There are so many things about the Chabad that I agree with that you’d almost expect me to be a convert myself.

“What if I were to show you that Nietzsche was a crypto-Frankist!” That seems to have been “in the air” in his time so I wouldn’t be shocked.

You have to begin with one of the most fundamental misconceptions. I know Frankism very well. Just because I have certain Christian views about Order doesn’t mean I don’t understand Frankism. A type of Frankism is the very reason that I was able to understand Order. I’ve descended to the abyss and I’m just saving you the trouble – Platonism is the conclusion from that. This isn’t even a Nietzsche site, this is Platonism here – Nietzsche WISHED he was Plato!

I’m not a close-minded fundamentalist, I know exactly what Frankism is about. I’ve gone beyond it, and most of society still has not.

I think a perfect example is telling you to read that Queen of Hell book. That’s obviously the kind of woman I want when I suggest such a thing. What do you think that means? The ultimate subversion is subverting the subverters. Subversion is mainstream, it’s lazy to be on that level.

I’ve been saying this in different ways for years so I don’t expect people to suddenly understand at this point. If you are not banned from facebook or twitter then you are not subversive at all, that is a kindergartner’s playground! You’re being a good little kid with your “subversion”. I’m lightyears away from that, and that is why I call you a nigger and know it’s true at the very core of my being. Maybe I am a cladistic Frankist myself.

Think of Binah again though. The point is that it isn’t the end. There’s a sephira that precedes Frankism.

I saw a funny response under a video on Frankism the other day actually

Binah, Da’at, for goyim the difference between them is negligible at this time.

Which brings me back to Chabad. There’s a similar logic here. They believe themselves to be Chokhmah and that is hilarious to me, and I hope I’ve made you laugh about these types over the years. It is a false sphere. They have so much right (something the Elista forum won’t admit) and yet they’re so wrong about other things which they can never admit, and ban people from society to prevent anyone knowing about how wrong they are. This is a form of killing god when you gather together low sephiroth to disappear higher sephiroth. That is the secret kabbalistic meaning of “cancel culture” in some cases.

Who is typing this right now? A sephira plays a role in that… It knows what all this is about and it doesn’t care if it uses “me” as a puppet.

Recall what the name itself “ChaBaD” stands for- Chokhmah, Binah, Da’at. This isn’t some “crazy cult”, they have a higher awareness than almost all goyim. This sephirothic triad you are oblivious to pretty much 24/7. The only ones who know about it are systematically removed from public society. That’s not good, you don’t want to be refracting light from that false sphere. These are the real stakes of things. Are you a serious enough person to contemplate that? Or are you a first-stage Frankist kindergartner?

Tell me there isn’t something “witchy” about this

Idel’s book on this demonstrates this is less of a “conspiracy” than you’d expect

“Astrology is for girls, shut up!” Regardless, there is something about this that strikes me as unmistakably occult.

Let me start with some context

If the Talmud is the soul of a Jew, then Kabbalah is the soul of the Talmud.

This is from Shmakov, one of the only Russians who knew what was what on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution. His (presently banned) book International Secret Government is insta-translatable on google.

He had one of the best understandings of his time. Still, he was a man of his time, and all this was pretty new to his generation too. This one casual statement of Elista’s is such a refinement for instance

the relationship that has developed within the “Jewish environment” between Hasidim, Sabbatians and Talmudic “Orthodox”

As much as they change in their beliefs one constant is hatred of the goyim.

I’m not exactly sure of the state of Jewry in Russia, I don’t really see them talking about secular ones very much though, and that’s a further refinement I’d add to Elista’s statement. And yes, that constant is there once again in them too. That seems to be the very core of what they are, the one thing that doesn’t change.

With that said, I still strive to isolate other constants of “what they are”. The aim of cladistics and this type of genealogy is to determine an “essence”.

If you think this is some frivolous task I present you with Shmakov again

Anyone who isn’t talking about this is a “jackoff”, don’t let their self-denial persuade you otherwise.

