There’s something to be said for protecting children and old ladies. There’s also something to be said about our lack of institutions for higher learning in the true sense that the collective+elites keep out of existence in their imperative to protect those children and old ladies. By children we’re here of course not simply referring to people under 18. Rather everyone who isn’t part of that 20:1 white male minority I’ve spoken of, with a few rare exceptions here and there. Don’t you think it’s a problem that all our universities are geared toward children of the spirit? What is most important in life? Surely knowledge is among the main things on the list. Can we even hope to protect the children without knowledge, without institutions for bestowing that knowledge? One can’t even propose this idea of a post-childhood education within our existing institutions without being ostracized for fear that that thought alone would endanger “the children”. This is because most of the ones in control are children themselves and do not have adequate knowledge to know that post-childhood knowledge is necessary to be learned.

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