Accelerationism and Immigration

Although I’ve wanted to drop all talk related to the immigration debate for about a year now, I’ve persisted because my idiosyncratic interpretation of accelerationism demands that certain cultural problems be solved so that future generations don’t have to deal with them. There’s a dense layer of subtexts and pretexts surrounding the debate that I and other Realpolitikers attempt to dig beneath to reveal the actual processes that are in place. Everyone has their reason, mine has been to spare the yet-to-be-born the tedium of sorting through this political issue. I’ve several times alluded to the fact that if I weren’t preoccupied with this I’d probably be reading poetry, probably Dante’s Divine Comedy as I haven’t studied that too closely yet, though there are a few other classic poets with writings that basically have the status of scripture that I (and likely lots of others) intentionally neglect because we worry that future generations won’t even care to study poetry if there is too drastic of a demographic shift.

Although you never know what data can be trusted, a traipse through google yields the general prediction that around the year 2050 whites will be the new minority of the country. There are a couple disconcerting implications to this that arise immediately in my mind- first of all, the new majority will doubtlessly only vote for policies that lead to them being an even more robust majority, in other words, soon after 2050 I expect that the border between North and South America will be erased entirely and there will be a freeflow of movement from South to North, increasing that majority from 55% to 60% to 70%, etc. and based on the anthropologically observed habits of the people of the South I don’t see much reason to expect that they will be interested in studying Ovid, calculus, or rocket science. Secondly, I think back to the advice of Timothy Leary on how to increase intelligence, which is incredibly taboo to say in our time, which was that one must surround oneself with ethnogroups that are equally, or preferably more, intelligent than one’s own. This demographic shift will be a benefit in this regard for the South, not so much for the North. All this to say that even if they remained magically as a 55% majority, even being in their proximity will not exactly be advantageous for those unborn ones who in an alternate future would have studied poetry and perhaps become poets themselves. I only can find reasons to deduce that if current trends continue, by 2050 the US will be completely saturated in low-culture, which is of course the opposite of poetry rightly perceived.

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