To those few of you with attention-span who read the thread, what was it that struck you as the most unspeakable? If you’re one of those atom-humans who has no one to talk to it might help to speak it out loud alone in a room. Some of them know what they’re doing, they know that thoughts that are never verbalized only linger fleetingly. Too paranoid to say it because you sense you might be being listened to? With tech now I’m not sure this is unfounded, molecular recording devices planted anywhere. Can’t even go for a walk in nature these days without this always-already conditioning our thoughts. We still have our thoughts, though, right? So what was it you thought after reading that thread, where you shook your finger at yourself and thought, “Nope, definitely not saying that thought in public”? That chatter-gravity I spoke of makes it nearly impossible to even think about, because it’s a mechanism of survival not to think certain thoughts. All your friends will forsake you. “Friends”. Anti-demotism involves a hyper-atomization not many can endure. If it helps, my attitude has always been that your real friends will understand, whereas you weed out the ones who only keep you chained to the vulgus and all its rewards of gold necklaces and pools and lamborghinis. The way I see it, all the people who led up to us were trying to create a being who would tell the truth and not care about any of that. That’s the highest state of existence in my opinion. The ones who are confined by popular opinion are still in the cycle of reincarnation that would lead to that state. So what was it that that thread made you think about, anon? Do you want to play that game? Or are you hoping that the next generation can tackle that issue instead? Why burden them with it? You could just do it yourself and make their life better instead. All these copes that can be seen when you look at humanity as five generations at a time rather than as just this one. Delegating responsibility to your grandchildren with your support of illusions, okay, it’s clear you really care about life.

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