Kojeve, born 1902

Would you accuse me of being a blank-slatist if I said that anyone could do something like this if they really tried? If I were to pin the problem on one thing it would be the advances in visual-audio technology. “Shows” squander so much of people’s leisure today, and what do people get out of them? They’re able to drop allusions among those steeped in the same collective mythology? Shows don’t facilitate an active mind, they don’t require any mental strain, it’s a 3rd-party that does imagination for you. Could you be honest for a second and tell me that an authoritarian government that restricted “show time” to one hour a day wouldn’t be better for everyone overall? No, I don’t think you’d be being honest. Movies, vidya games, no different. There’s a reason that the fields of knowledge are called disciplines, because discipline is what is required in order to focus on them. If people can’t do it themselves then we need a federally-mandated council of elders telling them what to do. Just one person’s opinion… unless you really were being honest when you answered the above question?

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