Starting to wonder what this means yet?

You find moments in Wolfson and Idel that are pretty open. Probably something to do with the State of Exception that Jews live in

Speaking of the six lower planets, Yagel wrote that ‘all of them will give strength to Saturn, although the later will not give strength to any of them’… Since Saturn signifies the Jews, all the Gentiles will acknowledge their Torah and bow down to them while they [the Jews] will not acknowledge them [the goyim]

We’re going to get to something controversial now. Something you should understand is that decadent progs after reading someone like me begin to identify as Jews. They give them everything they want, they’re best pals. They feed their id, that’s why they “convert”. Usually ZOG is secret, and after learning about it they “find themselves”. They kiss their ring with zest, they slobber on it. And it is the ring of Saturn. The Saturn Deer and feeding the id are one in the same thing. Shmakov was a man of his time, he only could trace it to the Zohar. Scholem was only writing about this a couple decades after Shmakov, and Scholem’s findings were a revelation to Jews, if that tells you anything. Families simply stopped thinking of themselves explicitly as Sabbateans, it was just natural, they didn’t need a label for it anymore, just like how progs are total Christians and never call themselves that.

Let me show you a Kabbalistic way of looking at it – this is Idel again

He shows how it’s pretty consistent across a few centuries for Jews to link Saturn and Zevi with Binah

“He hasn’t even memorized the sephiroth, Nick has to constantly show him that diagram!”

Sometimes they link Sabbatai/Saturn with Keter as well. Keter is often symbolic for the dissolution into the Godhead, so there wouldn’t even be a “Zevi” anymore if he was that high up. The idea is that the light is refracted through him! Downward to the rest of the Jews AND the goyim! That’s the world we live in- you are downstream of the Saturn Deer.

Let’s just see what old Shmakov’s instinct was about these people

Huh, not bad, knew what’s what better than 99.9% of people alive today.

Let’s turn to Idel again to see some of the characteristics of people under a Sabbatean/Saturnian influence

This is just the male version obviously, there’s also the female flip-side.

I’m not a prude or something when I say this, I know that everyone has their fetishes. “No, only YOU do!” Yeah right. What are yours? Just kidding. I’m only showing that extreme forms of that are reached in Zevi and Frank, and let’s just say “the Jewish Century” isn’t over til it’s over

They believe “YHWH” himself was incestuous, among a list of other things… Sabbatai was perceived as the incarnation of Saturn/YHWH – he was a person with behavior which reflected their convictions about theological matters.

I relate to this quote from that Idel book

Here’s another galaxybrain way of phrasing Sabbatai’s role in our culture you could say

You can decide for yourself, I know lots of progs are “Jewish converts” and they are unshakable in their faith. I only want to show you that if Sabbatai is Binah, you could be Chokhmah

Most people are somewhere around Hod and Netzach, if they’re lucky.

Here’s Shmakov again

I don’t know about that, I think decades ago they just won a war, and that’s about it. I can think of like 10 goyim thinkers that easily stand in the place of Chokhmah.

“My secret husband… believes things I’d never think in a thousand years. What’s important is that you never recognize it’s my secret husband.” Are you trying to say that anything to do with jews, browns, or feminists is part of the surface layer meant to deceive? I’d have to agree, my secret wife thinks you’re all niggers and would be burned at the stake for revealing it.

You pieces of shit have no evidence to trace this judgment back to her so you kind of just have to deal with it, and feel the pain, while being mad at some random person like me. “Haha Jews are a type of nigger” – she said it, not me.

I bet one kiss would cause your whole world to turn upside-down. If you kiss a “Nazi” your life is over unfortunately. That’s fine, I only care about what “real love” means.

In more explicit terms, I kind of want to lick your throat. .. And there are all sorts of ideollgies that prevent that.

Beautiful woman that doesn’t fall for the scam, you are prime eugenic material whether you like it or not.

