Can never repeat enough that the only reason certain groups aren’t allowed to be criticized is because they are already recognized as not being human. The only reason people are allowed to run their stupid mouths saying whatever they want about white males is because they first presuppose that white males are human. The trajectory of the zeitgeist is everyone adopting more and more the beliefs and ways of life of all those who are implicitly recognized as not being human. It’s the same impetus that makes us reluctant to laugh about some wailing, drooling retard (they usually keep the severe cases like this out of the public eye). You feel too sorry for them to laugh, let alone “criticize” them- even I find it insensitive to joke about the mentally retarded in most scenarios. At least I see women and mInOrItIeS as above the literally retarded–otherwise I wouldn’t criticize them, because there does exist some hope to change them there. Continuing to insist that they are equally “non-retarded” as white males is only going to have deleterious effects on society. This is what I mean by saying we need to burn the social contract- now, the only criticism allowed is of white males. How counter-productive that is when they’re the non-retarded ones, don’tcha think? Until these protected groups begin to auto-deconstruct themselves I’m going to see them as increasingly similar to the aforementioned wailing, drooling retard. Hey one day maybe the gods will smile upon you and I will recognize you as the leftists implicitly do as being so far from humanity that you warrant no hope, thus rendering any criticism of you as a category error. Wouldn’t you be relieved if I stopped holding you accountable like I do white males?

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