Just in case it hasn’t clicked for you yet what the mechanism of this neologism “Bioleninism” is… If you were to stand on a busy sidewalk with a megaphone chanting “Diversity is our weakness” or a similar message, what would happen? You would infuriate all those who fall under the category of what makes our country diverse. That’s a lot of different types of people. And even many of the ones who don’t fall under that category would be infuriated as well.

Bioleninism is the idea that the diverse-weakness demographic and their sympathizers outvote the rest.

So imagine me saying into a megaphone on the sidewalk that for this reason the US will gradually shift into a country that sane people will want to move away from. Said demographic and their sympathizers evidently don’t care the US will be a place sane people will want to move away from, or are in denial that that will happen (because of the previously discussed unfounded blank slate universalism axiom). They just want more and more diversity regardless of the consequences. They will “Boo!” anyone who makes such a statement until the time the US is that place no sane person will want to live, and even then they will probably continue to boo anyone who says, See, told ya so. This is the kind of person we’re dealing with here.

I know of a few in the public sphere now who I can imagine moving when that day does arrive when it would be insane not to move, saying “Heh yeah I was one of those people who boo’d at the idea that this was going to happen and that it would be bad for it to happen, and hey, I was wrong, I’m moving now.” What a waste of a country, and it’s all a result of their deliberate words and actions.

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