Levinas the Schmittian where it counts

The Other isn’t the Enemy, the Other is infinity, the Other is divinity–well, except for the Others that are actually pertinent to politics. G-d forbid the Jews are wiped out before they fulfill their transcendent destiny of turning the entire planet into an 80 IQ dumpsterfire. Not to mention the irony that he formulated the Other concept itself in response to the holocaust, thus rendering Adolf himself the true “Other”. The above interview is basically him going, Yeah I’m cool I wrote 10 books about how the Nazis were evil, wait never mind!

Another hypocrisy that is demolished by Schmitt’s friend/enemy distinction. I.e. he wouldn’t have had to write books on the Other if there was some other out there he needed to address because they were wrong. I could go on and on about “Talmudic bullshitting”… or in other words, Schmitt was right to have them in mind when he crafted that friend/enemy distinction.

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