Most people are such surface-levels that I could post about nothing and even that would be something, they’re just looking for the fact that I posted. Posting and Time we’ll call it. This is a sign of our times, that quantity reigns over quality. People over ideas. You shouldn’t need me posting here, you should just understand what I’m getting at, and a few actually do which is nice, unfortunately most don’t, and that’s their nature. You’d be surprised, even some of the brightest are like this. They need roughly four posts a day or else they continue to believe in the mainstream narratives. These people aren’t worth saving and as the days go on my interest in “saving” them decreases more and more. There is no saving them, there’s no hope of them ever shifting into autonomous beings. You know that’s been the project here, right? That’s a rhetorical question for those who already know. Most who think they “know” after reading that sentence will not-know a few hours from now, because they are of that nature that needs a semi-hourly reminder. My advice to you is to pause and wonder why you need constant reminder. Some sort of lethargy of the soul? That’s what I would expect. You shouldn’t need a “living whisper” in your ear, it’s on you to create a split of consciousness within yourself that reminds you without needing anyone else. That’s “emancipation” in our sense, to be free from the mainstream narratives.

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