Sometimes reading neech I imagine him as a preacher at a pulpit, as a cladistic Lutheran in the tradition of his father

And I imagine some little old lady in the front row hearing him speak with a face like this 😩 as all the faith and life are sapped from her bones, and honestly, sometimes I get the idea in my head, “maybe this guy should’ve been taken out back and shot”, even when he’s raving about something seemingly innocuous like epistemology. So I understand why some might be mad at me. The thing is, I’ve never forced anyone to read my writings, some act like I have a shackled audience—“You shouldn’t be saying those things!” Why? The ones who are anguished will go elsewhere, while the inquisitive ones who are sick of the lies and niceties they’re told on a daily, hourly, basis will remain, I don’t see the problem, some of you seem confused. Some must… like… this?

There must be a demand in the human psyche our institutions don’t cater to. Can’t blame the masochism of others, and their will to annihilation, on me!

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