If you don’t fall for the scam then you are prime eugenic material, that’s all I want you to know. My “Grug” self says you are someone who absolutely needs to be impregnated this very second. You can trust him or not.

If you let a nazi “hold you”… your life is over.

You might have noticed that if a nazi held you then you’d be better off.

So it’s up to you. I write with no pity. If you are an Aryan then you will be happy I speak to you directly. “The feds want to turn us into niggers though” – what else is new?

I am here to tell you the truth. The Jews do not want two golden souled Europeans living in the future. They only want merchants like them and turd world savages who can’t question them.

Hey sweetheart, maybe I love you.

And of course the nigger-kikes will distort the meaning of that.

“We never will admit it!” No, you won’t, and that’s why it’s accurate to think of you as nigger-kikes.

The first names that appear in recent publications are just a great sign

Yeah I’m still procrastinating about this because it makes me feel dirty. My readers would probably prefer to give me a kick in the dick before they helped an otherworldly being such as myself improve my living conditions anyway. If there are any particularly appreciative and generous readers of my writings it’s possible that I could tell you about the way of thinking in Iran right from the heart of Iran rather than from this dumpster country. If you’re serious about crypto-currency other than through its status as a symbol of the underground and truly know and hate the contours of our mafia-like financial system, not to brag, I’m one of the only people who knows how to undo the brainwash they’ve inculcated. We indeed do live in niggerworld and if you want that to stop being the case you have to learn not to be bitter against people who understand that grim reality and aren’t squeamish about talking about it. If you hate me it’s because you see me through the eyes of the system-of-control, and I’m sick of having to suffer because of these people who want everyone to be braindead slaves. Just hanging by a thread lately. Many many people just like to use me as a cash cow for years and make millions of dollars without ever giving me any credit. What a world. How possibly vile can you get? “Welcome to the real world” ahahahaha. People would think I was crazy if I talked about that so I don’t even bother, and no one knows this side of me in real life. Am I dreaming or are these pure facts I’m stating right now? Oh I think they are. I have no hope in the west as it is, so I’m sure if I was sent only a turd in a box I wouldn’t have any less hope. We’re only at the beginning of understanding Kabbalah and Sufism, and that’s probably what I’ll be focusing on into the foreseeable future. I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve been given amounts of hemlock in my life that one would think no one could survive for wanting to talk to people about things like that, and given that being in a gulag now is the “cherry on top” of all of it, I’m finally warming up to saying Hey want me to write more or what? To tell you the truth, no one seems to better represent what bitcoin ideally is supposed to be about than me anyway so fuck off if you see it as panhandling. One of these days, one of these days, I might drop you an address.

First time I’m hearing about this

So what is this mystery? Sabbatai Zevi writes this in his 876-page treatise

This is from that defector’s site, and I don’t see any mention of it in the bibliography of Scholem’s tome. This defector says he interviewed dozens of people from his grandmother’s generation.

throughout this series of articles, especially the incidents about sabbathism have been revealed entirely based on the documents kept in the family archives.

Same year the Armenian Genocide ended, and the Bolshevik Revolution began

He said he researched this because he wanted closure about a 300 year old mystery. I bet yids reading this can relate. Your rabbis don’t even know your history. It’s sleepy time, Mr. Rabbi, time to go sleep and forget about it all. It’s not an entirely sinister reason why they’re a protected people, it’s because it’s too painful for them to know the truth. Not like I think blood-covered sociopaths would have any regret about it. Still, I think there is some flicker of conscience there they prefer not to be brought into the light of day. Who am I kidding, they’re proud of this

They exhibit an attitude towards weakening the beliefs, customs, traditions and moral values ​​of the Turkish nation

They see us as “deserving” this

to the destruction of spirituality in Turkey, to the spread of divisive and destructive currents

Why do they think we deserve it? They don’t even know, they’re simply Luriabots. It’s like asking why a river flows. There is no “why”, that’s just what rivers do.

