This is a challenge for us moderns

It’s funny that I try to cleanse my perception by studying the phenomenology of religion, as if phenomenology isn’t itself theoretical. It’s the closest I’ve found at least, besides mystical poetry.

The standard attitude for a great many of us is skepticism. We think we’re so clever. There’s nothing clever about being born in a secular age and remaining secular. A real challenge is going to church and not having any “anthropological” thoughts.

One of the reasons that theonomy is part of the trichotomy is that it represents a form of absolutism and is thus in a quarrel with the absolutism that is the cathedral which is the divinization of Diversity, not the diversity of absolutisms. Another absolutism causes relativism, i.e. loss of faith, which is why you’ll occasionally find leftists demonizing Christianity. Theonomy need not be about Christianity, my religion as you know is existential phenomenology, ontology, however you prefer to call it, I focus on how being presents itself and bracket (push to the side) hearsay about being. Most cannot escape what others say being is. Attending church could help some escape the hypnotism. Many will only interpret the service through a left-theoretical lens and merely bolster their faith in modern ideas.

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