Phenomenology of Ressentiment

No one ever really “calls out” the left in terms of their subterranean motivations, their psychology, “what makes them tick”. Next to this subject everything is surface gossip. This is to ask the question “What is going on here? No, I mean, what is actually going on here?”

The answer is jealousy and revenge, and those who enable it out of pity.

The primary question is Who created civilization as we know it and who maintains it. Next, Who wants to take over in their stead, and why. Thirdly and finally is the question, Can they?

The answer to the first is men generally of NW European ancestry. And who wants to control civilization in their place? Essentially everyone else that you can think of that is not of that category. Can they? They certainly have faith that they can, though most of the evidence points to the negative.

The NW Euros have said, “Alright, you’re here, and we’ll give you a say” and they have responded, “We can do what you do, you’re interchangeable- in fact, we are you, merely in a different form.” And the years go by and eventually the result of this conviction yields favelas, ghettos, and catladies. And let’s not forget their ever-forgiving enablers who always give them a shoulder to cry on and a second-chance to do it all over again.

All these vulgar beings of dim, flickering ontological existence who are stubbornly convinced they can do what NW Euros do are met with the brute fact that they can’t, over and over again, the jealousy wells up in them, and they lash out in revenge, upping the ante with the all-too-anticipated retort that their neuro-souls do not in fact have something missing, and that they can in fact maintain civilization just as well as those who created it, and who continue to struggle to maintain it amidst all their bitter complaints.

So when we ask What is really going on here, That is what is really going on here. People who are vaguely human being angry and sad that they need others to keep them from living in the wilderness and having to fend off wild animals as in primitive times. And once again we also have the pity-faction of NW Euros who want to erase the memory of all the mistakes these subhumans have made and give them a clean-slate to start over again with.

And what follows from the recognition of this subterranean reality? The answer is simple. We make clear to them their base motivations, and also make them clear to ourselves, since, being subterranean, they are often forgotten about. From there I suggest we gradually rescind their “say” in matters, and if they continue in their stubbornness, which they inevitably will, they should all be flocked to a patch away from us to see how their experiment plays out.

We are currently living in their experiment already in fact- and how is it playing out? I don’t see any of them learning from the lesson that we’re descending by day into low-culture, all I see are raised voices for more mud, more irrationality, more perfidious subversion, more hand-outs across the board, more and more normalization of stupiditization, and more and more self-deceptive denial about the fact of this descent. Watch- they’ll read this and merely repeat the same thing I’m diagnosing, further proving their self-deceptive denial regarding their inability to maintain civilization. When is someone going to take a stand and put an end to this cycle before it’s too late? Ausnahmezustand is the only option to combat the institutionally-entrenched forces of ressentiment.

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