They don’t even know that they are Sabbateans, that is why I want to study the ones who preserved the explicit beliefs

The founder of Hasidism himself hid his Sabbateanism

Elista coins the wordplay on Bolsheviks of “Baalshemiks”, i.e. based on the Baal Shem Tov, might not have ever heard of him, of course of course.

It was very recently in history that they jumped into the melting pot (or at least seemed to)

You’re a Sabbatean, put it in your twitter bio for me, get a fridge magnet of Zevi, phone case, something. “That’s what I AM! I’m not hiding anymore!” Just change the TV channels to Sabbatean News. “We believe in a messiah that advocates the nullification of morality – haha.” Real charming bunch. Spirituality is so destroyed because of them that it is seen as backward and tacky to even mention a moshiach however. It accidentally insta-translates to “saboteurism”, isn’t that appropriate. “We’re proud of that.” Yeah, and that’s why I want you to die, is it starting to make sense yet?

Eh I’m just excited for that Luzzatto book to arrive in the mail, even though it’s the third volume, the second volume being on his and others’ Sabbateanism, which isn’t in English.

The appendices here are a good read, one you won’t find on google.

Whoa, look at this from the Turknet

He says many families burned their documents. That’s what I set out to look for when I found this, “primary sources”. That Yamamoto from yesterday is the first I’ve seen to reference one of those by title.

Here is this “defector” though

we went from Central Asia to Spain, from Spain we came to Thessaloniki!

This is a new one to me. Like I’ve said, “109” is only an approximation.

This HAS to be a symptom

The Sabbateans believe they are real Jews. I found something amazing in Israel. The second President, Yitzhak Ben Zvi, is a saboteur. His family is Polish, but he was educated in Turkey during the Ottoman period. Then he went to Palestine. He took the surname Ben Zvi (Sabbatai’s surname) to document his descent from Sabbatai.

What I’d like is to see a 21st century version of Nathanism in book form

this community, called “donme”, lived in Thessaloniki for centuries. It was divided into three separate groups as Kapancılar, Yakubis and Karakaşlar.

This Ilgaz Zorlu is the only documented person to have admitted to being a Sabbatean… And that was over 50 years ago. I wonder why I’ve never seen any Jewish scholars mention him? My readers are probably cynical enough to make an educated guess about that.


Remember the title Yamamato mentions, the Book of Daily Joy and someone named Judas Levi Touba. I haven’t been able to find anything about them.

These studies are not in English

Yamamoto has all kinds of interesting writings


The Turk wiki has a lot more clues than the English wiki.

Remember that insofar as Atatürk is the “George Washington” of Turkey, Turkey is a Sabbatean country. I mean, so is GERMANY, it’s just not so obvious in the latter case. For more on the Atatürk connection I link you here again.

Let’s stick with this defector for now though

Apparently he wanted to apply for Israeli citizenship and that’s why he confessed to being a Sabbatean Jew.

This is a way of getting a look at the secular ones’ chrysalis

It looks like there is some sort of Zevi Publishing House. The linked-to guy was imprisoned for writing about this. What was the fate of Zorlu I wonder? Here is a third writer to add to the mix too. The question is what would Scholem/ians OMIT from their books. These types seem like they could help us with that.

See why a title like this would never show up on the Englishnet – Yahudi Türkler Yahut Sabetaycılar? What is that i without a dot, I don’t know. Ooh so Zorlu himself published these other writers.

Hunting the Saturn Deer…….

I don’t think there’s a license they issue for that, it’s a protected species. It has a celestial ring that circles its antlers, maybe that has something to do with it.

Couldn’t this be said about our own “Lobby”? They’re just as duplicitously two-faced


I honestly don’t think the American ones even “read secret books”, it’s just in their blood to (((do what they do))).

Some links on that publishing house site

A “says it all” article from Dugin – if you read one thing today this should be it. He’s a genius.

What he’s talking about in that I am often speaking of indirectly. What is it that prevents what he suggests from happening? That is what I focus on usually. You aren’t allowed to say what it is that prevents it (supposedly) so I take it upon myself to say it. This is the hermetic seal which he passes over in silence in that. Anyway you might do well to reread it too.

