Just grinning over “icy takes” that I have that people don’t want to hear. If you don’t speak perpetually in euphemisms you’re considered tasteless. On the contrary I think it’s tasteful to speak directly. Everyone wants to be an intellectual and they deny you that right. To pursue the real American Dream, which is Emersonian in nature. If your discourse is confined to the presuppositions of the superstructure then you are a pseudo-intellectual. And that’s what they want from you. Everyone in their hearts wants to be an intellectual, or the more artsy-types prefer to call it a poet or something like that, pretty much the same thing, they don’t want you to truly be that, because that entails criticizing them. If all you can do is defend them, defend the belief-structure they have in place you’re a pseudo-intellectual, an ineloquent failed poet. You might as well be working for Facebook and not getting paid for it. This is what many people think of as their “unique personality”. Slaving away as a facebook admin for free, that’s YOU! You’re a pseud, and an intellectual slob, your gut hangs out in every word you say. And you only have one life, this is your one life that you’re using, and you’re going to close your eyes for the last time some day and that will be what you did, repeat the exact ideas that you were supposed to in order to survive in the regime you found yourself in, and in many cases without any guilt, that’s how much of an automaton you are, you have the level of subjectivity of a conventional toaster. Yup, I’m done with euphemisms, you’re a pseudo-intellectual.

Another awesome Russian poster

know the spiritual – genetic and material – economic nature of the relationship between Jews and kings of the past and present …We were honored to begin researching this issue

If you want to understand modern politics….. you can’t be allergic to this.

Easy to find a few kosher books on this too

It wasn’t always called “The Israel Lobby”

If you instinctively think of “it” as “neoliberalism” you’re lost, you’re living in illusion, you’re doing exactly what they want for “freethinking citizens”. Well-fed and well-behaved. Is this not you?? Is this not you??

Do you think Trump is going to be the last one? Do you think Biden would be the last one? It’s easy to call them “puppets”, even dopey boomers call them that. The question is precisely what kind of puppet they are. Given the docility of the American people I expect to be an old man who still has to see and hear a goy-puppet. Probably won’t end in 2024, won’t end in 2028, so we should get to know the actual president in the meantime. What’s worse, North Korea’s Kim or a goy-puppet being used by a toucan-beaked cabal of Kims?

Just give the Hyksos one face for convenience, call him Kim, I’m always talking about Kim, what makes Kim tick. Is this a crime? Many designate it as such.

“Don’t mention Kim, you’ll get banned.” – you get it yet?

I remember when Zuckerberg censored the word “honk” – hopefully we can get “Hyksos” added to that list, the one word that turns the very root of their self-conception upside-down.

Kim doesn’t want you to think about him at all, let alone think critically about him.

Kim has most people so obedient that, rather than saying nothing about him–which is totally possible, being silent about him–they will from the ground of their soul defend him! Put in other words, people have the option to simply not remark upon his existence at all when they know about him, and instead, when they see the rare person criticize him they’re overwhelmed with the insatiable urge to make excuses for his totalitarian control. Is this you? Instead of saying nothing which would insure that you’re not banned, you instead decide to defend the tyrant out of your own free will. What a pathetic waste of a non-human. Is this you, sport? Is that you, kiddo? Grow up. Spend some time with these Russian writers I hyperlink to that had the misfortune of living with “Kim” as their king recently.

Remember this?

I thought of this after finding another page that presupposes it as an established fact that the ancient hebrews in Egypt were HYKSOS. I always expect to see this debunked or something and I only find more and more people who see it as the reality.

Anyway, I can think of nothing better for “philosophy enthusiasts” to be tripping and reading subversive books that zog hasn’t gotten to yet.

If “Biden” doesn’t throw me in prison I can see myself traveling there. What if war breaks out and I have to fight Americans? That would be epic. If I got my head chopped off by a Muslim with a scimitar for some thoughtcrime? Not so epic. “I’m not in Kansas anymore.”

For as much as I talk about them, someone who isn’t me has only chript one and a half times in the last five years. They have maximal philosophical potential for those who know how to use them the right way. That paired with being in a non-zog environment… Sounds better and better every day. It’s just a question of whether they let Americans travel there? Would they use me for ransom or something?

Most people from the American expats in Iran page are from older generations, except this one

Mehhh ketman, except with Islam? Might be worth it.

“Due to certain reasons” heh

From the Hyksos to the BIS, what better place to study that?

Tripping on the weekends, reading books not from “their” publishing houses all week, sounds like paradise. Collecting Mossad scalps in my freetime, don’t tease! Ah well, back to studying “From the Hyksos to the BIS” in this slave state.

