I wish I could spend a day as one of the upholders of the noble lie, just so I can know what it’s like. It’s in a sense Platonists vs. Aristotelians:

The Platonists hold justice to be higher than philosophy (truth-seeking) whereas the Aristotelians identify philosophy with justice. Justice is another way of saying the political good. Their perspective is that truth-seeking is the enemy of the political good. They will not state this perspective, rather they will publicly identify their version of the political good with truth-seeking, even though while some of them know very well that their true perspective is that justice itself to some degree relies on lies.

The Aristotelians, being Socratic dialecticians themselves, then wonder if the notion of justice as being based on lies is itself just.

Annnnd as you can guess, the Platonists continue to safeguard their version of justice by responding to this question with silence, or by outright denying that their version of justice involves lies and lies about the lies. This is leftism down to a science, and it’s made to hide.

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