As a “racist” the brilliance of that article leads me to the Rusnet to see if any of his fellows have detailed the hermetic seal. You’re not going to see an American writing that article – after enough time on the Rusnet one does begin to wonder if Americans are an inferior people.

So I Yandex “Vilna Gaon and Luzzatto” and I see this about the latter

A telling question asked to Laitman

“Socialist utopia” you can interpret as a euphemism for the two-dimensionality Dugin speaks of in that article, which I suggest for the third time that you read.

You might have noticed from the font that I’m pulling the above from that Elista site. I think it’s important to fuse Dugin and Elista together as exo-eso counterparts. And with that you have the best Russia has to offer. And from what I can tell that’s better than anything France for instance has to offer. Being severed from the EU was a great boon for their mental life.

For many, reading that “kabbalah = socialist utopia” will cause their mind to instantly shut off. “Good, and that’s why we hate you!” I just want you to know the ontological implications of what a kabbalistic socialist utopia really means, and Dugin’s article is exceptionally insightful on that.

And Elista’s light refracts it brightly

As Gershom Scholem (1897-1982) rightly pointed out, “the messianic aspirations that arose under the influence of the [Lurianic] Kabbalah created the background for the Sabbatian movement.” It must always be remembered that Jewish messianism in itself is, first of all, a denial of Christianity and the moral foundations it represents… it is more correct to call the mentioned “correction” [tikkun olam] a program of compulsory “decomposition, stupidity and vulgarization” of humanity.

I remind you again of the context that Dugin and Elista are writing in (if it weren’t obvious enough) – that of post-Bolshevism. That’s why they seem to have more futuristic-seeming understandings than Americans, because their people already lived through the excesses that we are only beginning to experience.

All this is more difficult than quantum mechanics to understand so I expect it to fall on mostly deaf ears.

The sarcasm of this is funny

I wish our Federal Reserve would do something like this with Zevi

Greetings jizzrags, kikes, shabbos goys, and hoops-shooters. You kind of feel put on the spot when you’re addressed in direct language, huh? I think that’s a good thing, because that way you’re not being lied to about your identity. A=A, does it not? 1+1=2 and if you have empirical behavior that matches those terms then that is what you should be called. Greetings to you. Oh right, that wasn’t very inclusive of me, I forgot to add SPICS. Greetings, and thank you for the taco recipes, now you are only a burden here, thanks. You tell me- if you are naturally sympathetic to people who have a mudball on their necks instead of heads, what else could you be besides a burden? Reminds me of the Irish in fact – where’s your luck now? If we packed you all into one state you would not survive for one century, so why would we want you in all states? You only represent a slow process of decay. People want to call you “human beings” instead of a slow process of decay, and I just don’t get it. I like to address people in direct language. So tell me what’s going on. The non-Frankist Jews who are otherwise exemplars of humanity meticulously conceal the responsibility of their nihilistic coethnics, and if I had to hazard a guess, that itself is one with the slow process of decay. So I’m eager for you to explain to me why anyone would want you in their country. This is a universal question, it isn’t just about the US. Why are you a good thing for a country? It seems like you have nothing good to offer at all, and I have to plug my nose when you walk by. Is that something that should be normal, in ALL countries? Tell me what the point is to speaking to people who are rotten to the very core. And as for some of the others- Jennifer Doudna is a paradigm-shifting scientist, so why are you a jizzrag? I have to simply conclude that you have no brain inside your skull. You blink at me with your eyes and I don’t think there’s anything behind them. It reminds me of a farmer milking a cow- I guess that’s all you are, someone who causes jizz to squirt on them or in them. Such a noble calling. I think I prefer Doudna.

Whatever, you’re so golden your light blinds me.

Wait wait saying that made me laugh way too much.

What hollow people. What better word to describe you than “nigger”? When I look at the Jewish Protection Agencies or the feminist movement I just want to call one of them over to me with the words “Hey, nigger!”

