Instead of being mad at me, you could simply – here’s a thought – do what I tell you to do. Con a psychiatrist into giving you a vyvanse prescription. That could help give you the initial focus that is required to realize there are things more interesting than what all the demobabble centers on today. Oftentimes people’s awareness is too fuzzy to be aware that it’s fuzzy. Something that makes you more alert than caffeine might be necessary. And by the looks of some of you I don’t even think you’d have to learn how to hack the ADHD test, you’re probably just an undiagnosed case. This isn’t a permanent solution, just a reorganization of brain chemicals for a month or two so you can experience sharp awareness and alertness and take that experience back to your normal brain state. “Oh yeah, when I’m feeling sharp I don’t care about any of this crap.” I wouldn’t mind myself if someone dronedropped me some of that, trying to understand Hegel this morning, the definition of galaxybrain.

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