If I was the benevolent tyrant of the USG patch I’d implement a mandatory fast on media of every kind including social media. Only media older than 100 years allowed. No talking with the living, not a word, and let’s say everyone can only go out in public wearing hooded robes. 2000+ year old media preferred. For three months. There’s a reason it lasted so many years, its existence in the present is empirical proof of its value. What proof of value do today’s shows and movies have? CGI it must be better!!! The “art-ifacts” that have continued to exist were absorbed by people across generations, shaped generations in some cases, and the type of person that was shaped by them continued to recur over centuries. What effect do you think it could have steeping in media that won’t last 100 years from now? It shapes people to be the opposite of timeless. Why even bother reading or watching something that you know won’t be remembered 100 years from now? You’re just voluntarily wasting your time and shaping your personality with material that is a waste of time—how do you expect your personality to turn out if you do that?

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