There’s a two-part structure to our supposed “elites”, the priests who are mostly hidden and the appearance-celebrities that have been “enlightened” by them. So there is a three-part structure- priests, appearance-celebrities, demos, and they are all in a mutually-reinforcing cycle with each other. The priests no one knows about except a select-few, they are the holders of wisdom, and they give our elite-caste a mere feeling of “knowing what’s going on”. And they spread their respective form of defective poetry to the people. If you really want to get to the essence of things we’d need to kidnap the ones who tell the merely surface “public figures” what to believe. Believe it or not, some of these priests I speak of are reading this, and I advise taking a casual stroll on a bridge and accidentally falling over the railing. No no, we’re friends aren’t we? The Kant-Goethe-Hegel-Schopenhauer-Nietzsche + LSD&DMT is something you should consider before falling over the side. Our ughleet priests have investigated none of this and have spread their ignorance to the next in line, who have then spread it to the people.

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