You have to understand that if you’re happy with yourself for finally realizing what I’ve been talking about there are yet layers of understanding above me that I’m only trying to gesture at. Take Sugrue for example (you listened to him for more than a half hour, right?) There are gradations to wisdom, to the science of wisdom. Stanley Rosen, who I’ve mentioned a few times before, for instance, is beyond Sugrue. There is a ladder to climb in order to access the, we’ll call them, “personal beliefs” of the dead, to really see through their eyes. This is one of the main reasons the death of the Christian God was such a catastrophe, because it also meant the death of priests, the living purveyors of “sight”. Providence had it happen that way I suppose (or does putting it that way make me sound like too much of a priest?) Neech admitted himself in his notebooks that German philosophy is one with the Lutheran reformation. I mean, the Catholic church is somewhat like Hollywood in one telling way. Simple way to dispel the tradcath “counter-reformers” heh. Even Marxists are “trad” in the sense that they believe in a doctrine older than 50-80 years. What percentage of the left has actually read Marx though with any discipline? ahahah! Anyway, here is Rosen on a dimension of the Nietzsche/Hegel discrepancy, a topic I haven’t been able to find much secondary literature about

Do you understand now how you could go from reading me, to listening to Sugrue, to reading Rosen? Now try Hegel. What I’m trying to get at here is something everyone understands. You know when you have a friend or acquaintance who is “dopey”? Not too bright, don’t want to be around them? My way of thinking stems from this basic awareness, of people who are too uhhhhhh. Neech and Hegel make me feel this way. Whatever you want to say against Hegel, write a couple books on him first like Rosen did, before believing you are in a place to critique him. In the spirit of giving weapons to my enemies, if I were you I’d immerse in Hegel to better understand the Marx/Nietzsche discrepancy. “It only pays to be a Marxist that doesn’t concern themselves with any of that.” Wow, a true Marxist.

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