It’s amusing to me the cognitive dissonance many tend to have when I start acting like a fascist psychopath. They really don’t want to publicly admit that there is indeed a time and a place for that!

No no we’re going to stick with the old-fashioned way, elections and bureaucrats will solve all the problems of modernity. Ok moron. Does anyone actually truly believe that?

The ones I always intend to address are fellow misanthropes. If you hate America now, all statistics point to the fact that you’re going to hate it even more a couple decades from now. So what to do? I’ve already told you what needs to be done, what can I get away with on this “blog”? For the over-sensitive, let’s say it can be a formal procedure. We have a board determine who is corrupting Americans, who is making them stupid, and we either arrest them or remove them from their given institution. Not going to get that with the existing laws in place. Laws don’t tend to be about aesthetics and culture. There is zero doubt whatsoever that there are many people out there right now that are making the souls of all our citizens uglier and uglier. There’s a connection between truth and beauty- souls are made ugly by lies. So we determine who the liars are and get rid of them, sound like a plan? Oh, no? The morons want to proceed with another ineffectual election and rely on useless bureaucrats until this country is even more of a dumpster fire? This is exactly the attitude that’s going to force people into the brutality and blind violence option, sorry, keep doing you though, I for one wouldn’t mind if… never mind forget I said that.

It’s necessary to understand what precisely all the cultural megaphones are blaring into the ears of the citizens. It’s that discrimination is evil. And discrimination is at the root of all morality and aesthetics. I hear them speak proudly on NPR about the value of “anti-discrimination laws”, this is so sickening to me. Discrimination against women and minorities is just the surface level. What the prevailing Americanism essentially is is anti-discrimination in general. What this means is there’s no difference between good and bad, or beautiful and ugly, or smart and stupid, or truth and lies, both sides of the duality are melted into equalization. It’s the enforcement of standardlessness. If people had standards they’d probably never turn on a TV screen in general for anything. Tough to hear. The opposite of standardlessness is severity. If people had standards they’d probably unfollow most of their friends IRL and online, once again, tough to hear. Spend some time in the realm of the forms and this conclusion is clear. 95% of anything that’s ever said is gossip, speaking generously. It’s voluntary dehumanization. The people aren’t going to change until the institutions that preside over their lives change. To change the institutions you need an Institution to judge them. It doesn’t need to be constituted by fascist psychopaths, I’m content with the label Platonist myself. Suffice it to say that we need to be more strict toward our opinion-management crew. They’re polluting the minds of the entire country. If nothing is done eventually people are going to start to be shot. I’m not trying to will that scenario into existence (of course not, of course not), that’s just what I anticipate if we stay on this path.

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