I think I must be a Sartre-bot at the most primary level, because everything always goes back to the question of responsibility for me. The reason that the various extrapolations of high vs. low are regarded as off-putting by most is because they’re basically guilt-trips. It’s much more convenient to live without someone reminding you just how easy the path you have taken and continue to take is. Just because you’re surrounded exclusively by friends who act as if “one” does not have the responsibility to, for example, have a photographic memory of every page of the Phenomenology of Spirit, does not mean that that responsibility doesn’t exist, it simply means you’re surrounded by lots of people who are wrong. This of course ties back in with that idea of democratic thinking that I can never be fond enough of. That’s what “friendship” really means in most cases- having lots of people who mutually soothe each other that it’s okay not to take on higher responsibilities. “Dude you’ve got to be screwing with me, it isn’t self-evident that I should have a photographic memory of every page of that damn book.” Oh? Are you so sure of yourself? What would you aver is something that “one” should be responsible for then instead? Being able to speed-run Super Mario 64? Saying something clever and nuanced yet agreeable on social media? See? Guilt-trips. And guilt is always a reminder of responsibility, that “one is never doing enough”. And yes, it’s safe to say that acquiring a crystal-clear understanding of one of the most elaborate system of thoughts to ever exist is among the pinnacle instances of “doing enough”. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off now to do just that, and to leave you to your excuses.

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