That’s the continuum- extreme leftism yields a down syndrome politician, extreme rightism yields Schmitt living all by himself in Indonesia. Good, glad we settled that. It’s immodest to speak of either- “please just don’t say that.” From here we could potentially establish a true centrism. Without a neechen sneer that’s impossible. My first thought- Schmitts as politicians, one of their duties being to facilitate the education of the down syndrome folk as far as that is possible. “How do you avoid the globalist problem of the neglect of nationalism?” In other words, say that we put so many resources into advancing Chile to our 12th grade level. What if that meant that we would have to keep our 18th grade citizenry from 20th grade? And yes inb4: super-knowledgeable citizens would be a beautiful thing, you’re just coping. I’m sure the Schmitts would figure it out. First thought- cheap computers. Everyone has their temperament, obviously mine is to prioritize getting the people I live near, and thus have to endure, to a higher level of intelligence and spirituality. Anyway the point of this post is that spectrum. I don’t think it’s inaccurate as far as teloses go, you can derive your own synthesis from it.

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