Thinking is kind of creepy. Who are thoughts from? Who are thoughts to? When one has a thought, why is there a separation between one and the thought? It doesn’t make sense to say “you” send messages to yourself. They’re from somewhere else. Why is it sending this message to me? Must be too early in the morning. Sad at the state of the world so I turn inward maybe. I’m only mean because I see how bad things are. Life is about being with others, against others. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Doesn’t work like that. End up with everyone being alone together. The “thoughts from somewhere else” led us here, can they save us? The thoughts from somewhere else are the folk, the folks you surround yourself with. How the somewhere else that isn’t “you” reflects or deflects those folks and sends messages to you. That’s a thought. We need to be more selective of whose “somewhere elses” we reflect and deflect with our somewhere else. Being selective means reflecting this idea that life is being with others against others, that is, life isn’t simply being with others. So, being selective means the others we should be together against are the ones whose somewhere else sends them the message that life is simply being with others.

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