Well fellas it’ll probably take years to write a real thorough genealogy.

Step by step

The role of Jews in the Slavic slave trade of the early Middle Ages

Is this really the standard story?

What’s the other side of this

The bulk of the Slavic slave trade was carried out by the Jews through the Rakhdania trading corporation. 


there is a connection between the disappearance of the Radanites and the fall of the Khazar Kaganate

I wish I could just post a youtube video that explains all this. Good luck finding an honest one.

Are the Radanites related to the Iraqi Jews, the Sassoons, Kadoories?

You think one people couldn’t possibly be responsible for so much sinful criminal activity and then you just keep finding more and more evidence. … Yeah, youtube is crap, don’t even bother. Another interesting thing to note about that is one finds an over-emphasis on the 1492 expulsion of Sephardis from Spain. Out of the hundred or so they bring that one up more than others… something to do with Ashkenazim scapegoating their cousins, distracting the goyim from the otha expulsions!

What did we do that we had to flee to Eastuhn Europe, and then what did we do to make people hate us there next??

Anyway, their slave routes were documented by a Medieval Muslim historian, Ibn Khordadbeh

I find lots of connection on Yandex’s “cyclowiki

The presence of a “rootless cosmopolitan” in the Medieval times

So much to click on this cyclowiki page

If only there could be one honest “Jewish Studies” department in a Western university – imagine that!! Wow!!

If there were a suspicious percentage of Portuguese among our ruling-class I’d want to study them just as thoroughly – the hostility and indifference for studies such as these is telling of the slave-nature of most people. They were enslaving whites in Medieval times, and they are again in Modern times. These ones today are relatively voluntary–how sickening!

And not just mental slavery either

The Jews are now selling Slavic girls into sexual slavery. The destination is brothels in Israel, the emirates and other countries.

We’re just examining their history for now, to help us understand who they are today

It is known, and L. Gumilev confirms this, that in the IV-X centuries the trade between Europe, China, India and Iran was fully owned by Jewish merchants… Extremely risky trade travels necessarily relied on a powerful military cover and a government base that ensured the stability of the trade monopoly. The Khazar Kaganate, which for a long time was under the complete control of the Jewish community, was such a state base for the Jews.

Reminds me of how British India was the state base for Sassoon&co. “Put all the blame on the Muslims, put all the blame on the Anglos”.

Sounds accurate

Kolomoisky, Rabinovich and other oligarchs are modern Radanites in Ukraine! The leaders of the united Jewish community in Ukraine also follow the path of the biblical Joseph, Mordechai and … Rothschilds!

Radanites, Khazaria, prewar Poland, Esther of Persia, all ideas for “the genealogists of the future”.

Trying to understand Eastern Europe and Russia, looking for that Bristow book

Before, during, and after the USSR it appears there’s been sex-trafficking of blonde hair blue eyes girls in particular by another particular of phenotype.

Sweet, I found an ebook that mentions Bristow

The contents

“You really have it out for us don’t you?” Apparently they were (are) involved in as much mafia activity as eyetalians, and look who all the blame is put on. Just what a criminal would do.

In trying to find info on that Bristow book I’m finding that Jewish women themselves were disproportionately prostitutes, which might explain some things about our state-religion as well. It’s the Jewish pimps that orchestrated all this, whether the women were jews or goys. I just want to know the prewar history of Poland alright? If it’s true that Auschwitz was (((brothel central))) then that’s significant for what we believe today to say the least.

Remember, even Yandex is censored by them, so getting the facts right about Russian and Eastern European Jewry, pre- and post-war, isn’t going to be easy.

From what I can determine so far, the “labor slave trade” of America was coordinated by Sephardis, and the sex slave trade was coordinated by both the Sephardim and Ashkenazim – interestingly, one thing I saw about their rivalry is that Sephardim used to keep Ashkenazim as house-servants, so the contemporary marginalization of the former today might be revenge for that. Get on my bad side and I’m going to find out everything about you.

The Polish King Casimir and the “mischling blood alliance”

His reign began in 1333 of all years. This can’t be real – Esterka… Esther…

Another succubus?

Between 1333 and 1933 what happened?

Many Polish noble families, as the Lubienski, Niemir, Niemiryez, Niemirowski, claim to be their descendants.

It isn’t like the movies, 100% of people are sell-outs then try to blame you for why they are that way. I’m not sure, I want to find someone who isn’t a fed to talk to, and you want to make cash and status off being a fed. You really think you’re the one on the side of this debate that opposes the establishment? If you’ve ever disagreed with me there’s no denying that you lack control of your most basic actions in life.

