It would make the totalitarians happy if I went away. I don’t like to make them happy.

What the world needs is increased erudition. The enemy needs to be defeated on the ground as well as in the clouds.

The years I’ve spent in the “war in heaven” against the twitter-mind-virus have been a compromise with erudition ideally conceived.

This site will be a space where I continue to frustrate their hegemony and also attempt to reestablish a subjective distance from that virus.

Given that one is, in myriad ways, silenced for challenging the totalitarians in real life, the cyber-realm is the only place at present to stage attacks.

I don’t blame Land for subtly deplatforming me, I sense that the sharks of the covert agencies will close in on me any day and take me to gitmo, I’ve already caused that poor man too much trouble for a hundred lifetimes.

Since we’ve witnessed counter-totalitarian websites be shut down in the past, I don’t know what freedom I have here, technically speaking.

A true pathos of distance exits social-media mind-control entirely. If one is not devoting a significant percentage of one’s mental energies to study in the service of the Grand Strategy, one is merely aligned with the totalitarians on a cryptic level. This is a fact as certain as it is despised by the demographic ostensibly in revolt. For that reason, if you catch me updating this page too frequently consider it as me actively conspiring with totalitarianism.

Although I recognize the erudition-imperative, I can’t go many hours, let alone days, without being overwhelmed by the urge to mock the rulers of the world. This page will probably be reminiscent of the activity of my former mask, i.e. aphorisms in the spirit of an anthropologist keeping a journal on the nature of the “Occidental village”–my version of “journalism”. In between detailing observations from my binoculars I will share insights gleaned from my studies. 

My laptop is bugged, my smartphone is bugged, and I’m stalked and photographed by unknown organizations. I expect my cyber-presence to eventually result in imprisonment, if not off-the-books torture and brainwash. I wish I was only being dramatic- call it schizo-paranoia if you must, my phenomenological anticipation of the future does not bring me any comfort. There’s a reason no one says my name.

The URL of this page, it goes without saying, is a taunt at the maimscream media. As you’ve seen me formalize time and again, the war in heaven is between the minions of dead geniuses- in our time it is Marx’s vs. Nietzsche’s. Consider the posts here humble notes toward a future mainstream Nietzschean News Agency.

After a decade of studying neech, fate has led me to Ausnahmezustand and concepts relating to it. This is the focus of my Ultimate Concern at present.

Well, time to hit the books. And yes, I’m sure before the day is over I’ll have something to rant about. This post itself is even a rant- a shift toward “hyperstudy” will be gradual. We need a new priest-caste and movement in this direction is step one.

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