This seems to be the essential historical epoch we find ourselves living in

Remember yesterday, the post about about how the Republic takes place in the cosmology of the Timaeus? This is the cosmology our political discussions take place in, this in-between world, it’s moreso somewhat of an anti-cosmology. Science is the court of approval, which means Christianity has ceased to be, yet we still retain many of our Christian morals, probably through instinct and habit. Is there any going back to Christianity? In my experience at least, the “esoteric Christians”, who I happen to agree with on many things, don’t go to church, and there seems to be something off there, it’s a symptom of an overly-individualistic age from which we all suffer. In this liminal time “between cosmologies” we need to figure out what we got right with Christian morals, and what the objective science is on the matter as it pertains to physics and psychology (world and soul). One of the reasons our political parties hold knives at each other’s throats for lack of a better expression is because we’re both operating within this horizon of a disordered cosmology. We have to get that right before we can hope to get politics right. First, with this idea of “Christian morals”, in a secular age such as ours one would expect that to fall into the purview of philosophy proper–that is questionable to the point of tautology. There’s a sense in which Christianity might have died through the doubt that science brought about. It didn’t manage to kill theology or divinity however, as they are higher than any historically-situated mythology such as Christianity, and from that Anselmian claim, higher than any science either. Ask some old Taoist what he thinks of western science, prepare to be bamboozled- same plane. So there’s this “cosmology under fire” that precedes all our politics here in the west, we have one foot in Christianity and one foot in Science, and we haven’t yet figured out how to either synthesize the two or discard one altogether. Meanwhile most are stuck in this lower realm of politics that presupposes this war in heaven. The West needs both a new Timaeus and a new Republic if you ask me. We need to get working on a new cosmology (outside of state influence) and from there the new politics will follow. Most on the left deny scientific findings, while many on the right deny that mere christianity isn’t still possible. Neither of these attitudes are going to lead to the flourishing of our nations, we need reconciliation.

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