Knowledge and love are going away. If you think they aren’t here now, they will be here even less in the future. I don’t know why it still surprises me that I’m in a minority of mourners, rather than celebrators, of that, I always wake up expecting it to be a majority of mourners. Neither of those are even here now, is probably the reason. Knowledge has been replaced with illusion, love has been replaced with lust, and this is only the beginning. All you leftists who would be better off slashing your wrists are worried about protecting the children of the globe while I worry about protecting the children here. The millennial generation is already doomed, I turned away from it a couple years ago. What the left wants to do is bring gen z into its globalist plot as well. “Anything to be nice, being nice at any cost” is their ballad, even if that means sacrificing the youth to their ideals which lowkey imply the dimming of knowledge and the dimming of love. Uh, I already thought that it would be better off having you all murdered a few years ago, and my conviction now is only a million times stronger. There’s no reasoning with them, it’s time for the military and police to fall into line and help us take care of them.

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