If it were to be discovered that Epstein & Pals were Crowleyans I would not be shocked at all. The teaching that the Will is everything and can do anything… where else can you find that? “Wait a second, wait a second!” Neech’s system isn’t unanchored from ethics- the eternal return is an individualized version of the categorical imperative. Without that, pure unhindered Will-ism (Thelema) can turn deranged and I can easily see that leading to Epsteinian debauchery and essentially child-sacrifice. Crowley is similar to Freud and many others who seem like neech-knock-offs with a few nuances here and there- no one could replicate him (though many French galaxybrains did try). One can learn a proto-hyperstition from Crowley that can be used against our “elites”, just try not to get lost. Anyway, I’m pretty sure he’s /theirguy/ if I had to choose one person from the 20th century.

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