And that alone is 52% of the population – NOT good in a place with strong democratic sentiments.

And when you add browns and blacks on there what is the percent?

I can see a smart Jew thinking “I’ve never thought of democracy THAT way.” That’s right, you’re part of it. Unless it’s Shamir reading this? You are one with all these disgusting creatures who one even hesitates to recognize as human beings. You ARE democracy. All of you together, that’s what “democracy” means. Jizzrags, kikes, shabbos goys, hoops-shooters, spics, and that’s not even the end of the list. Sorry, is this your first time in America? This is the state of things here.

I’m not a hateful person behind it all, I’m only looking for people with golden souls. The problem is, all those types of people who represent the slow process of decay don’t feel any guilt for what they are.

And why is that?

This Yamamoto is one of the more interesting scholars I’ve found for a while

Some say it’s the End of History, some say it’s the Kali Yuga, and some say it’s the Age of Grace. The ones in control think it’s the Age of Grace. On the other hand, if you’re someone with a strong sense of Right and Wrong you might think it’s the Kali Yuga. From the perspective of those who believe we’re living in the Age of Grace, a strong sense of Right and Wrong is itself wrong.

That “angry rabbi” whose books I’ve linked to before is a case and point of the fact that not all Jews believe in this eschatology. Nonetheless, a great deal of them do. No, they don’t attach theological ideas to it. Think of it this way- we’re so far into the Messianic Age wherein the Torah has been suspended that even talk of the moshiach at all is seen as a remnant of the pre-messianic age.

I personally am similar to the Muslims in seeing Moses as having the right idea more or less, and for those happily living in the Age of Grace what he stood for is voided.

So this brings us to a more refined understanding than what both the Talmud and the Zohar will get you. Those two texts consciously build off (and on) the Torah. Sabbateanism is a break from that, it is a nullification of the Torah. In Sabbateanism’s more extreme form, Frankism, it isn’t only the nullification of the Torah, it is the nullification of all religions, and beyond that, the nullification of the distinction between good and evil itself. A fitting symbol for the Age of Grace I would say is morbidly obese polyamorists, just pure hedonism in all senses. Follow your id, that is what the Age of “Grace” is. Instant gratification without thought of tomorrow, and with no guilt.

I’m sure I have readers who see me as a conspiracy theorist, what with all this talk about secret moshiachs. I’m getting most of this from renowned scholars! When I study all the figures throughout history no one better expresses the contemporary zeitgeist than Jacob Frank. You can’t pin it on someone like Voltaire, say, because at the end of the day he still honored transcendental principles and anti-demotic politics. Because if you ask me, if you only look at the surface of Voltaire’s thought he’s one of the more perfect candidates for “Whose world is this?”

Suppose there WAS a secretive group of people who believed in cyclical history and moshiachs who bring the law and abolish it depending on the cycle. Do you think plebs would be aware of it if one arrived and abolished the law? Or would they simply live in that world where the law was abolished, without knowing why? I for one think most people are extremely pleb-like and wouldn’t even notice what was going on.

It’s pretty dismal and I don’t expect many people to be able to think this thought without shuddering- the Age of Grace means that people who should probably be put in concentration camps run free in society and are at the highest echelons of institutional power. I also mean shabbos goys in this context. Suppose that there were people so heinous they deserved to be removed from society and put in a concentration camp. Just pretend for a moment that’s possible. What would society look like if such people roamed free and had lots of power over said oblivious plebs? Well, you’re looking at it, because that’s the society we live in. The Age of Grace means we don’t remove the worst people from society, it means we flatter them and tell them they’re perfect and everyone should be like them.

Wouldn’t that be an eerie thought, if the Jewish version of “Muhammad” controls people’s minds without their being aware of it? Perhaps because it’s too soon in history for them to realize it? I mean, ask the foremost scholar of Kabbalah of recent times, Scholem, and his students. There’s a reason they’re all so preoccupied with Zevi.