If you’re interested in a scientific description of the experience of empathy, the “Exteriority and the Face” section of Totality and Infinity by Levinas will help you understand leftists better than they understand themselves (not like that is very difficult)

To honor the holiday, I’ll use as an example the experience of talking with a black person. One–“one” being “the American white”–is implicitly put into question over slavery. There’s a sense in which something is “owed”, there is a demand to be “extra nice”, as payment. Seeing the face of a woman or a jew is similar though not identical. This is the basic experience that underlies interaction with them, this “being put into question”. “Excuse me! Don’t you remember historical so-and-so?!” they ask without having to ask. This is what I mean about not wanting to watch a movie with a woman who I wouldn’t be able to authentically interact with. Because, yes, I do remember historical so-and-so and you’ve already heard my honest opinion about women’s suffrage and my rational defenses of that opinion–want me to lie? Okay, why would I want to watch a movie with someone who demands I lie to them? Phenomenology helps us see the experienced-realities we take for granted and forget. Let me know how you like being put into question by it if you decide to read the section of the book I recommend.

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