“the foundation of all deductive knowledge”, that’s what we’re talking about learning about here. If you haven’t thought much about that how can you expect the opinions that stem from it to be right? We’d be living in a utopia right now if all our politicians and opinion-managers understood the foundation of knowledge. All errors of opinion are caused by confusion about the foundation. Even a “bloodthirsty inhuman monster” like Stalin was enough of a self-moved autonomous being to take this upon himself. Do you think anyone told him, Hey, Stalin bro, you really gotta think about this stuff? No, in Soviet Russia, Stalin guilt-trip SELF. How does that make you feel, rightists, when a lowly communist has a better understanding of Being than you? He must have–granted, he had his tutor killed, at least he tried to gain a knowledge of first philosophy, of foundational philosophy. Anytime you’re annoyed with a leftist, just remember that the opinion they’re expressing is only the surface manifestation of an unthought-out first philosophy, a result of neglecting to ponder the nature of logic itself.

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