Thankfully we have lots of Stens preserved in books. If you chill with that Rosen fella for a while you’ll start to get an idea of what it looks like when a Jew doesn’t hide his power-level. Minds more or less on the same plane as his, only not sublimated into scholarship. One eerie way to look at it is, depending how selective you are, pretty much 90 something percent of the time you look at any “screen” there are Jews with his cognitive power right beneath the surface. And of course if they’re anywhere near as smart as him it’s easy for them to hide, and to hide anyone who take them out of hiding. Seriously, download a book of Rosen’s that catches your eye and you’ll see what I mean–even someone with half the brain of his could effortlessly manipulate and dupe all the idiots of our culture if they didn’t devote their energies to hundreds of pages on Hegel, and rather stick their nose in banking, stocks, producing movies, etc. instead. I’m sure many of them could write a memoir on the level of one of his books about how they run shit, it’s just why would they, that would interfere with them running shit. They don’t write books, they write our reality, and their only friends who they’re honest with are each other.

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