There are two manifestly obvious levels of exotericism, the lies we tell to children (or that you tell to them, I can’t remember ever lying to a kid), then there’s the exotericism that is human finitude as it contrasts with divine omniscience. We’re all children next to Total-Knowledge, God, What Have You- we’re born and we die ignorant, we never have All the Wisdom of the World. At this time in world-history, euro-peoples play god with the rest of the world. They choose to let them know such and such about the global situation, and they choose to keep other details hidden. Eurowomen see me and my ilk as satanic for taking them out of ignorance. I ask again, who have we forced to read us? Only the inquisitive lurk our writings. There’s a set of euros that wants to keep even the knowledge-seeking ones blind. Why is this? Could it be that you are one of these children I speak of? And you prefer to be blind yourself? There are probably POC that value knowledge more than you do, that can endure knowledge better than you do, and you want to keep it from them because of your own weakness. So looking at humanity in these two halves, the children and the divine, the divine is also fragmented into the two white camps, the ones who wish to shepherd over the rest of the world by maintaining ignorance and the ones who wish to simultaneously “curse and enhance” them with knowledge. The former believe it would be too much of a curse, it would outweigh the enhancement. They can best be enhanced if ignorance is maintained – this is their fundamental, implicit belief. This goes for women not just POC, mind you. Would you call catladies enhanced? Would you call browns who believe rap music is the bible because of the cultural relativism in place–enhanced? Those both sound like curses to me. The white camp I stand with is not trying to curse the other camp, we are trying to show you how you are already cursed (mostly by your environment, you’re not to blame) and we are trying to enhance you by showing you this, not curse you further. Divine Omniscience is the highest level, we’re all below that, and then it descends step by step. It is abundantly clear that the white left camp is caught in a snare of ignorance if it cannot respond to the other camp fairly without blocking them out from public discourse.

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