This is the “primal scene” or origin of our state religion. It all began here, with bourgeois travel. Put on your safari gear and watch the ones in safari gear watching them. What was their initial reaction? They surely were discriminating. Grown adults living in the kinds of forts that kids in our countries make for fun in their backyards. Even today, travelers are discriminating to a degree- now, interpretation of the non-occident is filtered through the adamant stance of cultural relativism. It’s either that or you might as well be Hitler after all. Discrimination is only allowed if it’s a positive appraisal of the non-occident, for instance one could say with some fairness that many peoples are more community-centered and family-centered than us- they don’t have our protestant atomization problem. What isn’t allowed is negative appraisals, i.e. one profoundly off-limits question is, If left to their own devices do they eventually return to living in these “forthouses”? I could name a few cities in the US where this is manifestly empirically demonstrable. Only a demon would bring that up though.

So the ideology of globalism begins with these travels. Over the years strict discrimination declines more and more. Until finally we reach the present where we actively discriminate against discrimination itself (with the one clause in the rule being that discrimination against the white patriarchy is lauded and applauded).

Like I hinted at in the previous post, discrimination against women and minorities is only the surface phenomenon, there’s also a subtler ontological interpretation of this process. In informally banning discriminatory standards in order to be gentle and polite to certain human-types, we’ve effectively done away with discrimination in regard to everything else as well- namely culture. This is the hidden effect of “anti-discrimination laws”- it’s the enforcement of relativism, it’s a sneaky sort of epistemology that is being pushed. So there’s a direct line going from the experience of the common westerner first seeing those forts with their own eyes to this nihilistic view of truth itself.

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