Genealogical prospect par excellence:

To the very roots of liberalism! and attack it from there. *books pile up before my eyes*

Maybe this is the next step in my exit from xenosystems, given Land’s telling statement RE Dugin that his “fourth way” is a departure from “his people” (classical liberals) and thus sets off his clade-alarm.

What we need most is a fully-credentialed Antiversity for those of us who are sympathetic to the “conservative revolutionaries” and the like. Russia already has us beat in that department—why am I the only one who finds this worrisome… it could be as easy as moving there, except the other day I read about a prisoner over there being “boiled alive” so uh, and that doesn’t sound surprising to me, that would be the fate of many of us who were raised in a liberal county. Anyway I digress- Who are we kidding thinking we’re ever going to convince the deans of academia to cease their facilitation of third-world blank-slate creationism and the rest of the garbage? We need our own institutions of higher learning. Why do you think the left so often wins? They control the production of the intelligentsia. We can only get so far with autodidacticism, this is a no-brainer. You’ve heard me go on and on about how I suspect there’s a sect within the academy that is masked—there would be a great migration if they had the option.

I also wonder what percentage of guys my age who spend 8 hours a day gaming would be helping us fight in the clouds right now if it weren’t for the fact that they didn’t want to be among obnoxious liberals for 4+ years—I’m guessing it’s up there.

So “to whom it may concern”, this is how to demolish the left, if one thinks from the standpoint of years-in-advance rather than just the present day.

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