Think about that 20:1 ratio thought-experiment in this context

Right off the bat I’m wondering how many of those Russians’ 1s were Siberia’d by Stalin. And how many of the 1s were lost during the world wars? Bringing an inverted Marxism in again- women, half the population of whites, was rarely encouraged to use their leisure for refinement until recently. So what’s that leave us of the alleged 850M+? You might say, that’s meaningless, are you trying to tell me my boss is in any way “refined”! That’s a laugh. No, they are in a better place to have their kids educated to refinement though. Even if one of them only turns out to be a worker-bee attorney that’s closer most proles get. You could say that intrinsic to white evolution to civilization beyond the other races was in part due to a quasi-Marxism before Marxism existed. The 1s using their surplus wealth to refine the 20s. How else could you explain it? And there are a few races whose 1s aren’t worth our 20s – how else do you explain their level of civilization? “We don’t like to think about that.”

We today have more leisure than most times and places in history (probably all) and most people squander it through hedonism. There’s leisure+refinement, that’s what I keep trying to tell you!

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