Another series from the great courses that I found inspiring was Famous Greeks. Here is a torrent if you don’t feel like dropping an exorbitant fee on it through The lecturer, Rufus J. Fears, also has a series on the Romans which is just as good. While I’m sure I’ll be interpreted as mansplaining for saying it, if people weren’t so sensitive they’d push the great man theory of history during women’s history month, ironically ironically. No, not that kind of iron. Who do they even have to be inspired by? Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, how thoroughly boring, Amelia Earhart? (womp womp), Mother Teresa? Ok I can see that. Not much to draw from. Can they relate to men though I wonder? Do feminists secretly want to be the next Alexander? I bet AOC fantasizes about that. No no of course not, every woman aspires to be as groundbreaking as Betsy Ross, as innovative as Oprah. If they got over their manhate-resentment they could set their ideals higher. In the meantime, most of them still need to learn how to cook, just throwing that out there.

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