Is there a better way than examining the election to see where our volk is on a macro level? And how can we see that using PC language? Understanding the country, which is self-evidently one of the highest values, is impossible with that kind of language. That kind of language is only symbolic of the defective “mental-images” that are in currency. Realpolitik is akin to waiting for kids not to be in the room before having certain conversations, because it would cause some level of trauma to them. It follows that kids in some sense require defective mental-images to function. Due to my much-discussed notion of the concealment of the concealment, popular politics is similar to exclusively kids with defective mental-images talking with each other, and in many cases not even being aware that there’s such a thing as adult conversations. All the adults are marginalized anons, while most citizens are like kids in an orphanage without parents. The ones who run the orphanage most likely have adult conversations behind closed doors, and the kids don’t really question them or try to cause trouble because that would reduce their ration of gruel-slop. With some anons that are followed lowkey it’s like some of the orphans found a staticky radio in a garbage can and have tuned it to a channel on a quiet volume that the ones who run the orphanage wouldn’t approve of. Tomorrow’s just a day away…

Adult vs. child conversations = esoteric vs. exoteric. So what do I for one see when I examine the election this fine morning? Esoterically, it’s all about mental health. Healthcare and climate health are just weapons to use to defeat the one causing poor mental health. Trump doesn’t talk much about the wall anymore, probably because he realized it’s bad optics- we nonetheless know though that “that’s the kind of person that he is”. He continues however to verbally cause distrust in the entrenched governmental bureaucracy and MSM. It’s sad I’ve had to share this chart so many times and how impervious most are to losing their fixation on “da president has all da power!!”, oh well, it’s like a geography class, you’re not going to know where all the countries are after seeing a world map only one time.

My main quibble with this is that it underplays how multi-faceted “the media” is, that node should be broken into five or so. Also we need a f#&%ing “banker” node, also a social media admin node cough cough, and let’s not forget our beloved constitution while we’re here. Anyway, Trump’s attacks on a couple of these nodes is his way of saying “Without these we’d have better mental health in this country, folks.” Whereas the left is fuming at him, implicitly about the wall, because they know that he attacks the nodes he does in the same spirit of wanting to build a wall, i.e. to dethrone globalism. Anti-globalist sentiments cause people to have poor mental health. For the hundredth time, the two camps are the bioleninists and those who pity them, in other words, the poor mental health of others causes poor mental health in the sympathetic ones. Biden esoterically represents Obama (racial justice). Let’s look again at Sanders’ website. What do you see predominantly? All I see is equalism equalism equalism. Am I oversimplifying things? I don’t think so. Not to say there aren’t some forms of equalism I don’t find repugnant. Point is, returning to the power-node chart, all are in basic agreement about equalism. As much as I’m sure he makes certain billionaires sweat, and as much as that gives certain people schadenfreude, Sanders is a system-man. Let’s put it this way- can you imagine him getting the kind of vitriol Trump gets under his tweets if he won the presidency? How farfetched that is! The hysteria people have about Trump is proof of his outsider status. Do I wish there was a far-right candidate who attacked ALLLLLL the power-nodes? Well, no shit. For now, at least Trump attacks a couple of them (not to mention that, esoterically, his mockery of the media is an unequivocally veiled antisemitism–hmm I wonder where (((Sanders))) stands on the doe-eyed innocent Jews?) So back to mental health- that’s “material conditions” that all the nodes point to on that chart. We need a clean-sweep of all those nodes, not someone who’s in general agreement about the essential ideology. All these people on the left who are so passionate about equalism really think they thought up their ideas for themselves. No, those nodes put those ideas in your head. Once you study old books and see how other people in other times and places thought about the world you start to see how disordered our state-religion is, and how mental illness is so normal that people like me are considered borderline insane instead. Think of my question about the degeneracy of NYC- Do you really think that leveling the races, classes, and sexes will not have any negative effects? While I know not many want to admit it, the only ones who have the right idea about the world are white male geniuses, and any leveling of them is only going to lead to a less clarified reality. The obvious example is removing Sh-k-sp–r- from schools and replacing him with works by women of color. That is what equalism is in practice, and that is what all those who stand for equalism represent. Can’t say that will cause good mental health for anyone, even women of color.

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