What’s always struck me as a similarity between ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy is the idea that everything should be in its right place. This has been in the background of my thoughts when I’ve questioned our overlords. The fact that half our congress is “made up” of lawyers doesn’t quite grind my gears as much as the known and unknown influence “our” bankers hold. What is the being of banking? I mean when get down to the simplest details, what is it? Keeping people’s money in a vault? Armed guards, brutes could do that, couldn’t they? Its basis doesn’t seem too complex, I don’t think I’m being over-reductive- what is a banker compared to a Lord Byron, to put it into perspective. (I like the idea of poets for statesmen, they seem to be among those who know being best). So what did these people do to earn their control, that’s my question:

And what could be done, what should be done, with tyrannical usurers?

Can the legislative, judicial, or executive power do anything about them? Who checks them?

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