Dugin has an alien view of euro-derived Christianity and its contrast with Russian Orthodoxy that makes the latter something I’m going to have to study up on in the future. Not only does Catholicism have the pedo problem, it has an exotericism problem, that the younger generations in particular can’t take seriously. This is what he says

Unlike Orthodoxy, Catholicism lost its esoteric component, and this unleashed a whole spectrum of initiatic organizations of various stripes (Hermetic, proto-Masonic, etc.)… Autonomous esotericism, in the form of Freemasonry, became a destructive, rationalistic apparatus in essence anti-Christian and anti-esoteric. These halves of the disintegrating ensemble were marked by counter-initiatic features…

Here he makes the case that the Orthodox Church is naturally hermetic, naturally esoteric. Just what millennials need, right? (Sounds too good to be true, so I’m looking more into it for now.) The mainstream attitude is to presuppose that religion is both exoteric and nothing else, and that esotericism doesn’t exist. Further, some others have the conviction that if esotericism does exist, it certainly wouldn’t exist in an institution such as a church. I have a hunch that increasing atomization is going to make many of us grow up someday, so might as well start researching this kind of stuff now.

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