Calling it neurobiological leninism will help cement the unchangeably deterministic angle of things that I at least find increasingly obvious. Depending on which specific caste we’re speaking of, some have gone thousands of years being treated as subhuman and their brain chemistry has in the past few decades adjusted from, we’ll say, tea-levels of dopamine to cocaine-levels. Now, when you tell them that was all a failed social experiment to give them the idea that they’re human, it’s like you’re taking their coke stash away from them and putting them on watch. And they’ll lie, cheat, and steal to get a bump. In order to prevent the fate of France, of descending to conditions where someone with down syndrome is a plausible political candidate, we will have to go through a detox period. They may need adderall for instance while the figment of their imagination that they’re genuine human beings fades. That’s what the “alt-lite” always was about, wasn’t it? Those who had the misfortune to find themselves here and a few other places in our sphere are probably going through a dope-amine withdrawal. And others have probably gotten over it by now and are healthy and back to normal and ready to live the life that their creator set out for them. See, the main problem we’re facing is dealing with people who are approaching middle-age or who are beyond that who have been fed deceptions for decades, and how to ween them off them, before it’s too late. The occident is one. This is our correction of our own mistakes. If an antiversity is too extreme I suggest a balancing of politics in the universities. The sinister truth is that only those who are truly human deserve to be high on dopamine, that’s just the natural order of things. Peasants, womanfolk, tend to get too uppity for their own good, and for the good of everyone else (see down syndrome politician). Another way of spinning “neurobiological leninism”- those whose neurons don’t fire in alignment with higher realities shouldn’t be doped up so that they have the demeanor of those whose do.

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