Last night when I talked about knowledge going away, I had Rosen in mind. With our feeble brains we tend to “ship” abstract concepts with people (Christ is the most profound example of that). I don’t want Rosens going away. People who can outline the Mind of God. Or, he was more precisely a scholar, so he outlined outliners of the Mind of God. That’s the best that most of us can understand. Most are indifferent to Rosens. Let alone the ones the Rosens outline. Someone like me is to Rosen what he was to them. And a 16 year old reading this, say, who’s just starting to understand the world is likely to me what I am to Rosen. Say that Hegel is the Sun, Rosen is a refraction of him, I’m a refraction of Rosen, and this hypothetical zoomer is a refraction of me. Do you want to explain mainstream politics? The majority does not care about even the refraction of the refraction of the refraction. They have much more worldly concerns, which in many cases no doubt have their place, it’s just that there is a necessary blindness regarding these higher refractions (in some sense Hegel is still a refraction of the ancients). They’re not concerned with the Rosens going away because they don’t even understand what they are, nor, again, do they understand who they’re scholars of. These are people who help us understand the Mind of God. Call it a synchronicity the similarity of the words scholarship and scholasticism. Instead of interpreting Matthew and Luke, our secular thinkers reflect in the light of Descartes and Spinoza. I would call that progress- history isn’t linear, there are some set-backs in the history of ideas no doubt, for the most part though we’ve advanced beyond revelation, we’ve managed to put it into rational language at least to some degree. And here we go, you know what time it is–“I get the idea that this guy doesn’t like the left very much.” If you choose to support policies, formal or informal, that obscure the Mind of God, in any way whatsoever, I am going to have some violent thoughts, and I don’t really hesitate to express them, nor do I care whatsoever if they eventually lead to terrible, terrible tragedies and a great sacrificing of human lives.

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