There are Rangordnungs about lots of things, women in general even. If I said some things that I think about that subject certain ones would want to murder me and then each other so I try to keep it to myself.

I never name any names because I don’t know any names, for me though it’s a question of morality and intelligence. Feminism is an intelligence-cult much like NRx so it’s reasonable to me in those terms, on the other hand, I don’t think women are too intelligent, eh! sorry to say it. Want me to lie? I like their general trajectory though, unfree women aren’t attractive to me personally. When freed they have no sense of morality is the patent conclusion here. They try more and more to give reason for their freedom rather than demonstrating why they should be free. Let’s see a female Ovid instead of bitter screeds about oppression. All I see in the environs is “free us!” mixed with being a typical imbecile, hey want me to lie? So… free you to be an imbecile? That’s my takeaway.

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