Me and my fellow part-paisano on the right quietly wondering why we let anglos eat at the same table as us

So much sour grapes cope like this I see constantly. Then again, we’re all living with WWII internalizations- whoa good for you brits you shot and bombed a bunch of italians looks like you’re the ones who are right, as is evidenced by all the muslims you’re letting move to your country.

Sometimes I wonder if being part italian is what has given me access to the ability to see through the eyes of the jew. I’m sure there will be a million disagreements but I’ve seen various DNA maps that show that jews are basically half-italian. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just a nerd about human-taxonomies, since not many else are (in public). It all goes back to “the mystery of being” for me.

Anyway, the way they think, I’m not even sure if it’s on a conscious level for a lot of them, actually I’m sure some of them learn how they think from reading me and merely use what they learn to accentuate their kikery, anyway though! they see euros as the species that gave birth to the technological age and they feel it is necessary for us to share the genes that led to that. They’re not a people themselves that shares, quite the opposite. They’re the people that wants to make others share. This is why I see most people as children- they’re just living downstream of this decision made by a people who probably should’ve been wiped out 75 years ago. So the argument from the axis side of things is that, if you like the technological age, not to mention its fine arts, we don’t want to create hybrids that would only decelerate scientific and artistic progress. If you like tech (uhh is there a cure for cancer yet?) and the occasional tv show [gesamtkunstwerk] that you could with a clear conscience call Art, then…

I honestly don’t remember much of what I used to rant about on XS back in the day- something about Lovecraft and gulags?

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