As I posted previously, there’s a subterranean aversion to permanent revolution, which explains the typical unwavering faith in democracy and constitutionalism. The US and West in general seems to be at present mired in the flip side of the coin of permanent revolution:

A certain amnesia has its benefits. Without it, a year after drafting a new constitution what will stop people from wanting to draft an even newer one? So there’s an intrinsic forgetfulness involved in a post-foundation setting. Our countries are too forgetful of this, our political origins’ origination in a somewhat arbitrary act of founding that is in no sense permanent, and that prevents us from beginning a new order, a more balanced order that takes into account ideas that run counter to the enlightenment which our founding was based on.

This probably strikes many as fantastical, “the insanity option” I called it, well a few years ago most thought the idea of Brexit was insane too, and if Brexit does go through it will likely have a cascading effect on the rest of the currently ideologically-confined, postwar West. Imagine that Brexit takes place and the US emerges from its revolutionary-amnesia and wonders what to do next. The things I’ve been posting about are my idea of a provisional blueprint if that happens. Just good to prepare. We might not want to go full Schmittian extremism, i.e. the “rip it all to shreds” route, so here’s a look at a middle-road option:

Ah how to get back into that centuries-dead “founding experience”…

Might be prudent to keep this middle-road option in mind if we were to create a neo-patch elsewhere as well. Excuse my pun- we wouldn’t scrap the constitution entirely, we’d merely make “liberal” use of it. Just to be safe at first ya know, because of that permanent revolution state of mind which seems just as threatening to a society’s stability as revolutionary amnesia.

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