The overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of technology is what maintains the death of the Christian God. Cars running everywhere from point a to point b like clockwork, you flip the switch and the light turns on in your house nearly without ever failing, and you’re probably reading this right now on some fancy gizmo no one could have imagined 100 years ago. Science is “proven” by the effectiveness of technology. The scientific worldview is proven by that effectiveness. The problem is that the scientific attitude which is necessary to create that technology is transferred to every other domain of life, namely the ontological, or onto-theological if you prefer. Technology is effective because objects are being manipulated correctly. This theoretical attitude isn’t effective in the world of humans because humans aren’t objects (well there are degrees of object-unlikeness as you know if you’ve been reading this blog a while). So it’s abundantly clear that technology is effective, just look around. What isn’t clear is that the scientific worldview is effective for making humans flourish. With rampant nihilism, atomized loneliness, and hedonism it would seem that humans are often proof of the ineffectiveness of the scientific worldview. It works perfectly for creating technology. For creating lives with high ideals and strong virtues though? It would seem not. That is what has been lost with the death of the Christian God. Christianity could be seen as an—at least historically—effective technology. That’s what we reactionaries have been working on- trying to think up an effective political technology, a technology of the collective spirit, a government as reliable as electricity.

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