If nihilism = the death of god and nihilism is bad (yes there are still people that need to hear this latter part) it’s somewhat mind-boggling that we are so strict in the separation of church and state. Shouldn’t non-nihilism be enforced? The pre-reflective folk altruism, that I’ve been trying for months to demonstrate is its own form of nihilism disguised as the form of non-nihilism par excellence, is enforced after all, so why not enforce an actual, robust form of non-nihilism, which is the belief in severe transcendental ideals?

The christian god is doubted into non-existence by the forces of science, art, and promethean human technicity in general, and then this vulgar state religion takes its place, and all heretics who seek to refine it or uproot it are burned at the stake. Rather than severe transcendental ideals, ones which ideally in my opinion would lead to our escape from the monkeymind, we have this paltry vision of pseudo-divinity commanding us to run a planetary orphanage for all these walking stains of soot that should probably best be left to die off in their natural habitats anyway if taking them in only leads to us being brought down to their instinctive level of non-consciousness. What kind of religion is that! The state should enforce something a bit more ambitious, I don’t think that’s too much to request.

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