I wonder to what degree we’d lose our messianic attitude if we acquired our own patch. Would our globalist energies merely transfer over to saving “the Old West”? It seems like that would be in the back of a lot of our minds, we wouldn’t simply stop thinking about America and Europe. Maybe it’s just me, I expect that a lot of the purpose of a neo-patch would be to “save” our co-ethnics. I can see a cold way of understanding fragmentation where we “unplug the tv” that maintains the connection between us and our former civilization, stop using cathedralist social media altogether, etc. And I wonder how many of us would do that, how many would have existential qualms with an extreme separation. We’d probably want to keep them updated, for any “souls that need to be saved”. About our progress as well as problems, and our changing understanding of the old patch since settling the new one, our changing understanding of what it means to be a person of the occident. Theoretically speaking, anyone who didn’t opt to make haste to move to the new patch with us would necessarily be suspect, and thus would be imbued with a similar aura as some of us see third-worlders now. “Can we ever really trust you? You’re going to have to prove how you won’t be a traitor in some way.” So the neo-patch will essentially have a neo-Mexico and the immigration problem to deal with all over again, except now at a higher standard, with “our fellow white people”. Are they really kin with us if they were perfectly fine with immanentizing Brazilification? Just as the most innovative pioneers moved to America, we will have an entirely distinct breed move to this new patch. The initial move will be a test for loyalty to the “old regime”. The ones who move second, third, and forth will “say a lot about who they are” let’s say. We don’t want obsequiants in the new patch, that will only contaminate the rest of us. That thought-experiment I mentioned about a mandatory fast where only 100+ year old media is allowed, I think it would be a good idea to do that for–possibly–a couple years? Just to make sure. Lots of things to think about if we take a neo-patch outside the realm of mere speculation. Advances in the sciences would be good to study and practice for instance. Unless they’re also subtly entwined with cathedralism somehow? We would need the wisest minds running the government, let’s leave it at that for now. Without the need for optics, and being able to speak candidly with each other, who knows what they would determine? A strict pathos of distance between us and the Old World would be the first order of business is my instinct, I’m just a 20-something though and I humbly leave these matters to the masked elders among us.

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