s observation though, given that what’s being postulated is that they’re matter without consciousness. A flurry of emotions that cannot be controlled. This is an animal-state when they don’t have the steadiness of attention to focus on the Good. They can only screech such and such meaningless nothings, to the trained ear, when cornered. Then they have Guantanamo Bay for their more tenacious enemies.

People who don’t want the world to be controlled by animal-objects that demonstrably have questionable levels of agency.

Some jews are close to alright though- that rabbi I linked to yesterday I’ve been exploring today and while he does inadvertently show me some -eye-squint- background facts of contemporary jewish psychology, he also doesn’t seem like a bad person like the great majority of secular jews. He’s Orthodox. He had a near-death experience which led him down the path of learning his tradition. What about the flashlight though? Uhhh I really doubt he wouldn’t drop it. But aside from that he seems to have virtuous instincts, so he’s one we can trust regarding the Lurianic Kabbalah more than most.

As for exceptions among women, those are less common than among jewish men. The latter have the agency required for “being a good person” I guess, if you want to call it that. Whereas women are kind of just swept along with whatever tide is taking place in a culture at whatever given time-period.

Orcs and women should be considered as “amoral” in my opinion because they’re creatures of impulse. It’s only the ones with agency, like euro brahmins and jewish men, who can properly fit the category of “descending to evil”. These are types who have some level of god-consciousness that use their freewill to take the easy way out and be a demiurge minion. I’m arguing here that if they do take that option then their agency is put into question and it’s up for debate whether we should class them in the same category as women and orcs. I tend to think that we should. These are the object-groups that mostly constitute what we call “humanity”.