“I deny that!” – what feds do

Certain goys I like to laugh with the most, they tend to have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a certain psychology to match. Unless there’s an uprising that involves a recapitulation of the holocaust we probably won’t have that anymore. Meds have their own sense of humor too that I’ll miss. Aryans, Meds, Islamists. There’s a certain best from worst here among goys. Let’s just admit that we like to see blonde hair blue eye people. They’re good to see in society. Then it starts getting drearier. You don’t want to see those Italians either do you Nazis? I can understand that. They want to bring us farther to hell with the races who evolved even outside of Europe. Do any of them read books? No, and you can’t bring that question up in any mainstream publication. “WHY?!” It’s because Jews themselves live with the idea in their mind that they’re a nigger who has to live in the lands of people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Jews look like disgusting greasy creatures, haven’t you ever looked at one of them? ~dialectics~ too many misuse this word- sickening jews are shot during WW2, they bribe the rest of the world to kill the people who accuse them of their historical crimes, and now we live in a time where jews should be worshipped regardless of their pre-WW2 history. What happened before then? I’m sure you have enough goy scrubs to be your scribes and document that. We really love goblin looking people telling us what the Good is. Didn’t you all run away to the US? What was that about? To my understanding, you screw people over and then use their money to control their media. Or are you too much of a kike to see that? “It’s better for them.” So if you were confronted with a camera in front of you in real life, you’d talk freely about how everything is controlled? No, there’s no chance, you only want to file Jews away in the classified filing cabinet so no one knows about what you’re doing in the present-day. “No way! We’re not kikes who deserved the Holocaust!” They are, buy weapons and ammunition.

I wonder if the controversies are going to change at all once we get to 2030. I just think back to being a teenager in college courses and what people found controversial then. There’s a rangordnung of viscerality for controversies. Abortion, that “gets people going”, the death penalty, sometimes the idea of cloning triggers people. Back in 2010 even questioning the divinity of Christ seemed almost too controversial. I can’t help it, I constantly feel like I’m laughing AT my readers. At least I’m a real person, most philosophy professors only pretend they’re not laughing at you. In 2010 those concepts were discussed because more controversial ones couldn’t be. The Jewish Question was always there. That was so beyond the bounds it was better to question Christianity. And not much has changed a decade later. I don’t mean to laugh at you, I genuinely wonder, are you scared? If we were in a class together and the prof started writing on the board in marker about the JQ like he did any other controversial subject, what would you do, leave, go out the door? I’d be watching you with a smirk on my face as you left. Are you doing okay? What’s wrong? He’s not even talking about modern times, it’s ancient events, medieval events, can’t we talk about those like we do any other time in history? They always have to transfer the blame somehow, they’d definitely be getting F’s if they could even bring themselves to write essays on it. “It’s white people’s fault!!” Be honest with me, have you read any history books since high school textbooks? “That doesn’t matter!” -storms out of room- I liked that experience in the 2010s seeing people like this have meltdowns, about ideas that aren’t even that controversial, sometimes I’d share a “knowing glance” with the profs. That’s pretty much our entire professional caste, they just can’t have what we see as a casual conversation without reacting irrationally. 50-something year old, dignified-acting millionaires who create media for your children are living in this world of emotion. They can’t get out of it either, if my observations of humanity over the years tell me anything. They might see a post like this and still react the same way that this post diagnoses and mocks, to storm out of the room and write how white people are evil! Stick with being a merchant, in some cases science if it isn’t social science, you have too many neuroses for anything else.

-cue demonstrations of neurosis-

I have my ways of having fun, you have your ways.

All the jokes about whites in the mainstream, I bet some Jews appreciate someone picking on them.

These are the origins of Israelis

Romania, Morocco, Iraq, you don’t hear about Jews being from there too often, and there are so many of them.

Is this really what they tell themselves?

Oh sweet child, that’s a nursery rhyme!

Seeing statistics of anywhere between 80-95% of American Jews are from Eastern Europe and Russia

Don’t you just hate it when people “say things”? I hate it when they do that, didn’t you watch Schindler’s List?

It’s not so easy to put their history together, you’d be surprised if you ever tried, rather than relaxing back and trusting that those who rule over you are innocent and know what they’re doing. Byzantines too eh? We still need to figure out exactly how they got to E. Europe/Russia before the US. Between the time of Egypt, Persia, Babylon, what were they up to, what trouble were they getting themselves into? At the expense of goys? Like today? That’s sinister if you ask me, pillage country after country and rewrite history about it so the country they live in now isn’t aware of what they’re presently doing again.