It’s still weird to me that some people know what I try to get at. Never have had a conversation IRL about most of this, and usually only see symbolic infractions in the cyber world. Some I see pointing and they’re saying “I get it, I just don’t want to get the guillotine for getting it.” This is another futuristic kind of “iceberg”- how much conversation will progress on these matters once people don’t have to worry about being persecuted for talking about them. That’s a looming question-mark out of my control. I like to imagine having conversations with certain people, they’re only imaginary though- I don’t know what a human being with freedom would actually say to me. I’m sure people have discord chats or whatever about a lot of the stuff that might otherwise get them banned. It will be different when it’s a public conversation. Where anyone can join, so the chance of alien outsiders drastically increases. Yep who knows what that convo holds. “Let’s not speak symbolically, let’s speak objectively.” When will this day arrive? “They” never want it to happen–well, unless the off-chance is possible that most of them are Larrys and are doing their best to be gradual so as to prevent bloodshed. Wouldn’t be totally outside of the realm of possibility- I learn from Nietzsche and he’s wiser than most if not all prog-profs I reckon. Yeah it would be good to have a discussion, if not a debate, with certain people. Humanity can only progress so far when esotericism is wrapped in caution-tape.

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