In the same way that the US invaded the Middle East to attempt to install democracy, we need a group to invade the US to attempt to install aristocracy.

Democracy was incompatible with the people over there, would aristocracy be incompatible with the people here?

Doesn’t it sound crazy and impossible to take away most people’s vote? Yet to me this seems like the best course of action “until we figure out what’s going on”. The problem with a revolution is that if we put the people on the throne of the king as it were, we’d only be putting the same type in power again.

There’s a nearly perpetual forgetfulness about the ambiguity of the type of regime we inhabit. Specifically, it seems we live in an oligarchy that masks itself as a democracy. So do you know the sinister truth that follows from that? The people are the oligarchs. They’ve been so much influenced by them there’s no difference. So putting them in charge would just be subtly maintaining the current order.

This is the crazy idea I propose to get us out of this mess: we will have three castes, the vulgar, brainwashed majority of ‘the people’ who don’t get a vote, and the spiritually mature, properly educated minority of ‘the people’ who vote for aristocrats, Scientists, living Übermenschen, whatever you want to call them, exemplary types of human beings.

Sounds impossible to determine who should be in each caste, right? Well I don’t see another way of getting out of the oligarch-brainwash problem, we need a radical break with the existing order. “Who, Nick, who decides things?” Whoa you actually used my name for the first time in 100 million references to me, that’s nice. I don’t know who! This is just a general utopian formula- is there much to disagree with besides its practical impossibility?

Option 2: The oligarchs that secretly despise their fellows – the Larrys – should fund movies that carry messages that counter the establishment, that’s the only thing airheads understand these days, movies, so cynically speaking, they’re so swayable that their “cherished personal opinion” about the world is determined by what media you put in front of their faces. Next, for the second and third castes, the Larrys should start a new type of academy, one whose partial goal is critiquing the existing academy.

Option 3: You, dear reader, join me and my friends in the autodidactic life and gradually become one of those citizens that actually deserves a vote. Right now I’m studying Arendt’s On Revolution, it’s pretty inspiring, talks a lot about the stuff Schmitt does and never mentions his name (lol). From a secondary text on it–is this so much to ask?!:

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