I don’t need to justify violence for you. Most people already know on a lizardbrain level. Why do you think violent movies have been increasingly popular the last few decades? They’re expressions of the collective unconscious. The bad guys in movies are almost never the bad guys in real life however, that’s the difference. The bad guys in real life are all those power-nodes that make people stupid and keep people stupid. Isn’t it refreshing to see nonfictional – er wait I’m a horror writer I forgot – portrayals of violent intent against them? If unreasonable people are in control what’s the alternative? The faculty of reason defines us as human. If unreasonable people who won’t be reasoned with are gradually and deliberately wringing the reason out of our populations through myriad methods, why would I have even a semblance of remorse about filling ditches with their corpses? Or, OR, take the unanimous alternative and just let them all get away with it, your choice. Keep watching gratuitously violent movies and pretending you don’t want what happens to the symbolic villains in them to happen to the actual villains in reality.

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