Where to even start with all of it. The best simile is that people are like actors, and no one ever knows who the script-writers are. When I see a *walkie-talkie noise* “leveling in progress” I don’t even see the actor, I see the script-writer, because there’s no genuine autonomy or individuality there, everyone’s just reading lines off a script, memorizing lines, recreating them in their own supposedly anachronistic way, while my friends and I exoterically want to burn the script, esoterically want to burn the script-writers (for being so.. slimy? if you start to see the overlords as akin to used car salesmen you’ll be on the way to awareness). It’s just a boring movie, this state-religion. I’ve said before that that’s always been my main argument against it- it’s a question of aesthetics, and it causes me monotony. This year is like the 20th sequel. It’s time to fire the ones writing these scripts. Or at the very least create a mirror-world Hollywood.

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