Stalin eventually had Sten executed

Business as usual for commies. Many latent ones like this in our own countries, “sleeper agents” awaiting the call to be henchmen for the next Stalin who would do exactly this to his Stens. Gulag? Reeducation? No, no, not for you, you are getting shot. Precisely the ones who could and should reeducate them, who behold them as vulgarians, those are the ones that need to be shot, in their minds. I can even sense this in some of our poasters today.

Do you think Xi Jinping has a Sten? Either dead or still alive (lol). Something about the spirit of that Jiang Shigong guy has been recurrently making me go 🤔 for the past month or so… His general tendency, at least in the few translations that exist, is to indicate that China is both moving in a new direction, learning from their and the USSR’s mistakes, and also remaining pious Marxists. So, like Dugin, this is their own “Fourth Way”, what they call “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”. Is it a fourth way if they remain Marxists? Dugin hasn’t remained a Marxist. That’s what’s been keeping me going 🤔 because, most starkly, Mao led to the most deaths in history, maybe you should try to make a more radical rupture with the past, is my thought. “Try and try again!” I know some Marxists reading this are thinking. I’m taking the following as a provisional symptom of where their party is at until I discover more Jiangs out there

“Too much self-awareness isn’t good for praxis” is the resounding secret doctrine of leftists I’ve observed in the USA, it’s probably not too different in China. I dunno guys, maybe after all those deaths we should give ol neechski a try as brain in chief? Heh, given how marginalized even Hegel (who goes well with Marx) is, that’s an absurd request, I know.

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