Futurist Altruism

Going to have to look more into the first theory here:

The roots of secular leftism? I can see them presupposing that in a twitter board-meeting out of the earshot of the birds. “Given that altruism is not natural it must be enforced.” I sense a hysteric frenzy that demands, What could possibly be wrong with altruism?!

Talk to them on their own terms we will.

I see a selfless concern for the well-being of others on both the left and right. The left one is obvious, I’ll let you use your imagination. For the right, these “others” they are concerned with are in the future. In our climate rightists have to selflessly risk their reputations for the well-being of these future others.

Start with the fundamental fact that we have South America and North America, and the quality of life is higher in the latter. The left, in being selfless for the well-being of South America, is blind to the others in the future who will live in a Brazil-esque state that people now are trying to escape when they travel to the US. Rightists are concerned with the well-being of the people who will lose the choice between living in South America or North America. If the left lets anyone who wants to move here move here the distinction between South and North will not exist anymore. The left is in denial of this. They’re too concerned with the people here and now, it distracts them from thinking too far in the future- it’s a maternal over-caring that needs to be tempered–or else.

Even I have a pang of conscience when I distinguish between North and South America, we’re all concerned about the well-being of others. Let’s say that leftism is a spectrum of concern. I will sacrifice my concern for South America for my concern for the preservation of a North America.

So as much as it makes me wince to say, it’s easy to be deceived by the smokescreen of Republicans. Their optics effectively confuse the left. The right has its own noble lies, mostly to avoid persecution. If one expresses one’s concern for North America over South America in too clear a language the torches and pitchforks rise like clockwork. All this to say that Trumpism is indeed a white supremacist ideology, and once again it’s easy to be deceived that it is not. Oh, it is. What else could it mean if half the country thinks it’s “great” to build a wall between them and South America? What the left absolutely fumes about this for is because it is a reminder of hierarchy in general. Which is to say that if those South Americans are deemed to be “not great” i.e. bad, what does that then imply about certain demographics of citizens already living in North America with us? See, this simple mainstream political formula is cryptically a shattering of prevailing feminist and anti-racist ideologies. The desire for a wall is an implicit message that people aren’t equal, so it builds not only a wall on the physical border between North and South, it also builds walls in people’s minds- it says “We want certain demographics to be kept away from us within our own country” and also “We recognize that we need to acknowledge certain demographics are less civilized and less rational than us”.

And is the right wrong to say that? The left implies without saying it that they are right that certain types are less civilized and less rational- where the left disagrees is on the explicit acknowledgment of that fact.

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